10 ways to making better games

by fleshnblood_78

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10 ways to make better games



these are just 10 ideas i have for making better games. they aren't fool proof or written in stone but i think the average writer on this site could benefit from them.

10. A good name or Title for your game. You must have a catchy title for people to notice before it will even get a chance to be played.

9. A good description for your game. Stop putting "A great game." or "An interesting game." Put something with meaning, this could be a good place to put the background of your story so that you don't have to spend story pages getting everyone caught up on the action.

8. An interesting concept. Stop making stories with no originality. The best games on this site are full of original ideas.

7. A background or detail page. As i said in #9 you need detail. There is nothing worse than having the game start out with "You are a warrior. What do you do?" or "You are being attacked now what?" Give detail as to why you are there who are you where are you? Answer WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY? HOW?

6. No mocking other peoples stories. I wont be the first to say that this is getting boring. Nothing worse than someone making fun of someone else. You want to show that you can make a better game than someone, then do it. Don't mock someone who took the time to make a game that you didn't.

5. Flow. You must have it for a good story. This is the biggest problem with beginning writers. A game must flow in order to keep the reader interested.

4. No begging for people to play your game. Stop posting that no one has played your game. There should be a rule that you cant say that unless you have played every game on this site and posted a message on each one first. Which, it took me a very, very, very, very, very long time to do so.

3. Look at other peoples styles and develop your own. Don't just start writing and end up with a mess. Study other works and learn their styles.

2. Don't assume your inside jokes or your humor will carry your game. Humor is nearly impossible to work into a game. Only a few people have made this work on this site and its because all their friends are on this site too. Don't make a game just to be funny, it wont work.

1. Spend more than 10 minutes making a game. Just to give you an idea, I spent over 5 months making my first game. And it wasn't even that good. 


Good luck to everyone who is trying to make a solid game.