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The Dolls' Quest

Two sentient dolls who remember previous lives as a prince and princess in another universe, go on a perilous quest across the United States to learn more of their origins. My first storygame so any constructive criticism is welcome. Now with 30% fewer typos! Thanks to Mizal for editing advice. 

Aphrodite's Orphan

A teenage girl living on a Venus out of 1930's Pulp Science Fiction must search the planet and other worlds with her robot tutor to find the killers of her parents.

This is done in the format of an Interactive Novel, so it's pretty far removed from the Dungeon Crawl format. The protagonist is not a blank slate but has her own personality, so the story-game's got a role-playing format like you'd find in TSR Hobbies' old Endless Quest books. Characters have arcs and will change based on your decisions.

While it uses the tropes and conventions of Science Fiction, I think its outdated vision of the solar system makes it more a work of Fantasy or Science Fantasy than straight Science Fiction.

In addition to the Pulp SF qualities, this also contains elements of Film Noir and its literary equivalent, Roman Noir-- like if Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon were re-imagined by James M. Cain or Raymond Chandler.

Time and the Twin Cities

A young man's coming of age as he navigates an underground fairy city where time runs slower and his hometown as it evolves into a metropolis over the centuries.

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Insomnia on 11/2/2019 4:55:13 PM

Avery, I wish I coul think of some better advice to give you. I sometimes suffer from insomnia, too, but it's not on level of yours. I guess all I can say is avoid caffeine and sugar and try not have any big meals before going to bed. Also, try not to read or do anything that is concentration-intensive. If you rest with your eyes closed, that should help your brain generate alpha waves.

Foundation on 10/28/2019 3:48:44 PM

It's usually best to just start with the book called Foundation. Prelude is of course a prequel in that it's about the young Hari Seldon and how he first got to Trantor, the Imperial city planet--which George Lucas ripped off for the Star Wars movies with Coruscant. Starting in Foundation's Edge (1982) Asimov began tying his Foundation Series together with his Robot novels (the Galactic Empire novels where always part of Foundation universe) and his time travel novel, the End of Eternity. R. Daneel Olivaw , Elijah Bailey's robot detective partner from the Robot novels, is revealed to have a major role in the Foundation universe. Aside from Olivaw and Seldon, the best character in the series is the mutant empath known as the Mule, who is both a mass-murdering tyrant AND a tragic figure.

Apple TV is making a 10 episode series based on the original "trilogy" with Asimov's daughter as a consultant. If you're interested, the BBC in England did a radio play series based on the first three books back in the early 70's. Here's a link if you ever want to listen to it.

Joker Movie on 10/21/2019 1:04:05 PM

Wow, so they took that line from the New Testament literally. "This is my body. Eat it!" 

Joker Movie on 10/21/2019 12:31:15 PM

Children of God. Where they that Christian cult that used to entice hippies to join them in the late 60's with the promise of lots of hot sex?

greetings to all storygamers! on 10/21/2019 9:47:32 AM

Welcome and good luck on your first story-game.

Joker Movie on 10/21/2019 9:39:04 AM

Well, it was inevitable we were going to have some idea how it ends. Mostly, it relies on the strength of Phoenix's performance. He and his late brother, River, most have had hippies for parents. What kind of surname is Phoenix?


Joker Movie on 10/20/2019 5:38:53 PM

So what did everybody think of the Joker movie? I'm not much of a Joaquin Phoenix fan (although he was good as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line), but I thought he did a pretty good job as Arthur Fleck/the Joker. I thought the visual references to Scorsese's Taxi Driver and the King of Comedy were not too on the nose. Overall, I thought it was an interesting character portrait.   Image result for Joker images

Insomnia on 10/15/2019 12:52:20 PM

I used to take Melatonin pills. It was always best to take them several hours before going to bed. Otherwise, I'd be dogged tired the next morning. 

Copyright infringement?(fan fiction) on 10/14/2019 7:21:56 PM

EndMaster, Dennis L. McKiernan? Isn't his "Iron Tower Trilogy" just "Lord of the Rings" Fanfic? LOL!

Anyone Make Music Here? on 10/12/2019 5:44:51 PM

IsentinelPenquin, wow, do you have any audio you can share?