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Chuck Norris Quiz
How well do you know the Incredible Facts About The Awesome Chuck Norris? 25 Questions with Scoring
Featured Story Cows vs. Aliens!
Farmer Brown is on vacation and it's up to Fernando El Fantastico the Bull (that's you!) to save his Herd when Aliens come to harvest them! (by playing draw poker against a horde of moronic alien invaders!) Special Thanks to Killa_Robot for playtesting feedback - This Meep's For him! ^v^
Crab Arena!
You are Crab Trainer X! Choose your Crustacean Combatant and Battle for Glory in Crab Arena! The Championship Belt is within your Grasp! Can You Do It? Hell Yes You Can! Now GO!!! How To Play Fight 3 Round Battles with 4 Opponents; and then a 5 Round Battle with the Final Opponent. Each Round you choose an Attack and an Elemental Focus to power it. CLAW HAMMER beats Body Slam / BODY SLAM beats Double Snip / DOUBLE SNIP beats Claw Hammer FIRE consumes Air / WATER puts out Fire / EARTH soaks up Water / AIR blows away Earth A Color-Coded Bar shows the results between the Attacks and Focuses: Green = Win; Yellow = Draw; Red = Lose Your Attack determines who Wins the Round; the Elemental Focus determines how much Damage you will take and how many Power Points you will gain. Your Wins and Losses at the end of each Battle determine whether you advance or go down in flames.
Featured Story Dead Man Walking (Zombie Survival)
Can you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? While challenging, it's not as hard as the movies would have you believe - where they always make the worst possible decisions for the sake of drama. At least here, you will be offered logical choices amid the foolhardy and your character cares about survival even more than you do. A serious game with gory detail. Cameos (try to find them all!) Aman: Hairy bearded sledge guy applegirl: Coffee mug zombie teen Betaband: Neighbor’s fish tank brought to you by Betaband CovElite: The Cannibal Gaunt Zombie EndMaster: A survivor tells about seeing a black hooded man walking among the zombie hordes and directing them like death itself Fireplay: A madman with a taste for fire JMgskills: A zombie wearing a red shirt with the logo “YOU DIED – END GAME.” Marmotlord: A School Mascot on the run playa988: A rather short, buzz-cut, zombie in a baggy white t-shirt and jeans that gets sniped simplesabley: Tomboy survivor girl SindriV: A mysterious corpse in the street Solxd7: A police officer shit out of luck Swiftstryker: Zombie in a speedo ThisisBo: An oddly “talkative” zombie not terribly interested in eating brains ugilick: Karate kicking conquistador Special Thanks To: Aman; AtomicWaste; blob; Briar_Rose; HoraceTorys; MBrock; playa988; ugilick (For their invaluable feedback and playtesting efforts!)
Featured Story Dungeon Stompage!
An Item and Character-Stat driven Dungeon Adventure Challenge! Can you survive the perils, defeat the monsters, and win the game? Special Thanks To: JMgskills, simplesabley; betaband; Swiftstryker; madglee; October; & urnam0 (who found a second solution to the puzzle chest) (For their invaluable feedback and playtesting efforts!)
Kill Aman's Mustache
Do you have what it takes to survive the Wrath of Aman's Mustach of Doom? Are you clever enough to outwit a Penguin with a mallet? Are you man enough to wear a phony mustache? Are you Anime enough to put on a Pikachu suit and head to Vegas? Find Out Now, In: Kill Aman’s Mustache! A horror(ble) puzzle of hairy implications with a side of lice... Note that embedded audio requires windows media player plug-in to hear. You will likely be prompted to allow it if you don't already have it installed. (Please don't be mean and Rate this game poorly just because it’s a worthless piece of crap. Seriously - you will totally hurt the feelings of the thirteen year old orphan schoolgirl from Korea that I hired to write this and who has very little grasp of grammar and doesn’t speak any Engrish and is dying of toenail cancer – you heartless brutes.)
The King's Logic Puzzle
The king has proposed a contest of intellect. You have a balance scale and twelve identical looking spheres of gold - except that one is either heavier or lighter than all the rest. Using the scale and only 3 measurements, you must determine which is the 'odd ball' and whether it is lighter or heavier. If you fail, you get to be court jester for a month. The king has a terrible sense of humor - trust me; you don't want to be court jester (even for just a month). It's part of the reason he holds this contest. It's the only way he can get anyone to 'sign-up' for the job. If you can correctly guess the 'odd ball,' but not whether it's lighter or heavier than all the others, you get to go free. But if you can get the right ball AND figure out whether it's lighter or heavier - you get to keep all twelve spheres of gold. They're worth a small fortune - enough to buy your own keep - which would raise you up from lowly Surf to rich Landowner in the blink of an eye. What do you have to lose - except your dignity...
A Penguin's Fairy Tale
You are 'Penguin,' a small stuffed toy owned by a little girl named Sarah. You love Sarah very much and Sarah loves you. You know this, because Sarah says so quite often. You are Sarah's favorite toy.
Five Pin Code
The following is a 'How To It Guide,' for building a Five Pin Pass Code into your game for the purpose of pass-coding Unlockables, Game Sequels, or the like.

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How to use On-Page Variable Tricks
The following discusses the use of the On-Page Variable Code (it literally goes right on the Page in the Story Editor, as opposed to Scripting, which goes into the Scripting Boxes).

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I'm Back!!! Kind of on 1/19/2017 9:01:54 PM
Well, long RPGs won't be a problem anymore haha!
Dark City (collaborative content) on 1/19/2017 8:46:04 PM
Dark City Dark City is a sprawling metropolis in decline. Once a powerhouse of industry and innovation, the city is now barren - mills and businesses closed, proprties left to blight, and people who can't escape the cruel shackles of its poverty losing more and more of themselves each day. No one sane would choose to live here. The city is still full however, but it is not the prosperous happy citizens of a time gone by that walk the streets and fill its crumbling bleak towers. Today there are only two kinds of people in Dark City - Preditors and Prey. And even there are areas of the city so steeped in something completely unwholesome and tenebrous that neither dare to tread. Few that end up here question thier fate - poor and rich alike - for fear of awakening whatever it is that has brought Dark City down so low. For even a fool knows not to poke a sleeping bear. As for the city's remarkable decline, hushed wispers speak of foul curses and unholy pacts; while others blame corruption and greed at its most base level - claiming its fallen state the rebuke of an offended God. Many a kook meanwhile, will readily attribute the downfall to space aliens or vampires, but hey, they're kooks - who would listen to them? --- This is a colaberative work to flesh out the people, places, and foul mysteries of Dark City. Feel Free to (Please Do) contribute your own write-ups of anything related to the city you like - people, gangs, corrupt corporations, hidden monsters, weird or bizzare locations or lairs, etc. The only Rules (besides giving the quality of you contributions your best effort) is to respect continuity already established before you. For example, if someone does a write-up about the current Mayor, you cannot create a write-up introducing another Mayor. That, and No over-arcing explinations of what has caused Dark City's downfall. You can hint at (or suggest) that it is all the machinations of Nyarlthotep living under Mama Griswold's bakery, but you cannot outright insist or establish that it is. Finally, No heroes. Dark City is a place without a savior or hope. You can introduce brave people or small organizations willing to fight the darkness but they must do so without superpowers or any real hope of ultimate success. Bad guys on the otherhand, get all the cool stuff. Other Rules/Clarifications to follow as they develop. Thread now open for contributions/discusion
The Call of PikaChulu on 1/19/2017 6:56:36 PM
As Brock was not wanting to miss any opportunity to shmooze with Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny (along with Ash holding Squirtle so closely), he inadvertantly grabbed up Ash and rushed out of the house with him - carrying Ash over his head and running down the lane in a furious cloud of dust! Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy meanwhile, rode their motorcycle to Professor Oak's Pokelab and parked it - arriving just in time to see Brock, leaning nonchalantly against the wall, smiling at them (and trying not to pant heavily from the incredibly fast run he had just made). They couldn't help but wonder why Brock was holding Ash over his head. As they tried to make sense of the young man's odd behavior, Misty and Pikachu finally arrived on scene - having followed after Brock's mad dash out of Ms. Ketchum's house. "Gah, lemme go Brock!" Ash complained, struggling to get out of the man's embarrassing hold. "Err, sorry A-" was all Brock got out, before being interupted by Misty. "All of this crazy running over a girl! Seriously Brock?" Misty scolded, unleashing a flurry of silly slaps at his arms for making her panic. "Ow - Ow! No wa- i'm going to dr-" Brock lost his balance and fell to the ground, dropping Ash at the same time. "Pika pika pika pika pika pika pika pika pika... Chu! (inane nonesense)" Pikachu muttered at the sorry display. Misty laughed at the two falling over, then realized she should probably help them up. "Sorry, I got all worked up. Here -" she said holding out her hand to Ash. "Dang it, Brock! Squirtle is sick, and he could've been injured" Ash chided Brock in irritation, keeping a protective hold on Squirtle. Ignoring Misty's hand, he got up himself and shook his head at Brock's hopelessness. Brock meanwhile, stood back up with amazing speed, and practically appeared out of nowhere between Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy - hands held down and face leaning outwards towards them. "So uh, hey, we just brought in Squirtle because he's sick..." he said, twirling his foot back and forth a bit. Nurse Joy looked past (or maybe even right through) Brock at Squirtle. "Oh my!" She gasped with concerned, "We should get it to Professor Oak right away." "Come Chancy, we have work to do!" she then continued, calling Chancy from her pokeball. The fat pink Chancy waddled over to Ash and held out its arms to take the sick Squirtle. Ash reluctanly handed it over, knowing that Nurse Joy wouldn't let anything worse happen to it. "Noooothing to see here, move along people, nooooothing to see here," Officer Jenny then directed, obviously trying to shoo the kids away from Professor Oaks lab. Ash stood his ground and awkwardly pointed at Squirtle, "But... it's my pokemon..." "Check with Proffesor Oak if it is okay for you to be here now." Jenny replied. "No way, Squirtle takes priority over whatever you're doing!" Ash shouted, as he looked over to Nurse Joy for support. "No need to look at Nurse Joy like that," Officer Jenny replied, "of course she will do all that she can for your Squirtle. Now, please leave and come back later for your Squirtle - or find Proffesor Oak and ask for his permission to stay." "... Right. Well, we're about to see the Professor right now anyways," Ash said, deciding to ignore the odd Officer from now on. The commotion out front appeared to have drawn Professor Oak's attention, as he abruply opened the door to look out. "Oh my, what is going on here?" he asked. Then seeing Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy, a look of realization dawned on his face - "Oh, I'm glad you came. I think the situation is getting serious!" He hardly seems to notice Ash and his friends standing there too. "Hey, Professor" Brock said loudly, in an obvious attempt to seize Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny's attention, "I brought Squirtle here because the poor little guy is sick, can you fix him?" "Pika Pikia pika pika paika! ('sup Proffesor)" Pikachu chirped, as he climbed up the proffesor's coat, and then manually turned the old man's face towards Squirtle. Looking at Ash's Squirtle for the first time, Professor Oak's face went paper-white with unfeigned shock. "Oh dear... this is much more serious than I had ever imagined! Everyone - please come with me - and DO NOT touch anything!" With that, Professor Oak lead the group into the Pokelab. Ash stuck his tongue out at Officer Jenny and quickly followed the Professor. "Wait, what's wrong with my Pokemon?" Officer Jenny meanwhile, just smiled honestly and shrugged before entering. Misty picked Togapi up from where she had sat it down to scold Brock and walked inside quietly. She observed the rows of tall computers along the walls and three scientist walking backing forth between them with clipboards - appearently taking down readings of some kind. "Oh... this really is serious," Brock observed, his attention momentarily taken off of Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny (even if for only a few seconds), out of worry for Squirtle and Ash.
Top Rated Storygames has disappeared on 1/19/2017 4:06:05 PM
First thing I noticed logging in. Late to the bug party of course, but glad to see everyone else is on the ball haha!
Top Rated Storygames has disappeared on 1/19/2017 4:05:22 PM
Pika-thing avatar again! Huzzah! XD
v20170004 Update on 1/19/2017 4:03:18 PM
Eh? What'd I win? XD
The Call of PikaChulu on 1/17/2017 4:15:46 PM
Editors Note - dang, this is harder/more work than I though. Not sure if I'll continue plugging away at it to leave as-is, or perhaps clean up, or just give up and delete it... Comments, questions, or thoughts at this point welcome, though I will remove them (after answering/discussing them) IF I decide to continue with this later.
The Call of PikaChulu on 1/17/2017 4:12:56 PM
"Poor little guy, hope he's okay!" Misty chirped with youthful vigor and enthusiasm. "Pika! Pika Pi~! (stop being so sick)" Pikachu said, slapping Squirtle in a misguided attempt to heal him. "Quit it Pikachu!" Ash scolded, glaring at him. Then, with an uneasy smile, he apologized, "I know you're trying to help, but... You're not." "Pika (but............ but...) " Pikachu replied, staring at Ash, into his very soul. "Pika!" Ash merely sighed, and took off his groovy, limited edition, Pokemon Trainer-cap, placing it on Pikachu's head. Scratching his own head, he turned to Brock. "You're a breeder, do you know what has happened to Squirtle?" In all his years, Brock had never seen a Pokemon in such bad shape. It almost looked like something had poisoned it... "I don't know Ash, I mean, I could try, but..." Brock looked over Squirtle a bit. "It's best to see the Professor, just to be safe." Ash Ketchum, the future Pokemon Champion, frowned slightly before responding. "Squirtle... I, I'm sure you'll be fine. With the power of friendship, we'll get through this - together!" Hugging Squirtle close, Ash was obviously worried. Squirtle's reply was a garbled noise somewhat akin to "BLLaarggGGGHHSHLUUuururrrr ppp .... +-+" "MOM, WE NEED SOME WATER FOR SQUIRTLE!" Ash yelled over, demanding from his Mom more assistance than her current chiding. Ms. Ketchum took a moment and brought Ash a glass of water. "This gotta work, he's a water pokemon after all!" Ash declared hopefully. Looking at Squirtle wide in the eyes, Ash took the glass hastily and tried to make Squirtle drink it. "Pika pika pika! (take Squirtle to the professor!)" Pikachu shouted, as he began to play with the hat on his head. "Pika pika pika... (hmm... this hat is pretty comfy...)" he continued to mutter, afterwards. "HEY! That's limited edition, Pikachu!" Ash complained, pointing to his hat (and nearly dropping Squirtle in the process). Reestablishing his hold on Squirtle, Ash looked at Pikachu, beginning to be amused by his antics. "'Pika Pika' to you too buddy!" As this went on, Squirtle began to drool profusely, while smiling in a most deranged looking manner... Outside the window meanwhile, the blaring of a siren could be heard, quickly moving past the house. It seemed that Officer Jenny was in a hurry, riding past on her motorcycle with Nurse Joy in the sidecar – and headed towards Professor Oak’s lab! "AWW YEAH! Guys!" Brock gushed at the sight; "We totally have to go to Oak's lab! Like, right now, seriously, we HAVE to go, it's going to be awesome, I promise! Oak is going to do that healy Oak thing, and Nurse Joy is going to put Squirtle into that poke-center healer thing, it's great!" "Then, when Nurse Joy sees how compassionate and caring I am, she'll finally kiss me!" Brock stood with his fists somewhat pumped into the air, his eyes closed and a look of teary glee on his face (apparently unaware that he had said it out loud) "COME ON GUYS!" Attempting to grab Squirtle from Ash, Brock sprinted out the door and after Officer Jenny's cycle. Over the 'Weeeehoooo weeeeehoooo weeeehoooo wrooooooooom' of the syren and motorcycle meanwhile, Nurse Joy turned to Officer Jenny. "Oh dear, I hope that the Professor knows what's causing the pokemon to have been acting so strange lately." Her tone was worried. "It's just awful. I've never seen them act this way before...." Officer Jenny frowned. "Yeah, you and me both. Are the reports true Joy? About these new pokemon who don't stay in their pokeballs and... d-devour other pokemon?" Nurse Joy averted her eyes from Officer Jenny and gave a grave look. "I'm afraid so. It's dreadful, I wonder just what has happened to the pokemon to have them act in such a terrible way..." "Where there any identifying marks on any of the pokemon that raised some suspicion about them?" Officer Jenny asked, as she gunned the throttle - eager to get to Professor Oak and find out just what was going on with the pokemon.
Minimum word count for comments on 1/17/2017 11:50:33 AM
Two words: Genderless Robots. XD
Unpublished Stories Not Accessible through My Stuf on 1/17/2017 11:31:52 AM
Clarification: the problem only occurs on links to Unpublished games. The links to Published games in My Stuff still work.