A British Shipwright Immigrant's Life in Canada (1830)

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This story is based on research on what a Canadian immigrant's life might have been like in the 1830s. From the moment they leave their home country and the new challenges they must face in a new land, Canada. We follow a young shipwright, 28 years of age, named Jay Turner. Help decide what Jay should do each chapter and watch the story unfold.

Player Comments

It fell on the medium side when it came to length.
Grammar and spelling was wonderful. It's hard to find any errors!
I love the placement of pictures, and the storyline is good. However, the story will always end with you in debt, and in jail.
5/8. Enjoyed this story.
-- DerpBacon on 1/30/2015 3:47:08 PM with a score of 0
A bit fact heavy but good use of pictures and extra kudos for inserting a general story in there. This reads like a school project rather than a story but it was mostly interesting. Having the reader's character interact with historical characters and events might help increase interest and break up the impression of reading a non-fiction book. :)
-- Will11 on 1/29/2015 10:30:31 PM with a score of 0
SPOILERS SPOILERS -- I played this with someone else, and found our different choices only converged on the same path, which was a little disappointing. I feel it served less as a storygame, more as the same story with different facets highlighted, depending on the option you chose. I appreciate the opposite of this, a historical game which branches out to highly different endings, would take a LOT more research, to maintain the level of detail you have - which is defnitely a strength, gives a really rich backdrop to imagine yourself in.
You could perhaps have turned the rebellion into a few different pages, with choices there - rewarding courage and daring in the reader by allowing yourself to be the one to claim the life of the Colonel, before - despite your best efforts (and perhaps, due to the cowardice of the other rebels?) - the rebellion is dispersed. I guess this is the point where you face the dilemma of staying true to history, and making an interesting storygame - i personally think the second is that bit more interesting for the reader.

That being said, I did thoroughly enjoy it - perhaps due to knowing nothing about the subject. And I really like this kind of thing, discovering the new world...probably something to do with living in England (!)

It was a little repetitive at times, and awkward in its phrasing when it was. Other than that though, as a wide-eyed noob I do have to confess I feel a little inspired. Thanks very much for uploading, I appreciate it.

Oh, and ending in jail? Bit meh. Bit of a dampener, old sport.
-- instruMinstrel on 5/22/2020 5:08:18 PM with a score of 0
I played this with somebody else, and although we chose different options, it didn't really affect the story that much... our fate really was to be in jail.
Interesting game, you must have spent a lot of time researching all those facts! :) We both learnt a lot. However, sometimes it felt like I was just reading a report on life in Canada, and I wasn't actually following a character.
Overall, an interesting, informative game which has potential to be awesome, if a little more time was spent developing the character. Thanks for broadening my mind!
-- ApprenticePortentous on 5/22/2020 5:04:07 PM with a score of 0
It was well-written, and I applaud the author for this. As a Canadian myself, this was very historically accurate and you definitely have potential!
-- J on 8/26/2018 9:28:01 PM with a score of 0
Very interesting. I enjoyed it very much. And I learned! This coming from someone who hates most westerns. Ty!
-- Quorrah on 1/11/2017 10:22:45 PM with a score of 0
Though I did become indebted, I can see that this story, though linear, was well written and nearly historically accurate to the hair.

I love it!
-- Balt on 9/29/2016 1:55:50 AM with a score of 0
not a bad game, but it could be better
-- KrazyKat12 on 8/3/2016 8:06:34 PM with a score of 0
No matter what you go to jail for life.
-- dragon396 on 6/16/2016 11:53:15 AM with a score of 0
There seems to be only one ending no matter what you do.
-- drcynic on 1/17/2016 10:44:19 PM with a score of 0
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