A Pleasant Shopping Trip

Player Rating5.48/8

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Story Difficulty6/8

"wandering through the desert"

Play Length8/8

"Even light has to break at the rest stop"

Maturity Level5/8

"aren't you a little too old to be trick or treating"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG-13.

You play an ordinary teenager going out for some last-minute shopping on a Saturday afternoon. Better keep those knives sharp, because we're going for a ride. Featuring crazy friends, screaming pedestrians, the scariest bus journey you'll ever experience, and an army of miniature robot geese! Be careful out there, Alex, and have a really pleasant day.

There are multiple ways to reach the best ending, and one way to majestically screw everything up. Remember that there is always a way forward. If you find yourself in a position where you cannot progress, then it is possible that you have missed something important.

This is my entry for Berka's 2017 Summer Slam Contest. 

Update: Fixed a bug in the supermarket area which led to a page with no links. All should be fine now.

Player Comments

Perhaps it was explained but only in the epilogue that I couldn't see due to the bug.
-- Victim on 10/7/2017 1:48:42 AM with a score of 0
Really great story. It has a great plot and keeps you hooked to the end. I was going to rate 6/8, but there's a bug in the ending where you kill Sandi and use her syringe to kill Gorth. After the dream sequence, the link to proceed takes you to a page with Mike's birthday party, and it's as if nothing had happened. It showed Sandi alive and said that I don't know Ivy. I suspect this is the epilogue for another ending, but I really wanted to know what actually happened in the aftermath, so I had to subtract 1 from my rating.

Beyond that, it's never really explained how they forced people to randomly wear a jacket and why the police, who have guns, weren't able to stop some guys with knives.
-- Victim on 10/7/2017 1:46:27 AM with a score of 0
Remind me of Liber Primus...
-- LOLiHAVEnoFACE on 10/1/2017 6:59:35 AM with a score of 0
This reminded me of the Simon Pegg film "The World's End. It's kind of trippy, but the good kind. The characters are pretty eccentric and colorful. Fun read.
-- Battlemage on 9/23/2017 6:28:42 AM with a score of 0
This was a fun read. The story is interesting, your writing is good, there are no bugs except the one End already found.
One thing I found interesting is that Gorth's group called us clones, yet they seemed to behave more like clones than we do. Try to get a bunch of humans to agree on something, and you're likely to fail. While a majority might folow a leader, there will always be people who won't. The aliens all folowed Gorth and did the exact same things, without question. Or maybe there are some who didn't agree with Gorth and I just don't know about them.
I wish there would've been an ending where I asked Gorth about how his people are less of clones than ours are. Or maybe just walk up to a random person and ask him how he's different from his brothers. I would've died, of course, but the answer might be interesting. Mayana, you're overthinking this, don't post this ... too late.
-- Mayana on 9/21/2017 2:37:21 PM with a score of 0
even better than Reesees
-- Saint_999 on 9/15/2017 10:13:03 PM with a score of 0
A very pleasant shopping trip indeed! Worth all the clicks! ;)
-- Alekos on 9/15/2017 8:23:00 PM with a score of 0
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