Animal Jam Adventure

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Teensy Spiritclaw was wondering in the forest...

Player Comments

Although the story is fairly short, I thought it was going to be a regular Warrior Cats story...

...And then I was proven wrong (at least partially). With the lack of explanation as to the "race" (cat/human) at the beginning, I kind of got confused. But, after a little while, I realized they were cats. Surprisingly enough-to whoever is reading this-this is NOTHING like a regular WC story, and cannot be considered (in my opinion) as such. There are no "clans" like in the typical story, no blatant sex scenes, or completely horrible grammar. In fact, the organization, as the well as the grammar are not bad. My only issue is the fact that you spaced (I believe) every sentence, when that wasn't necessary. Also, the story, though there was room for choices and deviation, all of the choices felt kind of vague (with there not being too dialogue per page).

But overall, I don't think it is too bad, and I read it completely to the end, which was pretty decent for a story with this level of content and effort. I think that I'll give it a 5/8: the highest rating I'll give for a fan-fiction even slightly related to Warrior Cats.

Author: You have potential (possibly, since I'm no expert)! I think you can do even better, if you add more "meat" to your stories, and condense your writing more.
-- LeoScales7 on 9/30/2014 7:30:10 PM
Cool! :D
-- (Nickname) Ngoc on 3/13/2017 5:53:15 PM
It was, well, interesting, but it just needs that something you don't know.
-- Hufflepuff4life on 2/22/2017 11:37:53 AM
This was lovely and fun to read! it reminded me of Animal jam AND Warrior Cats my favorite book! Good Job! Keep up the great work Author! <3
-- Maria Danielewicz on 2/12/2017 2:00:01 PM
I loved this. It's like in the end your friend still thinks your the best thing. It kind of reminds me to celebrate the last year of school at the start with a hug and a reminder of when I met my best friend :) then we have to move onto high school... I wish we were all going to HE same one.. but in the end we will keep in contact so I'm happy :3
-- Shine on 1/24/2017 8:06:49 AM
This was great! I may have not been a very good friend through this, I looked through the journal. IMMA PLAY IT AGAIN ;)
-- Lpslover98989 (FrozenWarrior) on 12/15/2016 9:14:24 PM
This is great! :D
-- sarahke8 on 12/12/2016 5:08:16 PM
This is awesome!
-- swirlshine on 11/16/2016 12:57:37 AM
i have seen literally every path and i know everything there is to know about this yaay pls pls pls do a sequal and buddy me my animal is scooter grandninja (and this panguin i never use and i really never bother switching animals soo yeah) and my username is adrotzu so yeah sequal pls and buddy pls wait you do play AJ RIGHT!?!?!?
-- scooter grandninja (Adrotzu) on 10/19/2016 6:19:19 PM
I barely find stuff this good on the internet but i was really hoping for phantoms also i can easily predict what the best choice is I intentionally chose the worst choice for a longer path but what this needs most is a sequal (:
-- Scooter Grandninja on 10/18/2016 10:37:15 PM
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