Break and Enter

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Story Difficulty3/8

"trek through the forest"

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"A well spent lunch break"

Maturity Level3/8

"must be at least this tall to play"
Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 10. If this were a movie, it would probably be between G and PG.

Welcome to the interactive adventure to orient youth to the process of Restorative Justice! Guide your character as you break into a neighbor's garage to steal some beer and then deal with the consequences. Your mission is to successfully navigate the through important decisions and learn the secret word that proves you've completed this orientation. 

Best of luck!

Player Comments

I enjoyed it.

You put a good amount of effort into this, and for that I applaud you. The writing wasn't linear at most points, although at a few pages I noticed there were a few illogical situations.

You had character development here, and that's always nice. I felt like the way you described emotion with the characters was rather cliche, but hey at least it's there.

Some paths no doubt had more effort put into them than others, you need to work on making sure the quality doesn't spread thin in your writing, or it will seem lazy.

In some branches, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and found this to be a really good storygame about realistic situations.

I loved the humor in here, and while it was in small portions, it made me laugh.

Also, your proofreading could use work. I saw spelling and grammatical errors within some pages, and that needs to be fixed.

4/8, good work, but there's room for improvement.
-- MinnieKing on 6/10/2017 4:35:40 PM
The storygame was fun. I like that it had a good lesson.
-- Faervel on 11/28/2018 5:52:44 PM
" The secret word you need to remember is: "Meow"

-- TestingJest on 9/21/2017 11:40:01 PM
This story seems to capture the feelings of an unthoughtful person turned criminal. But it would be nice with some more backstory on the main character and some more description.
-- WizzyCat on 1/25/2017 9:56:12 PM
What is the "secret word" even supposed to be for? There isn't anywhere to use it!
-- FrustratedReader on 1/19/2017 9:59:04 AM
I just wanted to say meow. I really liked this story. I personally have never been in trouble with the law before but it's interesting to see what kinds of things can happen when a teenager commits a misdemeanor. The writing was very clear and precise. Thank you for a well written, informative story.
-- Orange on 1/18/2017 12:25:40 AM
Addendum: I now realize that it says "like a dog", not "for a dog". Please ignore that bit
-- Malkalack on 1/16/2017 1:33:09 AM
I wouldn't call it realistic because I didn't end up with six warning shots in the back. Oh well, I guess if I'm living in an affluent suburb with neighbours who care so much about their precious pooch, I'm probably some white guy.

Not a bad story, but not necessarily a good one either. There's no plot, characterization or development of the setting, but I take it that's not exactly what you're going for. Still, it's nice to have these things in a CYOA. Think of it like a porno, yeah? I mean, we're all here for them to get down and dirty, but it's nice if you establish the setting, at first; our protagonist is Biggy Woodman, he's a plumber at a sorority house...

Anyway, I give this game a 3/8. Hopefully you make a game that's not super short, and for a school project, because I'd like to see what you can do.
-- Malkalack on 1/16/2017 1:31:39 AM
Not bad for being written in a day, but, authors are generally encouraged to spend longer than a day on a story.

Lots of punctuation issues were a distraction to reading, and really, this feels more like Edutainment than Modern Adventure. The entire story basically exists to explain and preach the gospel of Restorative Justice.
-- mizal on 1/13/2017 8:31:43 PM
The writing is good but there is very little in actual choice making. Several options lead to the same page and having the character at the end described as he/she is really distracting. You wrote this in a day and I feel if you put more time and effort into your next story you can create something worthwhile, best of luck
-- Agstand on 1/13/2017 2:49:16 PM
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