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Before you ask, or say anything to me, know that I am male. Not female.

Busy with: Writing and being great

Sup, I'm MinnieKing. Or, King of all things that happen to be Mini. I have a mini chihuahua, I use mini chocolate chips when I eat anything requiring chocolate chips, and I stole your shampoo. What? Nothing. Nevermind.

You may refer to me as Minnie, MK, King, MinnieKing, Sir Awesome, Awesome Sir, King of Miniature, Lord of Bad Puns, The Mighty Minnie, Tharas Pet or jdndiwndidow.

Location: Whatever the most mini location is.

Is Awesome: MinnieKing

King of Mini Things: Me

Mini: Yes

Friends: Hmmm... Well, I guess anyone who enjoys the small things in life. (Get it? Ah whatever.)

Facts: •I dislike Cleveland.

           •If I order something in the mail, and it has a big package, I will smash it to damn pieces.

           •I have been to Candyland.

My Eight Goals

1. Write a 7.5/8 story

2. Publish 4 stories with a rating of 4 or higher Completed 12/29/16

3. Collect 500 points Completed 12/11/16

4. Collect 1000 points Completed 12/30/16

5. Get a story featured

6.  Become awesome Completed at birth.

7. Get first, second, third or fourth in a contest

8. Have my username bold and red 3 times Completed 2/26/17

If you want to PM me go ahead, we could build a doomsday device, or I could tell you the exact date of your death... Or, you know, we could just be friends.

Anyways, be sure to check out my stories if you want to...


"He has the most commendations, like it or not he is kind of a big deal."        -Mizal

"MinnieKing, you showed up at the site as a failure who I personally though was beyond redemption, but in six months you managed to publish eight games, more than most of the site have done in their entire time here. Certainly more than that dumb bitch Mizal, that's for sure. The fact that you continue to write, as well as your kindness and friendliness shown to everyone on the site is without a doubt the reason you have won so many peoples hearts." -Steve24833

"MinnieKing is a new member but a fantastically prolific writer with the courage to write and publish his stories and accept the inevitable mix of praise and criticism that invariably follows publishing (sometimes at the hands of critics who have never published a story themselves)." -Will11

"I like him :D" -ZagHero

"Caramel angels x3" -Seto

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Your life is definitely going downhill... The bullies at school are getting meaner and meaner, your friends are all chasing after girls, and you can't even think straight woth your teachers yelling at you for having C's. Your wise math teacher helps you break out of your funk...

Blast from the Future

You're a normal kid at a normal school... But when a strange man shows up telling you you're the only one who can save the future, a few changes will take place.  


What lengths will you go to to get your truck back after a con artist drives off with it?

(Note: Yes I know this story is short, but I still worked hard on it. I hope you enjoy!)


Insanity Castle

As a knight, you were always trained to fight, protect, and serve. But what will happen when you screw up and must escape the dungeon?

(WARNING: I strongly advise you to check everything in this story,  as there are a lot of items you need to win. Seriously, if you miss one important item you could lose the whole thing. Good luck!)

Natures Great Void

The other contest entries put this one to shame, but here it goes.

They've decided to attempt to send a spacecraft to a strange object that has appeared in the solar system, but something unexpected happens.

In this storygame, there are a lot more ways to die then survive. Try to not die!

An entry for Buckys January Survival contest.

Polly wanna cracker?

The story of how a young boy befriended a pirates discarded parrot, and how they grew up together.

The Invasion of CYOA

It was a normal day on CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure), when suddenly, aliens began inhaling all the text from the site! Can you stop the invasion!?

Small Update: Added Ford, Tim36D, and TCount parodies.

The River of Fire

The river Phlegethon, also known as the river of fire is located in the Underworld itself, and its liquid fire burns all it touches... and you must avoid it.

This storygame isn't very long, but theres a good amount of reading and branching. Technically, you can't really lose, but you can get a bad ending. That could count as losing if you want.

There are 13 endings, 5 bad, 3 good, 5 neutral. Good luck.

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NHL playoffs on 5/26/2017 12:30:53 AM

Damn you Pissburgh!

NHL playoffs on 5/25/2017 11:40:04 PM

*rooting for Ottawa*

Draw My Attention (Age of Banning) on 5/25/2017 11:36:27 PM

Comment for featuring!

I have recommended this comment for featuring a while ago, but I just noticed the spelling error in it and fixed it, so that's why there are two.

While My Guitar Violently Weeps

1) Many, many issues with this storygame. 

First of all, I saw about half a dozen spelling and grammar mistakes (such as "freinds," and not "friends."), which really takes away from the overall writing. 

Then, there was a sudden font change. Why did you suddenly make a transition to comic sans on like, one of the last pages? It's an annoying font, and the transition has no purpose. 

It was completely illogical at many points. Why did you put this in modern adventure? This fits into like, horror more than modern adventure. 

Some of the characters were well developed, and I could feel emotion for them (which is rather impressive since the storygame was rather short and didn't have a lot of words in general), but other characters seemed to be just thrown in for the purpose of just having more characters. 

The dialogue was also screwed up multiple times throughout this storygame. 

Spend more time writing in general. This needed more plot development as well, and maybe a more fleshed out setting. 

I'll say 3/8. You've got potential.

-- MinnieKing on 5/25/2017 11:32:56 PM

Can access story even without co-authorship on 5/25/2017 11:25:43 PM

I never said I didn't "believe in you." -_-

I'm just trying to think of reasons as to why this is happening.

And I did just test it with an alt. The co-author removal system works fine for me.

Can access story even without co-authorship on 5/25/2017 11:21:27 PM

Alright, i'm nearly out of answers.

Maybe you didn't really remove yourself, but you just thought you did? Like clicking the remove self as co-author button but then not confirming?

Can access story even without co-authorship on 5/25/2017 11:14:41 PM

Try looking through your notifications again to see if you just missed it. Or ask the author if they put you as a co-author again after you left.

Can access story even without co-authorship on 5/25/2017 11:09:11 PM

Maybe they added you as a co-author again after you removed yourself?

Alien: Covenant on 5/25/2017 11:05:29 PM

I saw this one too. Its ratings aren't very good, but I enjoyed it quiet a lot.

Newbie calling...! on 5/25/2017 10:50:09 PM

Go rate 15 storygames and yes you can.

Newbie calling...! on 5/25/2017 10:49:38 PM

I'm surprised nobody had made an alt called sexy yet.