Can Anybody Escape?

Player Rating3.58/8

"#604 overall, #61 for 2014"
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Story Difficulty3/8

"trek through the forest"

Play Length2/8

"So short yo' momma thought it was a recipe"

Maturity Level5/8

"aren't you a little too old to be trick or treating"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG-13.

You will play as a young man who currently lives as a royal guard. You are trusted with many duties. But you have a little secret you are actually a pirate trying to steal the Crown Jewels. You can choose which kind of pirate you'll be. You can be ruthless, you can be cunning, you can be a risk taker, and you can be brave. There are many different endings, but very few survive. Are you pirate enough to make it out alive with the treasure?

Come play and see if you can make it through the many different endings and see if you can survive.


I apologize for any grammatical errors or mistake of any sort.

Player Comments

The story intro makes this sound like it is a really good story. However, once you get into the story, there’s not a lot there. Yes, this has a lot of options. I really do appreciate that you can make some choices and the choices have an effect on the game: that’s what CYOA stories are supposed to do! But at the same time, each page leaves a little to be desired. The story is kind of flat as there’s not a lot there. There are choices, but they don’t have a lot of depth to them.

I think this story has great potential and really could be adapted and advanced to a top quality story on this site. That would require making more of a story here with more backgrounds for the characters, maybe some character development, and lots more details and descriptions on each page. The author could include all five senses in the story and describe more about what the main character is seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling throughout the story, without even really needing to change a lot of the options and paths. If each page were expanded by about 500 words, this could really be an engaging story. Thank you for sharing it with the site.
-- Ogre11 on 7/27/2018 1:17:38 PM with a score of 0
This was an interesting idea and had basically good spelling and grammar. Sadly two main points stood out to me. Firstly most of the pages were single lines followed by choices. Secondly it seems to mostly be 'pick a random option' due to no description or info to base it off and the wrong option was always an auto-death.

If you flesh out the descriptions a bit and cut back on the Iinsta-deaths for random choices it could be good
-- FeanorOnForge on 7/30/2014 5:47:03 PM with a score of 0
Parts were good, parts were bad; allow me to elaborate.

I'll start with the objective details. You had issues with punctuation. "'But today isn't just any day.' You think to yourself." You should be ending the quote with a comma, as the sentence continues into the next part about thinking to yourself. There were places throughout the story where commas should have been utilized.

Another issue was with your lack of subject-verb agreement in certain places. "Crowds applauds" is a plural subject with a singular verb.

You also had an issue with tense switching throughout your story. Please be consistent on which you use.

As far as the subjective critique, the pace was quick, good for an action-packed story, but not enough details were included. As has been pointed out, a lot of the pages were very brief, especially a lot of the death scenes where a little more detail would prevent the feeling of being given instant-death choices. Every death should be meaningful, even in a light-hearted game.

I did appreciate that there were various levels of success for the endings. I really appreciated that you had the option of going to prison which wasn't just a game over page. Though how the protagonist would immediately recognize someone described as a young woman after spending twenty years in prison is beyond me.

The level of detail in the mermaid ending was a little surprising compared to the other pages, so I guess you like mermaids. Makes sense for a pirate story.

As for the actual plot construction, I would have like a little more substance to the whole thing. It was merely a series of events and actions without any real exploration of much else. Even in a quick action game, you can take a little time to paint a picture in the reader's mind.

Not a bad storygame, but it had enough shortcomings that held it back from being as good as it should have been.
-- OriginalClamurai on 12/17/2018 7:31:51 PM with a score of 0
it was a nice little story to spend a few minuets on. I do wish it was longer though.
-- Dameon on 12/7/2018 8:58:10 AM with a score of 0
This was a fun short story, and I enjoyed seeing how long I could last each time I played.
-- MusicalNerd7 on 1/4/2018 9:01:19 PM with a score of 0
This is awesome!
-- Roxy on 9/8/2016 4:19:12 PM with a score of 0
awesome game!
-- Skypaw647 on 8/30/2016 3:29:55 PM with a score of 0
I like how the story is nicely paced. Though it lacks detail, the action certainly makes up for it. The author branched nicely, but the story ended too quickly.
-- Crescentstar on 6/28/2016 11:47:57 AM with a score of 0
-- BoopyDoopy on 5/24/2016 10:48:48 AM with a score of 0
its a bit to short and a lot of the decisions are easy no real motivation but on account that this is your first story really well 6 out of8
-- Samuel Reign on 5/21/2016 12:03:31 PM with a score of 0
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