Civil war jepordy

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Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 10. If this were a movie, it would probably be between G and PG.

How much do you know about the civil war? This is a demo. The next game will be two players.

Player Comments

There are several problems with this quiz:
1. You misspelled "Jeopardy" and the names of several important figures
2. You omitted punctuation in several critical areas
3. The questions were too easy

When you make the final version, I recommend that you make several categories, pick more challenging questions, and use random variables to make a "Double Jeopardy" question.
-- jamescoker1226 on 2/14/2015 4:22:34 PM with a score of 10
Perfect fifteen!
I like how you kept it simple, and you used true facts. I would prefer this over a history lesson. 7/8
-- Wolfmist on 2/10/2015 6:02:41 PM with a score of 15
Can't wait for the two player game.
-- TheNewIAP on 1/20/2015 1:04:52 PM with a score of 15
I think I lost...
-- Mtactical on 11/26/2014 2:28:41 PM with a score of 8
An ok quiz though I'd like to point out the South made more strategic use of it's communication and transport than the North did (First Bull Run/Manassas was only won because the South moved a second army to the battlefield the day before the battle, Chickamauga is another example). I'd recommend a longer quiz or a simulation :)
-- Will11 on 11/6/2014 11:26:19 PM with a score of 15
Perfect. I'm fucking CANADIAN, and I didn't study.

Tells you something, doesn't it?
-- Malkalack on 10/20/2014 6:39:22 PM with a score of 15
-- FazzTheMan on 10/12/2014 8:32:07 PM with a score of 11
It's not bad. Short and very easy - I got top marks and I'm from England so I have never even studied the US civil war.

Needs to be longer and more of a challenge
-- Jordi P on 10/1/2014 12:37:28 PM with a score of 15
Where's the Double Jeopardy (or Jepordy, hehe)?
-- ItAintPretty on 8/13/2014 5:10:01 PM with a score of 15
The questions were VERY simple and the quiz was very short. I suggest making it longer next time.
-- Madbrad200 on 6/19/2014 1:22:15 PM with a score of 15
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