Finals Week!

Player Rating5.95/8

"#62 overall, #4 for 2001"
based on 1457 ratings since 12/14/2004
played 46,525 times (finished 1,972)

Story Difficulty7/8

"wade in shark infested water"

Play Length5/8

"Not going to lose any sleep"

Maturity Level5/8

"aren't you a little too old to be trick or treating"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG-13.
You're about to play one of the first few games that ever existed at MAG - it was written in 2001 (I was 21).  This is the game that brought us variables and was my first attempt at a game, and turned into a mini epic (that kept building on itself as we'd try to add new features to the website).  You can beat it fast, or you can find all the hidden little things.  Depending on your grades you get one of 5 endings... err... Hey George McDougal! You're in my Game!

Player Comments

This game used to editor quite well. There were multiple endings depending on your actions, the puzzles were humorous and enjoyably challenging, and there was an atmosphere to the game I have to assume set the tone for many future games.

Truly, every CYS veteran should play this game. It is likely that this will be, if it isn't already, the oldest story that is still featured on this site. This game was made 17 years ago. Talk about standing the test of time.

I think 6 out of 8 is just right for this one. There were two unfinished paths, which blows as the finished product would have been even more fun to play. This story earned my respect on my first playthrough, "a five," I thought. My following playthroughs were what set this game apart.

The game is on the silly side, no doubts there, but it uses that to its advantage. I didn't fancy the hammy random death links, but that goes with the territory of 2001, and some of them were actually pretty funny.

Compared to Fairview High School, this is a much better game, made about the same time, in the same category.
-- ugilick on 5/21/2018 11:45:35 PM with a score of 0
It's funny, unexpected, and stupid. Not bad.
-- jun on 4/5/2021 4:45:51 AM with a score of 33
Straight Fs! Yey! I'm a fucking moron!!! ^_^
-- Avery_Moore on 10/27/2020 6:29:46 PM with a score of 0
The amount of times it took the figure out hope to not fail my German language and culture class was not fun...... The excuse part no less....
-- Shy_11 on 7/15/2020 2:07:13 AM with a score of 44
ahhh, amazing story and loved the demon math teacher! got all A's except the Friday test (german), it wasn't in the Girlfriend or the Roommate loop and I eventually just stuck with the moving comic books aside and sleeping early option that got me a C+. I feel like the right answer involves picking up the pills from one of the previous days but haven't tried it. Anyways I really recommend this for any players !
-- wolfinroses on 2/16/2020 1:29:40 AM with a score of 46
I can’t figure out to get straight As
-- TreeHugger on 1/23/2020 11:13:06 AM with a score of 48
I love this book but is there a way to get an A+ in this game or is the hiest score possible 38 out of 50. If you know how to get an A+ at the end please tell me and also please let us use the time travle because I would like to use it.
-- Patandjenfan33333 on 11/27/2019 9:21:37 AM with a score of 38
-- Zarlox on 9/16/2019 8:54:57 AM with a score of 38
Yes Garden of Eden. LOL.
-- PH4N70M on 8/18/2019 2:00:26 PM with a score of 27
Got the best ending with 47 points. The full points are 50 but I couldn't get an A on history. I tried all the options - I think??? - but I could only get a B so either I'm missing something or I didn't use (SPOILERS AHEAD) the time travel properly.
-- WingsofWinter on 5/14/2019 7:27:02 PM with a score of 47
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