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Story Difficulty1/8

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Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 10. If this were a movie, it would probably be between G and PG.

Grief. The final realisation.

This is a VERY short storygame - I wrote this in under 15 minutes after a sudden flash of inspiration. Too bad for everyone I'm a lazy bastard. To make it up to you guys I'll write a longer one next time :P

Also, this is my first storygame so criticism is very much appreciated. Then again, I didn't put alot of effort into this so I don't expect much in return. xD

Player Comments

Unfortunately, the story game was too short, but the quality and emotion in your writing was there. The ending was short but surprisingly heavy.

The most emotional part, the ending where one would choose to acknowledge that she is dead forever and is not coming back. I was actually supersized about how it ended. It was a sad and emotional moment. I knew what was implied, but you did not have to say it. The quality of writing is very good here.

I would surly enjoy a story game with more thought and choices put into it. This kind of writing is very immersive, and I understand that it could be difficult for anyone to put emotion into a longer piece, but I think you will manage to do so very well.This story is a positive foreshadowing of what is to come.
-- EvilSmile on 7/4/2015 12:49:46 PM
wow that was creepy, I liked it :) it was short and sweet
-- lilyluna on 4/5/2019 12:13:58 AM
Far too short, but the writing was better than a good 60% of the content on this site, even if it was in an underdeveloped, sort of cliche way.
-- AzBaz on 12/9/2018 9:15:41 AM
I would have liked the story to have been longer, but amazing overall.
-- MusicalNerd7 on 6/8/2018 10:46:14 AM
Holy crap. One click and gone. I've seen paragraphs longer than the whole of this story.
-- Saika on 5/9/2017 9:19:20 AM
There was emotion behind the writing to some extent so props for that. Though the length could've definitely improved the quality and development of the story. I would love to see a continuation of this going into more detail.
-- Palepaper on 5/3/2017 4:34:35 AM
Far too short but the writing was top-notch
-- Erik on 4/22/2017 5:55:34 PM
Hm. Cool.
-- Sam2 on 3/9/2017 5:09:50 AM
I can't tell if that was a good or bad ending. No closure... ???
-- Quorrah on 3/5/2017 2:10:37 PM
I think it was way way to short I think if you made it like Longer it could be good.
-- Me on 2/7/2017 12:43:41 PM
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