Gundam: Trailblazer

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I cannot express this enough. IT A DAMN DEMO.

Dude your story to short i'm giving it 1.

I don't care IT'S A DEMO.

just give me feed back on what i can do to make this better. Also it should be noted i'm not good with grammar. My posts reveal that.

Also i got this off my old account frank. 

Years after recover from the solar wars in 2995, fossil fuels have all but vanished and the distribution of energy is unbalanced. Humanity now relies on three large-scale solar power systems controlled by three multinational power blocks: the Union, the Asian Restoration League (ARL), and the European Economic Federation (EEF). With this nearly inexhaustible source of energy benefiting only these three powers and their allies, constant warfare erupted around the globe among minor countries for precious fuels and energy. Countries whose economy relied solely on the sale of fossil fuels were plunged into poverty resulting in the twenty year-long Fossil Wars. Such a chaotic reality has lead to the creation of a paramilitary organization in possession of many highly advanced humanoid mobile suits called Gundams and a mysterious technology known as the X Drive. They call themselves Peace bringers, and their goal is nothing less than the complete eradication of war through through brutal armed intervention. You are one of many Gundam Meisters that have been approved to pilot on of these great machines in the long effort to bring the Peace Bringers goals into fruition. THIS STORY IS BASICALLY MY VERSION OF GUNDAM. The gundam franchise is owned by some one else. The pictures i used are own by their creators. The only thing i own are my characters.


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