Skipping School

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Story Difficulty5/8

"run through the jungle"

Play Length1/8

"Make sure not to blink"

Maturity Level1/8

"appropriate for all ages"
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You don't feel like going to school, so you skip it. Now you feel very bored and want to play something. This game is suppose to be about doing activities. You have to go around and do something. Like go in the arcade or whatever. There will be a variable called Time, and once it reaches 12:00, you have to end game. To get your score, I will multiply the number of activities you do by 1,000. Alright, let's play!

*Ten activities is the maximum. If you can do ten activities, you win the game with 10,000.*

*Whoever gets to 10,000 score on this game is the master of Skipping School. (I can't be the master of Skipping School because I created this game and know everything about it, so it's cheating if I competed)*

Player Comments

Alright, let's see here...

First of all, there is almost no plot. Basically, it just says "hey, you're gonna skip school, so choose from these random activities to try to get the variables to work for you!"

A lot of the "choices," were highly illogical, and I felt like some of the activites would have wasted less time then they did.

There's no branching, the ending is always the same. The only difference ia the variables won't always be the same, but other then that, there is no story, just an incredibly short, linear game.

I also found myself to be rather bored while playing this. There's not enough detail or quality writing to really motivate me to keep reading.

There is no character development, not even for the main character.

Like I said before, the plot and setting are almost nonexistant, and it felt like this was just a simple variable test. There's no story, no branching, almost no plot and setting, no detail, no development, and in my opinion, that makes for a very bad piece of writing.

-- MinnieKing on 6/9/2017 8:47:31 PM with a score of 10000
When u fell off
And you kept falling...
And falling...
For life
-- Paragliding on 2/16/2018 5:15:26 AM with a score of 6000
Yes! I figured it out!

Don't try to do everything. It's a waste of 'time'. Very short, and it could have more detail. Some things you can do take more time then they should- like the activity 'look at sky'. That took two HOURS!? Why? And running at the park. Shouldn't that be one hour? Still a good game, though.

This is more a puzzle than a school based game, as you don't actually go to school. It just get mentioned, so this would fit better in the mystery/puzzle category.

I rated 5/8, cause it was pretty fun.
-- BunnyCatMouse99100 on 2/7/2018 1:01:41 AM with a score of 10000
I'm actually a memember of this site but I decided to comment anonymously.
I have to say, I wasn't very pleased with it 'cause you just had to do silly activities to reach 10...
-- Anonymous:) on 2/2/2018 12:01:09 PM with a score of 8000
I actually kind of liked this, but it should be in the puzzle section. I replayed several times to try and get to 10 activities. Alas, it did not happen.

I wish there was more description and perhaps better writing. This was more of a quiz than a story though, so I let that fly. Some of the activities were very random, and they could definitely be replaced with other activities. I think something that'll help is improving upon the list of activities as well as making the time values of those activities more realistic. I think running took three hours. What normal teenager does that? Perhaps there could be an hours and minutes variable as well.

What I do like is that planning must've gone into this to make things work out, but I feel like there's only one way to achieve 10 activities. Wish there were more variety than that. A more customizable win, if you will. That probably made no sense. But that's beside the point.

I first rated this a 2 until I saw the comments (esp the one by Seto, so I knew that 10 activities was possible). Then, I had to figure it out. Of course, I never did. I will keep trying later, perhaps. Fun thinking game though. Not really school-based.
-- Crescentstar on 12/25/2017 11:13:48 PM with a score of 9000
Didn't get me very involved, but I liked it even though it was more like a puzzle than a game. It wasn't worth my time though, because I could have been doing any of those activities in real life. But still, an OK game.
-- Troppy on 6/17/2017 4:27:21 PM with a score of 10000
This game was pretty cool ??
-- bryce lockhart on 1/29/2017 6:38:14 PM with a score of 6000
I got 6.
-- Quorrah on 12/24/2016 4:52:13 PM with a score of 6000
Very short...
-- MinnieKing on 12/2/2016 3:56:49 PM with a score of 10000
Ha! I got 10 activities!
-- Seto on 6/11/2016 1:18:10 AM with a score of 10000
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