The Covid Assignment

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Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 10. If this were a movie, it would probably be between G and PG.


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It is the end of January 2020. You are a network scientist who is asked to advise on possible responses to Covid-19, a new infectious disease that is just emerging. At this early stage much is till uncertain, but know what needs to be done. Can you get your numbers straight and will others listen to your advice at all?  

I have refrained from political commentary as much as possible and steered around some partisan issues. As a result all characters are purely fictional, and the game needed to be fairly linear. Nevertheless there are important choices and three different endings. 

Play this as a quiz about maths, epidemiology and communication skills. 

Player Comments

I quite liked Covid Assignment.

An informative text disguised as a charming story game, it worked pretty well. I was able to understand and learn more about the virus sweeping the world, while still staying engrossed and interested in the plot. The information you pick up is more pertinent then ever in these uncertain times, and I appreciated that.
For example, the more complex idea’s behind social distancing and travel restrictions, as well as their functions with given examples.
In a sense, I was similar to the uninformed at the initial meeting, learning about the virus in the same way they were.
The occasional mental gymnastics in the form of mathematical sums and logical problems helped keep my interest alive and made me really mull over what was said. Though I do admit I may of redid the picking of choices a few times.
The score system made sure I stayed focused and really absorbed the information in order to get a better score, comparatively to other story games where one may skim and absently click on a random choice in hopes of passing onto the next phase.
However, I feel the story was a little bit rushed, and while there was character development, it wasn’t enough to connect with any of the characters, including myself.
I understand it’s more of an informative text to educate people in a fun way, and it isn’t necessarily meant to be too develop the characters too extensively, but I believe character development could’ve added some more meaning to what was being taught.
All in all, a great story game that’s great fun to play, held a lot of factors that kept the audience interested. Could’ve done with a bit more development to really push the information that was being given, 5/8 in my opinion.
-- CopyWright on 6/27/2020 8:59:12 PM with a score of 37
The writing was decent here, and the information was presented more interestingly than I expect from a quiz-style game.
-- Gower on 6/27/2020 9:27:38 AM with a score of 30
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