The King's Logic Puzzle

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The king has proposed a contest of intellect.
You have a balance scale and twelve identical looking spheres of gold - except that one is either heavier or lighter than all the rest. Using the scale and only 3 measurements, you must determine which is the 'odd ball' and whether it is lighter or heavier.
If you fail, you get to be court jester for a month. The king has a terrible sense of humor - trust me; you don't want to be court jester (even for just a month). It's part of the reason he holds this contest. It's the only way he can get anyone to 'sign-up' for the job.
If you can correctly guess the 'odd ball,' but not whether it's lighter or heavier than all the others, you get to go free.
But if you can get the right ball AND figure out whether it's lighter or heavier - you get to keep all twelve spheres of gold. They're worth a small fortune - enough to buy your own keep - which would raise you up from lowly Surf to rich Landowner in the blink of an eye.
What do you have to lose - except your dignity...


Player Comments

Great puzzle. And the best part about having this format is that it was more fun than just figuring it out in your head. I had thought of a few strategies, but it wasn't until the game walked me through the puzzle that the full solution occurred to me. I don't think that would have happened if I'd just tried to figure it out in my head; I would have given up. It's interesting how this online-game medium made a classic puzzle more accessible that way.
-- Nathan000000 on 5/21/2013 4:59:12 PM with a score of 5000
I love it! It would be much better if it were part of a larger story. If you could build an entire story with miny games like these it would be fantastic.
-- ugilick on 2/5/2012 10:20:53 PM with a score of 5000
Took me all the day to find a working method
-- Quiezel on 6/21/2017 1:03:44 AM with a score of 5000
Came up a strategy my 2nd time and it worked!! I feels so smart. :3
-- TreX18 on 5/30/2017 8:54:59 PM with a score of 5000
Sort of boring
-- ENDhakS on 4/20/2017 8:40:46 PM with a score of 5000
First try I managed to get the right one, but missed if it was heavier or lighter, took me a few tries to get this, loved it.
-- CowBoySkinnyLinny on 2/17/2017 10:01:13 PM with a score of 5000
An enjoyable logic puzzle. I managed to get the answer on my second playthrough. Short and sweet.
-- SiriusMorningStar on 2/14/2017 7:18:18 PM with a score of 5000
Pretty good, actually. :)
-- Tawnystar on 1/27/2017 11:27:51 PM with a score of 5000
-- Ark on 1/22/2017 1:35:26 AM with a score of 5000
Wow pretty nice although sadly I have seen this puzzle type before and was able to solve it pretty quickly
-- CeruleanFlare on 12/16/2016 6:14:21 PM with a score of 5000
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