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The Wasteland Chronicles: The Story of Aether Frost

In the year 2318, about three centuries after the Old World was destroyed by the thunders of death, or, as they called them back then, ''nukes'', you, Aether Frost, a regular outlaw, are trying to survive.

Important: There is only one ending that is official, meaning only it's events will be used in future storygames taking place in the same universe. You will know which it is, since it's written in underlined text at the bottom of the page.


A mysterious condition which causes extremely violent behavior and even stranger symptoms rapidly spreads through both human and animal populations. As governments reach the brink of collapse, many countries decide to fight the threat at all costs. Will you be able to survive not only the unknown affliction, but also the mass extermination campaign carried out by the military and the desperate fellow survivors stuck with you in the Midwest Exclusion Zone?


There are five characters you can play as in this first part of the Hivemind series, each with their own personality and background, strengths and weaknesses. Each one has at least one ending where they survive the first month after the Exclusion Zone is declared (which is the length of this game). The canon endings for the characters will be revealed if you reach them, with bold text on the bottom of the page. Those endings will be accounted for in possible future storygames within this same universe.

Post-Apocalyptic Empire

Set up the bases and rule your own empire after the third world war.

They murk in the darknes...

A horror CSY adventure I made.Please take notice that there are 3 endings medium difficulty to get,and 1 special ending,which is the hardest to obtain.I suggest you first play as what you would do in real life,only after you finish it once,proceed to finding the other endings.

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What scares you? on 11/18/2012 3:11:15 PM

My biggest phobias are the following:

-Dolls(yes,I am afraid of dolls.It sounds funny,but it freaks the hell out of me)
-Drowning(I am afraid of dying by drowning in water)
-When I see a small light in a completely dark room that seems to be approaching me
-The sensation that someone is chasing me at night(I keep looking back while walking)