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Got banned from COG for 1000 years! on 8/5/2023 3:44:29 AM
Lol I got banned from Reddit as well because they was saying that chooseyourstory is full of homophobic people and racist and I jokingly said sounds like my kind of place lol this is what they sent. Hello, You have been banned from participating in r/choiceofgames for 90 days because your comment violates this community's rules. You won't be able to post or comment, but you can still view and subscribe to it. Note from the moderators: Go there, then. If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team by replying to this message. Reminder from the Reddit staff: If you use another account to circumvent this subreddit ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your account being suspended from the site as a whole.

Got banned from COG for 1000 years! on 8/5/2023 2:26:01 AM
Lmao 🤣🤣🤣 bro that's savage doesn't hurt my feelings I know I can't punctuate

Got banned from COG for 1000 years! on 8/4/2023 12:50:35 PM
I got Banned from CoG I gave my opinion on a cog game they didn't like what I had to say and banned me for a thousand years so now I'm here screw them their game stop being good 10 years ago.