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About me? Well my username should at least tell you I'm self deprecating, so that's something...first impressions aren't my forte, so I'll just let my story game's do the talking :) 

If you've clicked on my profile out of boredom or loneliness, please message me! I'm always good for a chat haha.


Secrets of Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the modern worlds' greatest mysteries. Who built it? What purpose did it serve? Questions left unnoticed in time. One mundane day however the prehistoric monument is quarantined with yellow tape by a troop of government agents and hazmat's. You, an avid conspiracist dubbed local fruitcake by the village decide to indulge your rebellious curiosity, and hence discover the mind blowing secrets lying beneath Stonehenge for yourself. Journey forth into the fantastical realm herein!

The Black Hand that Feeds You

You play a young man taken under the wing of the mafia during the early 19th century, yanked from the streets of New Orleans into a life of extortion and murder. This is a game where every move is a gamble; you either learn fast or are left to hang from a rusty meat hook. Told through a series of snapshots of your life as you crawl up the ranks of the criminal underbelly, gradually building a crooked reputation in your hometown. But will you be able to protect the people you love? Have you invested your trust in the right people?

"It all goes to show kid, back stabbers are only powerful when you've got your back turned."

> Description will update as the story progresses.

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Quirky Character Questions! @[email protected] on 1/6/2017 5:37:07 PM

The Questions can be quirky but what's important is they reveal something.Gerald is a corndog for his mom, because they have a close, almost friend-like relationship. If I was working backwards and wanted to make a question for this, it would probably be...

Which family member is Gerald closest to?

His Mom, because while his father went out and slept with bar waitresses every night, Gerald and his mom would watch the star wars movies and work on their cosplay outfits together.

Quirky Character Questions! @[email protected] on 1/6/2017 5:19:46 PM

I believe its implied that you should KNOW why the answer to your question is what it is, otherwise why would you be writing it? You bring up a good point though, one that should be mentioned haha. It's all about gaining a sense of the characters experiences and mentality; I tend to think of it like a digestible autobiography.

Edit: Sporks are fucking terrible. They don't spoon well, and they don't fork well!

Resume's on 1/6/2017 8:17:44 AM

Agreed, this is so helpful. Address how you can help the company, not how they can help you. It's basic stuff but no one bothers to say it. I may also jot down some of the terms you've used like 'tenacious inclination', 'If I had to pin down one...'. Just phrases that imply more than they appear to at first.

Quirky Character Questions! @[email protected] on 1/6/2017 8:05:40 AM

So, when you're making a character for a story game, role play, script, or generally any written work, you want that character as fleshed out and distinguished as possible; and I'm not talking about making them suffer blindness or have dicks for fingers like a hack. Those are gimmicks, not defining character traits. Obviously it depends on the story you're composing, but the majority of the time writers give their protagonist a disability and tend to think they struck a creative gold vein.
Anyways,  A fun exercise I've started doing when drafting a character sheet is to include a set of quirky or specific questions about them. They don't need to be important to the story, or even mentioned at all,  but it helps to develop an understanding about the person you're basically fabricating from thin air. Here are some that I've used in the past ^__^ ;

How do they take their steak, if at all?

What's their favorite movie?

Do they have any fears or phobias?

Do they have any scars or marks on their body?

These questions will likely differ depending on the world your story in set in. Futuristic dystopia, Vietnamese civil war etc. What are some questions you guys have used or think would work well? Are there any other exercises or things you try to make your character feel more realistic? :)