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Featured Story The Book of Vanishing Tales
The muses are gone. They sacrificed themselves to save Sandrella from cataclysm, and all that is left of them are drained, stone husks, and a ring of dust orbiting the world. Your wife was one of them.
But with them went all the dreams and the permanence of stories. And now, forty years later, it seems memory is next.
Though an old storyteller with little to your name, you must undertake a long journey to the Grove of the Muses, hoping to rekindle the flames that once burned inside you, before you can't remember them at all.

Uneasy Lies the Head

You are Altam, merely an 8th-tier potter.  Your house is small but sturdy, and your work at the wheel and kiln moderately interesting. There's no need to regret this - at least you are not a 9th-tier factory worker or a 10th-tier sewage monitor. But the simple life of a plebeian worker is far from the high tech comfort and glamour of the central tiers.

One  fateful day, the national lottery selects you as an Official of the House of Regulation. You are transported to the capitol city and the grand palace of Aria to begin your new life as a politician. But even if you adjust to power, can you keep it? 

Recent Posts

Corgi's Contest: Lords of the Land II on 4/7/2022 7:16:32 PM

That's very cool, I like the style.

Manifest Destiny Reader's Guide on 9/8/2021 1:45:46 AM

I just read through your Ruins of Anzar game. Pretty cool! It's been a while since I've done an inventory puzzler, and your setting was nice.

End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest on 9/5/2021 7:10:38 PM

Mine is finished: Uneasy Lies the Head 

It's sci-fi, but also works as family friendly. It's short. (I had to go with plan C and finish up a shorter idea, as my littlest niece (2) ripped up my keyboard as I wasn't giving her enough attention, so my typing now is slow as molasses. It's a great excuse to finally buy a new laptop, though.)

Initial thoughts and feedback on Warrior's Legacy? on 9/3/2021 1:18:47 AM

That makes sense. One of the things I only learned in the past year or two was the different styles of boxing (outboxing vs. inboxing) as well as how physique and training affects the moves and style that suits you best, and how the style and physique of your opponent comes into play as well. 

Initial thoughts and feedback on Warrior's Legacy? on 9/3/2021 12:08:33 AM

It sounds interesting.The title does seem a bit fantasy, especially as we don't usually call boxers "warriors" more more "fighters." I'd read it. I'm not a fan of boxing of itself, per se, but I do enjoy well done sports or build-up stories. One of the more interesting comics on the web to come out in the last year is "The Boxer," which does an excellent job putting backstory and rounding out the psychology of each character.

Personally, I am sightly more into story/narrative fights than random numbers and the like in general. But, you should do whatever serves the story best. And from what you have described with the techniques and training being important, than having the stats to show what a difference those made would be more impactful.

Lets Write the Shittest Story of All Time! ^_^ on 8/31/2021 5:38:07 PM

"Avid reader, former literature teacher, currently writer at Eduzaurus and a mom of 2. Take great interest in feminist literature and multiculturalism."

For a "former" literature teacher, she has terrible grammar, and a strange choice in "interesting" literature. The ban seems almost  merciful.

End Master's Manifest Destiny Contest on 8/9/2021 3:35:47 PM

I plan to enter. (Probably either sci-fi, family-friendly, or edutainment/historical depending on which story idea I run with.) 

Choosing the last mini-arcs on 8/4/2021 2:33:21 PM

It's a bit hard to give advice on 'what to write first,' as the person who knows your storygame best is you. If you mean that due to time constraints you have to prioritize, here are some general tips for  narrowing it down:

#1 What side stories augment the themes of the story?

If you are exploring a theme like, "bravery," or "destiny," then any side-story with that as a subtext would move up in priority. The converse also holds - if a story has very little to do with the underlying themes you are exploring, it can safely be moved towards the bottom of the list.

#2 What stories will be the quickest to write? 

When deadlines are a concern, just how fast a certain section can be churned out becomes important. This doesn't just include how long the main story part takes, but how many branches it will create, and how many death/end game pages you will have to do as well. Consider how fast each will be to write, and - with consideration to their thematic weight - move the faster sections up in priority. As a corollary to this, which one is the fasted to write *while allowing ample space to explore it.* You don't want to end up with lots of rushed summaries. 

#3 Which are you the most passionate about?

Here, again, give weight to the stories you most want to tell yourself, while moving the ones that seem more of a slog down the list.

#4 Which do you think will be the most rewarding for the reader?

This is a little harder to parse, but you can take some educated guesses. If the game is full of action, than an introspective piece may bore the reader. If the game uses bits of lore as a reward for the player, then a story that furthers the lore or answers background questions will be welcome.  If there is an interesting side character that wasn't able to be developed in the main plot, then expounding on him or her in a side plot can be nice. Try to boil down the expectations you have set up for the player, and what might feel like a reward to them.

#5 Which stories fit the overall tone and genre best?

This is not as essential as the other points, as good writing can vary in tone (such as any drama taking moments to be lighthearted and others to face raw grief, or how Gower's "Private Game for Natilie" has moments of romantic comedy in the midst of it's deepening psychological horror.) But, if an arc clashes with the overall tone of the storygame, it should be much lower on the list. For example, If the game overall has a grimdark, gritty vibe, the player probably isn't going to be hoping for a happy side story with a different tone - unless this is done ironically, perhaps.

Blackbirds by ninjapitka on 8/3/2021 8:19:24 PM

It is. I spent several hours playing through it today. The start was a bit slow, but the pace and stakes ramped up as it went along. My favorite element was the subverted expectations/tropes, both in plot and characterization, but the description and world-building are also fantastic.

Hunter, APH-06-097442 on 12/14/2020 8:23:22 PM

A unique take. I like that it captured the feel of a larger world, and had an 'unreliable narrator' perspective.