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Hello, I am Cyvv! I have always enjoyed reading, and stories where you can influence the outcome to an extent are especially interesting for me. Because of this, I found this site and have been enjoying stories here for awhile. Now, I am working on a storygame of my own, although it is clear it will take a ton of time due to my perfectionism. Have a wonderful day.

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Another Newbie, I Guess? on 5/13/2022 12:25:12 PM
Hello! My name is Cyvv (pronounced “Seave”), and I’m new here, aside from reading various storygames here for awhile before creating this account. Since the community here seems to be interesting, I’ve decided to make an account, for better or worse. Anyways, if anyone anyone would care to recommend a storygame that they like to me (your own don’t count, of course), I would be very grateful.