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Mercenary Queen (Part 1): Escape from Essitrea


You are a Mercenary named Sebastian who awakens in a city overrun by the enemy. Your allies have been defeated, the city has cumbled, and the enemy is sacking and looting, raping and pillaging all who they encounter. You must escape the city alive.

Using only your wits and your swordhand, can you emerge unscathed?






WEIGHT: 135 Lbs.
HAIR: Silver
EYES: Silver

ABILITIES (Out of 5):

Strong:​ Sebastian is strong and can out muscle normal men and most women in games of strength. She can lift heavy objects, swing heavy swords, and wear heavy armor if she prefers.
Dancer's Grace: Sebastian is graceful and is often capable of ducking and dodging attacks. In addition, she is adept at tasks needing sure footing (climbing, balancing, and sneaking) and manual dexterity (picking locks, theft, and throwing).
Stalwart: Sebastian can take a hit and keep moving. She has the heart of a warrior and can absorb damage that would kill a normal man. She is resistant to disease and poison and shrugs off most illnesses. 
Fluency: Sebastian is able to speak, read, and write Lazarian, Bandglan, and Zanitarian. She has had prior schooling and can do complex mathematics, quote philosophy, and converse on educated topics without being lost.
Quick Witted: â€‹Sebastian is quick on her feet, able to multi-task, figure out puzzles, and solver thorny issues with speed and alacrity.
Atheist: Sebastian no longer believes in the gods of her childhood though occasionally she questions her own disbelief.
Dazzling: Sebastian stands apart from the crowd and is well-known for her beauty.

Steel Crucifix: Sebastian likes to attack with her heavy broadsword trying to get a kill or two before switching to lighter, faster weapons, usually daggers or her short swords. Often she throws knives in the middle of combat to create space, stop charges, or fend of missile attacks. Due to her light armor, she prefers stealth and trickery to straight up brawling.

Broadsword (1):
This is a wide heavy sword known for it's sturdiness. It is slow to maneuver but does plenty of damage when attacking both armored and unarmored foes. She wears her broadsword on a sheath on her left hip.
Short Swords (2): Her fallback melee weapons, trades damage for speed. She likes to use stabbing attacks to pierce her foes and circular parries to defend against multiple attacks. Effective against light and heavy armor. She carries her short swords in an 'X' across her back.
Daggers (2): Heavier than throwing knives, these fighting blades are for in close work against foes who fight at speeds faster than her broadsword. Not effective against heavy armor but dangerous when used against lightly armored opponents. She has two daggers tucked backwards in her Armguards.
Throwing Knives (10): Sebastian is accurate over short distances with throwing knives usually throwing two or three at one or more opponents. The more opponents she faces the less accurate she is. She carries ten hidden around her body. Ineffective against medium or heavy armor. Sebastian has two throwing knives tucked in her sleeves, two hidden in her boots, and six attached to quick-release holsters on her belt three near her belt buckle, and three in the small of her back. 
Warfans (2): Her exotic weapons, she uses metal war fans to deflect attacks, make trick throws (Curving throws, ricochets, and slicing). In addition, she can make gashing cuts against lightly armored opponents that are difficult to heal. She usually uses them if she is smuggling weaponry into places where none are allowed or when she is using her dance skills professionally. Her fans are carried in a sheath on her right hip.

Crossbow: Though she doesn't usually carry a crossbow, she is quite deadly as a sniper.

Light Chain Shirt: Sebastian wears padded chainmail made to be light weight and fit under her clothes. She sacrifices protection for mobility, stealth, and unobtrusiveness.

Mobile Scrapper: Sebastian fights best when she has room for mobility, launches the initial attack, and faces opponents at a short distance.
Lockpicking: Sebastian can open normal doors and simple locks with a set of lockpicks she carries hidden on her body.

Mercenary Queen (Part 3): The Hemlock Band

Sebastian is a wandering Mercenary who finds herself in the middle of conflicts and strange adventures. Help her survive!

Mercenary Queen (Part 3): The Hemlock Band (Act B)

Sebastian has finally found the Smith. Now it is time to unravel his mystery and figure out how to obtain the Hemlock Band.

Since this is the second part of (Part 3) The Hemlock Band it'll be more fun and make more sense if played after playing Part A.

A Day in the Life...

This is a typical day in the life of a teenager however, it might have tremendous repercussions!

Mercenary Queen (Part 2): Taking Refuge

You have successfully escaped Essitrea's Capital but now, you must deliver the Heir to the Throne to those who would protect him against the Turric forces in hot pursuit. The question is who can you trust?

Mercenary Queen (Part 4): Raising the Bar

Sebastian is asked by her Lord to head down to the local bar and fetch him a bottle of good brandy, of course, with Sebastian, nothing ever goes easy...