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Galactic Warfare

Yet another fantasy story, trying to make it interesting but first one published. Constructive criticism will be welcomed.

The year is 2132. The Earth Peace Coalition (EPC) protect the world from threats, but will they be enough?

You play as their leader, newly promoted but experienced, looking to prove yourself. Make the right decisions and Earth will flourish, don't and it will fall.

Warriors vs Mages

A great war has begun in the Aranien empire. On one side stand the traditional warriors, the knights, the archers, the people who rely on physical skill.

They fight the forces of magic, gaining ground in their attempts to change the world and revolutionise the way we fight forever.

You may decide which faction to join and hopefully lead to victory. There are several ways to win but far more ways to die. This is my first game so tell me how to improve don't just say it's terrible!

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I need advice! on 11/4/2012 9:58:47 AM

I think that there will be 6 types of magic to choose on the magic side of the story (something similar for warrior). Three good and three bad.

I have also drawn a map of my world which i could update as your character does specific actions. For example, if you attack a mage region with warriors (blue), that region would o from yellow to blue on the map. What about that?

PS i will probaly get bored and never finish this

I need advice! on 11/3/2012 5:28:04 PM

I'm new to this (I started today) and i'm planning to make a game called warriors vs mages with more information on my profile.

Good idea, bad idea, suggestions? Happy for any feedback, good or bad!