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I best exemplify a proud member of the House of Dimir. 

Colors: Blue / Black 

Leader: Lazav, the Master Mind. 

I am an assassin and spie of Ravnica. Everyone whispers of my existence, but not in polite company, and none dare speak my name too loudly. I am the reason that people say the walls of Ravnica have eyes and ears, though I am secretive, nothing is a secret to me. For me, knowledge truly is power. I hoard information like a treasure and use it like the strings of a puppet-master. 

I value secrecy and adaptability, which I usually work toward through subversion and espionage. My weaknesses involve paranoia due to learning just a bit too much about the human condition, and a tendency toward dormancy. I'm more of a 'thinker' than a 'doer.' I abhor transparency and incorruptibility, preferring to bend rules as I see fit and remain an enigma even to the people I allow to be close. 

I feel that, if it ultimately achieves your goal, there is nothing wrong with a little cheating or manipulation. In an argument or fight, I believe it's best to initially keep my strengths and knowledge to myself ... until I need it. I come off as both selfish and rational, since I have many logical reasons for my moral compass not always pointing north. 

At best, I'm mysterious and strategically gifted; at worst, I'm distrustful and opportunistic.


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