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Wowwwww, you meow like a cat! That means you are one, right? Shut the fuck up. If you really want to be put on a leash and treated like a domestic animal then that's called a fetish, not quirky or cute. What part of you seriously thinks that any part of acting like a feline establishes a reputation of appreciation? Is it your lack of any defining aspect of personality that urges you to resort to shitty representations of cats to create an illusion of meaning in your worthless life? Wearing cat ears in the shape of headbands further notes the complete absence of human attribution to your false sense of personality, such as intelligence or charisma in any form or shape. Where do you think this mindset gonna lead you? Do you think you're funny, random, quirky even? What makes you think that acting like a fucking cat will make a goddamn hyena laugh? I, personally, feel extremely sympathetic towards you as your only escape from the worthless thing you call your existence is to pretend to be an animal. But it's not a worthy choice to assert this horrifying fact as a dominant trait, mainly because personality traits require an initial personality to lay their foundation on. You're not worthy of anybody's time, so go fuck off,cat-girl.

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Not a bad idea on 1/19/2022 1:09:35 PM
"including the diaspora-ruled puppet states like their Reddit " I wouldn't call the Reddit to be deeply entrenched on "kissing Jason's ass" attitude compared to their other "puppet states", they are actually a bit quite open against some of Jason's plans like separating Hosted games from Choice of Games with many posts of the COG subreddit being actually from HG (same goes with comments, expect the HG comments to have more upvotes than COG comments) in fact they praise HG much more than COG in the subreddit Just take a look at some of these posts https://www.reddit.com/r/choiceofgames/comments/n3tufo/does_deleting_a_post_trying_to_have_a_discussion/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 https://www.reddit.com/r/choiceofgames/comments/myxz3n/why_not_just_make_a_flair_for_hosted_games/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 https://www.reddit.com/r/choiceofgames/comments/mztgj9/cog_subreddit_suggestion_box/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 But I understand your sentiment and agree that Jason is very likely not leaving his position and is going to continue his policies but yeah I think promoting other alternatives and privately talking to other users about Jason's bs is still the only good option you can take on going against him, the more people that know about his bullshit, the more people are likely to grow a goddamn backbone in the forums and demand changes.

some movies probably none of you need on 1/18/2022 8:42:03 PM
Welp this thread is revived so I'm gonna talk about a film from my country and one that happens in my country lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb-rUfBTQ1g This is Elite Squad (Tropa de Elite) which quite frankly is one of the best movies from Brazil, which talks about an Elite Unit in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, It's also a bit of social criticism talking about how far we should go to create Order and one other message is one that supports the rupture between The Police Force and Politics. If you can I recommend listening in Portugues cus the dubbed version seems a bit off (then again I'm Brazilian and I first watched in Portuguêse so I might be biased lol) If you want something more lighthearted that also happens in Rio de Janeiro, I recommend Rio (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1GRO31ve5Q) which talks about a Blue Macaw parrot named Blu trying to go back home after getting sent to an aviary to breed with another Blue Macaw Parrot named Jade that wants to go to the Florests and be free, It's a pretty fun movie to watch and doesn't need you to think too much about it lol.

Not quite on 1/18/2022 8:13:27 PM
"No lol. I meant dangerous for my prospects on CoG, not actual danger. We're not quite living in the matrix yet." Are you listening to to what you are writing right now? "I want to make a revolution against COG and make something against Jason to make him listen to me while I use his products and interact with the community of said products which can benefit him indirectly and maybe not say anything against him to make sure I can still interact with said community" You are just doubling down from the values you appreciated and contributing to the Status Quo, Do you want to try make COG change? then stop fucking doing things that can benefit it and try finding alternatives if said changes don't happen. Do you know how a strike works? do something like that, make something that affects negatively COG and try to find people with similar ideas to you and demand changes to the company, if nothing comes out of it then find better alternatives outside of CoG (Chooseyourstory is pretty much the best alternative out there similar to COG but there are some IF in Itch.io too but they are more formal games than the usual text) and don't buy or use anything from COG/HG (it's not like they own the market like idk Coca-Cola, the only good foothold they have is in the app store and general mobile store)

CYS is not your personal army on 1/15/2022 8:43:06 PM
Quite frankly I don't think your plan is going to work, Jason's banhammer will swing faster than a horse running high on heroin, besides if you get banned/kicked no one is going to really ask about it and if they do then said comment is very likely getting removed from the thread, but going out with a bang MIGHT cause some ruckus. If you want to try to do something you could try contacting authors and telling them about Jason's bullshits on things like Tumblr, Twitter, etc etc. Not buying any Hosted Games and Choice of Game books kinda goes without saying (besides most author's are putting their works on Patreon before they are released aren't they? so you can see some books you are really interested in) Reddit is fun to spread "dissent", just go around messaging people there and talk about Jason's actions and things like that (a good example is Sam's Suicide Saga in the 2 minutes hate thread is a pretty good example to say and talk about)

Bob Saget dead on 1/12/2022 2:14:19 PM
No idea who he is but RIP

Blockhead - Another Shill in the Chain on 1/12/2022 2:14:14 PM
In theory, it would be a bunch of people proposing ideas and headcanons while the author tries to keep up with writing both ideas from the request and his own ideas. In practice, it would look like a really weird game of DnD with 6 people playing the same character at once while trying to use incompatible builds as the character switches into an absolute dumbass rogue, an all-loving paladin, a sociopath murder hobo mage every time he says or chooses something. Realistically I think no one would pay and use crypto coins just to be able to do 1 choice in Interactive Fiction

Blockhead - Another Shill in the Chain on 1/9/2022 9:01:58 PM
Oh shoot sorry, welp if you can delete my comment by all means please do it, but yeah he might go there (that outcry was like months ago, maybe they changed opinions and are more into that stuff)

Blockhead - Another Shill in the Chain on 1/9/2022 8:36:54 PM
I'm gonna make an NFT out of this, anyway I'm hardly interested in blockchains nor have any real strong knowledge on NFT's, but I have some questions. "Anyone can propose, anyone can read. But there's only one owner. " so basically you write an IF that anyone can read and a person that gets interested in it can decide to propose a new idea/change? or am I getting it wrong? "You can prove undoubtfully that you own that Story-Node by owning the NFT"- but can't the writer just write on the first page their name or something else that proves that they are the creator of said story node? or put in the synopsis, description or even title? doesn't that ruin the whole point of needing the NFT? also what would happen if your story gets plagiarized but you don't own the NFT and the plagiarist does? would it just automatically pick the plagiarist instead of checking who was the actual author? "Any proposal made must have a bid amount. " so wait, if you have a suggestion or want something to change you have to bid against other people to make said changes and have to pay for it? because if it is then it's very counterproductive with people not wanting to bid money in an attempt to have their ideas heard, also isn't bidding money a form of gambling or something? and what if a teen/kid decides to bid their money to give the author an idea? "Anything accepted on the blockstory will be forever immutable, free (to read), and uncensored. " OH BOY I SURELY CAN'T WAIT TO WRITE MY 379 PAGES BORDERLINE ILLEGAL KINK SMUT FANFICTION! also when you say immutable do you mean that after writing a page and saving it, does it mean that it's edit locked and you can't change anything on that page after you saved it? because if it is then what happens if it has a typo? does it just stay there forever? Quite frankly I think you are barking at the wrong tree, the IF community don't really like the ideas of Nft's in general. https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/i-hope-cog-never-goes-into-that-dreadful-n-f-t-nonsense/108207 This link is a thread on the Choice of Games forum which is arguably the largest Interactive Fiction company, and if you for some reason don't want to check it out then all you need to know is that there was a pretty big outrage against the owner after he said he wanted to make some Interactive Fiction books become NFT's and also had a writer leave the company for another one with some other people vowing to never write for COG, so I really don't think your idea could work. Also, you said you were a long-time lurker but your profile says that you are a member since 1/8/2022, just be honest and say you wanted writers to your project, easier for everyone.

CoG uses crypto currency for sex trafficking! on 10/13/2021 12:08:45 AM
Mine is Just_Browsing, not a writer or anything, and being quite frank I have not used that account for more than at least 7 months now, and is only active again cus I forgot what name it was lmao I leave mostly to do other things, like playing some other games or going to discord and talking to friends, I was already thinking of leaving the community before I readed the whole Sammy shitshow, after I got banned from the Reddit COG forum I had more pressing things to do like school and left interactive fiction forums for a long time, came back to read interactive fiction again a week ago but didn't feel the same thing and lost a lot of interest on them, Also, I mostly don't have a lot to add outside of dramas and thus I mostly just lurk so there is that Lmao.

CoG uses crypto currency for sex trafficking! on 10/12/2021 11:08:08 PM
Weeeelp it is done, I have congratulated them on fucking off and telling them I hope they don't come back in there and also sent them some of the drama links to see the other shitshow Jason and COG have done, now let's hope they keep their word of GTFO from there. Also, it was in a public comment so other people might see it, So smile for the camera people, if we have angry tumbler users then I shall take the full blame and responsibility for that and I am sorry. (I think i could try telling to people on Reddit too but that could be a bit problematic since its well, Reddit users)