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A twisted clone of Gandalf The White. Here to read, rate and review stories written by greater minds than myself. Not verry active. Yet i shall try to do those things when i have time.


Location:Moria with its great 250kb wifi network.


Favourite authors on this site: EndMaster whos stories make me hate him so much,only for me to regret such an emotional response to the point of being ashamed of myself. Why? Cause his stories are amazing in the end.


Good skills: Great reading comprehension. One i am sure is usefull in this realm. Make no mistake i have seen what happens if one does not use such a skill.

Good at triggering people. Though this realm is too strong for such a powerfull skill to be employed.

Sigh. No sjws here.


Bad skills: Writeing. Though i have tried by makeing fan fictions a few times.Never the less the results are ugglier than a monkeys armpits. Reading some more should teach me the propper skills.

Generaly being an introvert means my charisma is low al the time. A curse from the gods for my misconducts at taverns. Thats it. Everything else remains a secret :)

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There is a Hell on 10/29/2020 4:37:05 PM

Well Avery I admire your empathy. However, think of it like this . Imagine one of these sheepfuckers grabbing a sheep by its proper places and after an hour or two the owner finds out what happened. There is no way in hell he is eating that sheep for dinner. And no one else should either, let alone do anything with it.


So he just kills it. And to prevent the sheepfucker from doing it again he gets rid of him too.


 A Nice and clean process.


Those were the old  barbaric days.


So what do you suggest we do with them in the 21 century ? What kind of hell exists out there  for these people in our time?


There is a Hell on 10/29/2020 12:18:03 AM

"If a man lies with an animal, he shall surely be put to death, and you shall kill the animal. If a woman approaches any animal and lies with it, you shall kill the woman and the animal; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them."


The bible: Leviticus 20:15-16


This is what i feel after reading this entire post from top to bottom.


I have never read a single furry tale. And seeing how low humans have fallen disgusts me.



COG Story Submissions! on 10/23/2020 10:04:41 AM

Choose Your Gender


Here is my feedback on what  the plot might be about. 


A trans woman  who in reality is an  evil   male  transvestite (plot twist) named The Mam has created a new device. It can alter people's genders.  


People use it and over a span of a thousand  year they have forgotten that there are only two genders.  This is until you and your companion find out the truth. The goal is to  stop the Mam by going back in time, a few days before he made such a device possible.  Kill him and planet Earth will be saved.


For this plot to work 


The player cannot  choose male or female as their gender. Since those are the genders the player is ment to restore.


The Mam must be a person of color and the plot twist must be revealed at the end.


This should be enough of a  good script that  Jason   banging his man Steven on a hill might throw some  money at you.


How Do You Make Friends? on 10/17/2020 3:55:19 AM
Many methods exist that might secure you some friends. Being an introvert i tend to be more selective by putting up some qualifiers. 1 morally decent 2 highly intelligent . This does not strictly mean problem solving. But also having a functioning brain and actually being able to think and reflect ,being able to self critique themselves. Etc 3 they must show a great amount of loyalty and trust plus honesty. 4 they must have the necessary skills to take care of themselves, be an adult that can take on responsibility. Makes them reliable not only to themselves but to me also. 5 should have some things in common with me. But its not that important. 6 generally is more of a pragmatist than an idealist. 7 can take a joke. Comprehends the fact that life is sometimes tuff. Understands that fears are meant to be confronted. Helps others overcome their own. As such, is not one of those triggered and frightened individuals prowling the lands. Defileing it with their meir existence. You know who i'm talking about. Can you believe we live in a time where some people are scared of words literally and go on about how you should keep them safe from set words? So weird. There are more but this is the bare minimum. I had a friend with many of those qualities once . But unfortunately he got into the drugs business and hooked up with a few low iq individuals. He's chasing the money. Making a decent amount. Knows how to cover his tracks Since he won't change his ways. I left him to his own devices. Could I have reported him to the local authorities.? Of course but a strong friendship to a friend makes such a decision difficult to carry out. And by now he has moved out to god knows where. Just because you have found a friend. Doesn't mean they will stay as your friend. Keep that in mind too as you search for one. Too many have failed the 2nd of my qualifiers these days so i stick to myself

Congrats everyone! on 7/3/2020 10:27:26 AM
According to a website here is how you start a fire using a cell phone or smartphone battery. For survival. "To do this you will need foil paper and a cell phone battery. The foil paper can be found from cigarette/chocolate packaging and various other products. Then you will need to cut or tear a thin long strip of the foil and make the ends so they can easily make contact with the phone battery. Carefully crumple the strip, so that the flame will not easily be blown out. Remove the battery from the phone and attach the ends of the strip to the positive and negative terminals on the battery. As the current passes through the foil, it heats up and ignites the foil paper. The phone battery has a built in protection circuit so the foil strip should be as thin and long as possible. This is so it won’t prevent the fire from starting. This can also be done with an AA battery and a foil gum wrapper. But when using an AA battery cut the foil paper strip to have a narrow spot in the center." Good trick to use if you cant do it with stones or sticks like a pro or dont have matches.

Black, Female or Gay? on 7/3/2020 3:22:21 AM

Straight White Male - Gay White Male

Old Newbie Bones From Cog Says Hi on 6/11/2020 10:02:59 PM

I saw your stories. On the top rated list. Rest assured i shal read them .

Born A Poor Black Child on 6/11/2020 9:45:01 PM

Mighty mizal if i answer that 


 i would be  a fool who don't get the word privacy. Heck might even have to check a dictionary. For some reducation.


To bad for you . Not gonna happen 


Now tell me. How many fools have honestly fallen into your trap and answerd it?

Especially since you are not being subtle

Born A Poor Black Child on 6/11/2020 8:38:00 PM

defuncting the police works like this.

Lets promise an under educated minority. Back in the 30s  Yes uneducated at the time, to vote for us. We will keep promising them change that gives them employment.

But nah fuck it. We are the elite . We can do watever we dam please behind closed doors. Yeah lets keep our racism for a while. Keep that minority uneducated, on drugs, hip hop and blues. Gods perfect chemistry for a nation that upon the land shall become gangbangers and thugs. At least a large portion of them. You cant allways trust god to make his plans to 100% come true. This is why some of them will turn out sane normal and wise decent people. But not all.


Breaking the fourth wall: am i saying this is gods fault. Nah dude dosent even exist.  To some like me. But hyperboles are fun to use.


Back to the story.


 Now because we the elite fast forward a few decades have found ourselves in a tuff spot after years of neglecting this minority . Not telling  the bad half  to grow the fuck out of gangbanging eachother or  those  steroids for fear of being called racist  and also not giving them as a whole,  a chance to do something with their lives, we have but no choice to deploy some state of the art fagotery. The standard one wont do. And we all know its shit at changeing the world.


There was also that civil rights movement in the 60s that showed some ugly truths about us. Therfore we must not allow ourselves to fail.


So step 1 an  organisation that is  driven by the race card, instead of being a genuine cause meant to help improve the target at hand must be allowed to deploy itself. Let it be fuwelld by racial hatred and everything  will work as planed. Right?

Hatred is a strong motivater. Let their anger flow through them, take over their reason and fester as we do nothing to minimize police brutality and other racial isues they bring up. Be we democrats or republicans.

Step 2 state of the art fagotery in the collor and clothing of virtute signaling. Now this is important. We must signal our virtues to them faster then a man can orgasm. So we say their lives matter. We use media and pop culture and choose your own adventures to propagate what otherwise is a self  evident fact. That is if you have an iq above knowing how to touch yourself in the right spots.  But we need to advance this still. Make skin collor and gender  the thing that humans should be judged on. Instead of merit.

Aah. Merit and  Iq. We must abollish them and brainwash the masses to use emotional thinking instead.

Now we do  al his at the exclusion of other people. Why? Cause we are the elite magots. We do whatever the fuck we want. When we want it.

Ooh shit. Whats that? Somebody died from police brutality and we cant virtue signal  anymore cause of how we let an organisation  fester hatred.

Oh. I wonder if they have had enough of us. Boys?

Oh shit they do! Look they cant use their reason. Shit they are looting our properties and now they want to throw away our entire  law enforcers so they can loot more and get their so called justice on them.

I.e defunct the police.



Old Newbie Bones From Cog on 6/11/2020 3:17:52 PM

good to hear your ok . And i meant painkillers. Gosh i hate spelling a word wrong or using contraptions. courtesy of my old tyrannical english teacher who only expected the best