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Just an American teen who might've read a little too much of Rick Riordan's books.

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100 years. It's been 100 years since you were granted godhood by the Olympians. 100 years since you became Iris' messenger. 100 years since you last saw your family. 100 years is a lifetime for a mortal, but for a goddess, it's barely a blink of an eye.

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EndMaster's Myth and Religion Contest on 8/31/2022 1:34:31 PM

I'd like to join! I'm already writing a Greek mythology based story anyways!

RPS on 6/3/2022 10:04:54 AM

Thank you!

RPS on 6/2/2022 11:18:40 AM

So, this will be my first post on here. I've been on here for a few months, mainly playing storygames and making one of my own. But something that I found interesting was the RPS duel option. I'm curious on what beats what, what gestures there are, etc. I've also tried looking on the Help & Info area, but haven't found anything. 

(Also, is this the right place to post this?)