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Prompt Contest 2 Results (Such as they are) on 3/24/2023 11:27:03 AM
Thats brilliant. I forgot about using my deductive reasoning to answer my question lol. (Guess im blind.) It appears that I won't see a contest anytime soon considering the turnout of this one. Who knows- maybe there will be another one in June! :)

Prompt Contest 2 Results (Such as they are) on 3/24/2023 11:07:32 AM
I just found out about this site and the prompt contest sounds so much fun! It's a shame I missed out on it. How often do people hold contests? Looking forward to the next prompt challenge!

I'm new! on 3/24/2023 1:31:54 AM
Hello! I am new. I wanted to self publish CYA books but decided to try sharing my stories here to hopefully get some feedback and improve. I hope we can be friends :) Edit: I realize this wasn't an introductory thread.... But a place to ask newbie questions. So... can anyone tell me what sort of genres thrive here? :D