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Thaedos: A Prehistory

Live. Sound simple? Try doing it after you die. Not so simple now, is it? A single life means little. Yours is just another of many, to be snuffed out by death one day. It only has meaning if it lives on in others. Friends, family, legend... even mankind itself. How will you live?

Addtional Notes:

This story takes place in Thaedos, a world of my creation, during Prehistoric times. While it may have some similarities to some of our real history, it will not be the same. This world has monsters and magic, and this time period specifically has dinosaurs too, which I'm sure certain scientists would rage at. So, as a disclaimer, this is not meant to be an accurate representation of Prehistoric times on Earth. Instead, you are playing the role of a man (at first, a child), living his life in this ancient time period.

You will have to learn from your tribe through observation and mimicry if you hope to survive. There is no modern communication here, whether written or oral. Humans communicate with a combination crude hand gestures, body language and various sounds. If you can master this, then you will be one step closer to living on.

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Some issues with textbox (advanced editor) on 4/29/2011 7:17:05 PM

Thanks 3J, it works! That's one problem solved. Maybe now I can finally get some writing done.

Some issues with textbox (advanced editor) on 4/29/2011 7:05:20 PM

Oh, just saw 3J's post. Will reply to that, haha.

Some issues with textbox (advanced editor) on 4/29/2011 7:04:44 PM

I have the built-in spell-checker for Firefox already, but it doesn't do anything for me on this site. I thought that maybe I was lacking a dictionary so I tried downloading the English (US) one and installing that but... nope... I just restarted and there's still -nothing- so... I don't know what to do. I appreciate all the help though, so thanks again. If 3J's got no more advice I'll just work around it the hard way.

Some issues with textbox (advanced editor) on 4/28/2011 7:18:32 PM

Thanks but, that's for Internet Explorer. I use Firefox. I'll wait and see if 3J can give me the exact name of his add-on, and if that fails I'll just use my work-around.

Some issues with textbox (advanced editor) on 4/28/2011 11:09:28 AM

I assume the point of that link was the tip to use shift + enter? Thanks by the way for both of your help, but uh.. any idea where I can actually find the add-on besides clicking on the icon? Rather, could you check your Tools > Add-ons in Firefox and tell me the name of your add-on? Then I can just google for it, but I don't want to download the wrong kind of add-on and screw up my Firefox. Thanks.

Some issues with textbox (advanced editor) on 4/28/2011 5:11:14 AM

It's not showing up for me. :(

Some issues with textbox (advanced editor) on 4/27/2011 2:51:50 PM

I see it but it's grayed out. Where can I go to download the thing so I can use it?

Some issues with textbox (advanced editor) on 4/26/2011 6:43:59 PM

Oh? Where can I get it?

Some issues with textbox (advanced editor) on 4/26/2011 5:16:03 PM

firefox is what I'm using

Story preview for "Thaedos: Prehistory" on 4/26/2011 4:57:10 PM

Alright, I've been thinking about it and.. I think I'm going to cut out the whole "figure out the meaning of the sounds" feature. I -will- still make the player choose how to interpret the messages they're given, but I'm not going to make up random caveman sounds. Instead, I'll just use crude sentence structure. I don't want the "caveman language" to take up so much of the game that it detracts from the enjoyment or the story, and while it worked okay for the first page, I can see how it will get really restricting as I go on. Hopefully I can still keep the feel I was going for.