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Dead Man Walking: Jacob on 6/6/2021 1:41:18 AM
The MC is not bit. Instead he’s immune to the virus, but his saliva is contagious, during the house sequence, when both Jacob and MC (additionally Abby) drive or walk to the house they begins searching either of the houses (neighbour’s or MC’s). As soon as the two enter the garage Jacob asks for some water, without a choice MC hands his water bottle to him and heads on for a search. Once searching a location MC notes that there is noise in the garage. It turns out that drinking anything MC touched is contagious and kills you. So does MC find out... So as I understand I was meant to on first to my house before police precinct? I did head home after escaping the precinct and helping the the Lieutenant of a problem.

Dead Man Walking: Jacob on 6/6/2021 12:36:18 AM
Is there no possible way to save my boy Jacob ;( The little man lasted so long.. Once we arrive at the house in search of MC’s wife, he wants a drink. Isn’t there a good way about this? Or do we have to succumb to a realisation that we are contagious?

Dead man walking bike lock on 6/5/2021 8:44:11 AM
What’s the bike’s code? It’s four numbers...