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A Titanic Experience

You know the story and have probably seen the film; now you can experience what the disaster was really like for those who were there.

Authors Note: This story is about 90% historically accurate, every event and spoken word occurred in identical or similar form, though to prevent this becoming a comedy I had to change some of the speech (things like "I say old man, that is frightfully sporting" has become "That is very decent of you"). On the bright side you should not find Jack and Rose running around in this story :)


American Outlaws: The Dillinger Gang
It is 1933 and America is in its fourth year of Depression. There is widespread anger at the banks and at the forces of justice. Against this backdrop the charismatic and carefree John Dillinger has emerged to lead a gang of hardened bank robbers and killers in challenging the American Government and the newly-formed FBI. You are one of his gang who rob the wealthiest banks in the country to buy the best life has to offer. The forces of justice will relentlessly pursue you and it is only by surviving deadly gunfights and high-speed chases that you will be able to stay ahead of them... Author's Note: Though the next story in this series should be Butch Cassidy's Hole in the Wall Gang I decided to skip forward a bit and write about a smaller group operating in a different time than my previous two stories which were set in the Old West. Dillinger was one of the closest examples of a Robin Hood type criminal that America has yet produced and I hope the reader enjoys reading the story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Featured Story American Outlaws: The James Gang

Jesse James was a lad that killed many a man / he robbed the Glendale train / he stole from the rich and he gave to the poor / he had a hand and a heart and a brain.

It was on a Saturday night and the moon was shining bright / they robbed the Glendale train / and people did say over many miles away / it was those outlaws Frank and Jesse James!

Now the people held their breath when they heard of Jesse's death / and wondered how he'd ever come to fall / Robert Ford, it was a fact, he shot Jesse in the back / While Jesse hung a picture on the wall...

In this story your name is Bill Grey and you are an outlaw, one of a desperate gang who have chosen to live outside the law. By robbing Yankee banks you can make more money in one day than you could make in ten years of work but at the cost that thousands of lawmen and law-abiding citizens everywhere will hunt you relentlessly, not stopping until you are brought to justice Dead or Alive! By surviving deadly gunfights and eluding pursuit with the help of your fellow outlaws your objective is to escape with your ill-gotten gains and live a life of luxury!

Author's Note: This is a little gift to the site to make up for the fact that The CYS Challenge isn't even a quarter finished yet and Magellan 5 is still in the planning stage. As always with my Edutainment stories it's about 90% true but events have been edited or simplified to make the story flow more easily and be more enjoyable. Incidentally my personal feelings about Jesse James and his companions is that history has been incredibly kind to men who shot defenseless people, stole the money of their countrymen and kept it all for themselves but the things he and others like Billy the Kid, John Dillinger et al did are so remarkable it's hard to keep from admiring their pure nerve :)

American Outlaws: The Wild Bunch

They were dueling Doolin-Dalton / High or low it was the same / Easy money and faithless women / Red eye whiskey for the pain.

Go down Bill Dalton, it must be God's will / Two brothers lying dead in Coffeyville / Two voices call you from where they stood / Lay down your law books now, they're no damn good.

Better keep on moving Doolin-Dalton / Till your shadow sets you free / If you're fast and if you're lucky / you will never see that hanging tree.

With a pistol in each hand, your horse's hooves drumming beneath you, the incessant bangs and whizzes of gunshots all around you, the shouts of angry men and the screams of the injured and dying ringing in your ears you roam the towns, plains and wilderness of the American Old West with your fellow outlaws: the daring Dalton boys, the King of the Oklahoma Outlaws Bill Doolin and all the other members of The Wild Bunch. Your mission is to get rich or die trying and if you are very clever and very lucky you might just live to enjoy your ill-gotten gains; if not... a weather-beaten cross in a dusty cemetery and your rusting pistol in a 21st century museum next to an old black and white photo of a bullet-riddled body will be your fate!

Author's Note: Following the (for me) surprisingly positive feedback on The James Gang I've decided to write the next story I had planned in that series, putting The CYS Challenge and Magellan 5 on hold for now. With a new cast of larger-than-life characters, more epic gunfights and daring robberies like it's predecessor this is the sort of story too unbelievable for fiction and absolutely incredible for being true! I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it :)

Battlefield Commander: Ancient Warfare
In this story game you become a commander from ancient times, leading your brave warriors into the greatest battles in history! Ranging from Ancient China to Carthage, Greece and Rome this story gives the reader the chance to command in over thirty battles in ten different campaigns to see if their decisions can win glory on the battlefield or merely consign themselves to an anonymous grave! The reader will fight alongside some of history's greatest commanders like Alexander the Great, Pyrrhus of Epirus and Bai Qi, the Human Butcher, in their quest to become the greatest general of them all! Let the fight begin! Author's Note: This is the long overdue and far more ambitious sequel The Trojan War, if it proves popular I will follow it with a sequel (or two) based, initially, on the rise and fall of Rome. I hope the reader enjoys the game aspect of this and good luck gaining the highest score possible! The Campaigns are best played in order and I've tried to include a mixture of countries and cultures in the selection of battles but naturally these are just my choices of ones I think might be interesting... :)

Battlefield Commander: The Trojan War

In this story game you become a commander from ancient times, leading your brave warriors into the greatest battles of history! Your decisions will determine whether you and your men live or die as you fight with and against the greatest and worst commanders the world has ever known! Let the fight begin!

Author's Note: This is basically a test story-game to see if I can figure out the mechanics of this site well enough to deliver a respectable war simulation...

Climbing Beyond The Clouds

Can you be the first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest?

Authors Note: My last Edutainment game, I promise! It is Fantasy, Modern Adventure and Puzzles all summer now :D

Featured Story Detective 1: Blacksea Island
The first in a new series of stories featuring the teenage amateur detective Susan Knox as the reader's character. Set in open world locations where the reader is free to choose where to look for clues, who to interview, what to ask and where the correct suspect, motive and murder method must be identified within a set time limit, this first story is set on the mysterious and notorious Blacksea Island whose history of insanity and death holds the secret to the unusual death of Knox's best friend...

I hope the reader enjoys my latest story.

Note: This story includes a few cases of naughty words (for example one of these words rhymes with "bunt", "punt" and "hunt" and isn't "runt") so those with delicate sensibilities, easily offended eyes or a nervous disposition should avoid this story to avoid mental distress, disorders or damaging derangements of dangerous and diabolical dimensions.

Finally I estimate this story would take roughly one hour to complete, give or take, and the reader might benefit from making notes or a map of the island, depending how good their memory is :)

HOW NOT TO WRITE- A Pokemon Adventure - Part 1 - Chapter I - Section A: The Beginning of the Start

Rule 1: Unless your story is at least 100 pages long you shouldn't divide it into parts and pay some attention to choosing the correct Maturity, Difficulty and Tags for your story.

As I happen to be on holiday for the first time in about 900 years I've managed to write a little story game offering some examples I've brainstormed or seen recently in badly-written stories of how not to write. Like it's older cousin, The Land of Bad Writing, this story uses examples of bad writing as a way of showing how not to write and I don't have any one story in mind particularly in writing this, just practitioners of bad writing in general.

I've decided to base this story on Pokemon for no other reason than the fact Fan Fiction requires less creativity than most other styles of writing and because Pokemon reminds me of when I was a little Will11 and I, my ten brothers (all coincidently called Will as well) and my nine sisters (the Wilmas 1 to 9) would gather behind the nuclear waste and anthrax testing facility in the woods outside our little trailer park called Asbetos to trade black market Pokemon cards for Plutonium with a mixture of Gypsies, Elves and the Dutch... basically I'm writing about Pokemon because I'm feeling a little Nostalgic today :D

(Rule 1.5: Don't write lengthy and pointless descriptions offering fake autobiographies to your readers).

Hunting the Alphabet Killer
The clues are always there, it is just a case of searching and thinking hard enough... Continuing my experimental grim and gritty approach to detective stories I've scribbled this real life mystery. Written in the style of Hunting the Ripper it is worth mentioning this story is based on true events and people (some of whom are still alive) with about 90% accuracy and as it concerns the hunt for a serial child killer and rapist obviously it is not suitable reading for some, though I have tried to deal tactfully with some of the more unpleasant subject matter. Disclaimer over. As always, thankyou for taking the time to read my stories.

Featured Story Hunting the Ripper

"Jack the Ripper is dead / Jack the Ripper is dead / He's lying on his bed / Bleeding through his head / Jack the Ripper is dead" - A Victorian Children's Skipping Rope Song.

Death stalks the fog-shrouded streets of London as prostitutes are killed and mutilated in the darkness of the night... As a Private Detective working alongside Scotland Yard you will be faced with the most challenging adversary of your career, a man who's very name has become a byword for terror: Jack the Ripper. Are you smart enough to catch him?

BEWARE: This game is 200+ pages long and will take about 30-60 minutes to read through. Do not read if operating heavy machinery, juggling chainsaws or entertaining small children.

Author's Note: This story will require some thinking and the reader might want to make notes, though with a bit of cleverness and logic readers should be able to correctly identify the real Ripper. About 95% of the information in this story is historically accurate.  Finally as you'd probably guess a story about hunting someone who killed and mutilated prostitutes is not a feel-good family comedy, if you are under 13 I don't recommend that you read this. Certainly do not google "Jack the Ripper victims" if you suffer from nightmares :D

Magellan 1: Race into the Great Unknown

For hundreds of years your people have lived on The Three Islands completely surrounded by a vast impenetrable reef. Scientific advances and large amounts of gunpowder has finally allowed your people to breach this reef in two places, making accessible for the first time a vast unexplored world beyond your country's borders. The ten greatest sea captains of The Three Islands have been summoned by the King to take part in a great race: to be the first to sail around an unexplored world!
You are one of these Captains and an exciting adventure into the unknown awaits you!

Author's Note: My first foray into Fantasy for teenage readers! Inspired by the incredible first voyage around the world by Ferdinand Magellan if this story isn't universally detested it will be the first of a five-part series of adventures! I hope you enjoy it and as always, thank you for taking the time to read the semi-literate scribbles I like to call my writing :)

Magellan 2: Fight for Beliefs

The Great Reef has been breached and your people are pouring out into a vast new world: a world of opportunities, adventure... and danger.

Explorers and traders establishing new colonies on the islands discovered by you and your fellow sea-farers have come into conflict with warlike and deadly Natives and blood has been shed. In response Queen Anne-Marie has assembled a vast War Fleet to sail out to meet with these Natives and establish land ownership by diplomacy or force. As a member of this great expedition you will travel once more into an unknown and dangerous world in the greatest undertaking in your people's history... do you have what it takes?

Author's Note: This story can be read by itself but useful background information is provided by reading Magellan 1: Race into the Great Unknown first. In an effort to try to respond to the feedback of readers I have specifically tried to create a greater interaction between the strong-willed and unique personalities of you and your fellow Captains and also changed the main character's name from Cleo to Leo to make him more... manly. I hope you enjoy reading this :)

Magellan 3: Journey to New Horizons

As you country continue to expand beyond the borders of the Great Reef into the largely unknown world of Magellan worrying news arrives: Tobias Cuthrew, the greatest sailor your people have known, has vanished while on a voyage of exploration into the West. Once more your hard-hearted monarch Queen Anne-Marie demands your services, this time to lead an expedition to find your missing comrade. But is there more to this mission that meets the eye?

Author's Note: As always thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my stories and a larger thank you to the CYOA community at large for giving me a reason to write them in the first place :) I have specifically tried to make this story less linear than the last, with four main story branches.

Magellan 4: Search for Original Ideas

Betrayed by your Queen and hunted by her allies the situation looks bleak for you and your small band of allies. But opposition to tyranny takes many forms and from small beginnings and a few great ideas is it possible you could gain the weapons you need to defeat your enemies while simultaneously protecting your defenseless allies from the vengeance of your foes? Requiring all your ingenuity you are about to embark on the greatest fight of your career!

Author's Note: This fourth installment of the series is a bit longer and more difficult than its predecessors but it ties up quite a few loose threads ready for a big finish in Magellan 5. Thanks for everyone's feedback and support so far! Please be aware teenage readers and those of a low maturity this story is a bit more X Rated than earlier stories in the series as the relationship between Leo and Naomi is... improving :). Homophobes should probably steer clear of this story too :)

Featured Story Mutiny on the Bounty
In 1787 the HMS Bounty left England with a crew of 46 men to sail to Tahiti, pick up breadfruit trees, transport them to colonies in Jamaica and return to England. This seemingly innocent voyage would result in an incredible series of events including a mutiny by murderous pirates, incredible open boat voyages, shipwrecks, bloody battles with natives, trials, executions and suffering that would leave most of the original crew dead. This is the true story of the Mutiny on the Bounty.

The Donner Party

In this story-game you become a member of the Donner Party.
The Donner Party were a group of about 90 men, women and children who tried traveling to their new homes in California by an unfamiliar route across the Salt Lake Desert of Utah and the Sierra Nevada Mountains but met with enough misfortunes and suffering to kill half the group and leave the remainder scarred for the rest of their lives...

The Land of Bad Writing

You knew you should not have eaten and drank so much on Christmas Day, a troubled sleep leads to a nightmare where you find yourself trapped in the worst place imaginable: The Land of Bad Writing! Will you ever escape?

Authors Note: I should point out I have assumed about twenty different author's voices to give the worst examples of bad writing as possible as a guide of how not to write. If you want to know what my usual style is like message me or read my other story-games. It is also worth pointing out this story-game isn't aimed at anyone's stories in particular but practitioners of bad writing in general.

The Lost Expedition (1)

You are a Victorian Adventurer, a man who explores dangerous places and does dangerous things for the thrill of it. Following your recent expeditions in Africa you have been invited to the island of Marco, recently claimed by the British Government. Landing in the port of Victoria on the east side of the island you soon learn why you are there: a party of fifty men led by a certain Captain Donovan have vanished on an exploration expedition into the unknown jungle interior.
Your assignment is to find him and learn what has befallen his men, though you will be lucky if you too do not vanish from sight and knowledge beneath those deadly trees...

Author's Note: As this is the first story game I will have posted I am only posting half of it while I get used to the scripting etc. If it is not universally despised I will post the sequel Donovan's Curse (2) as soon as I have written it.

The Lost Expedition (2)

You are a Victorian Adventurer, a man who explores dangerous places and does dangerous things for the thrill of it. Following a month of searching the deadly island of Marco you have found the remnants of the lost expedition of Captain William Donovan, a renegade officer who seems to enjoy his role as adopted chief of the local Yantu Natives. You and your men now find yourself at the mercy of these dangerous and war-loving warriors... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Author's Note: This is the sequel to The Lost Expedition (1), the first story-game I wrote on this site over two years ago, and my entry into the January 2017 Wilderness themed competition. I think everything I've done in these Lost Expedition stories I've done bigger and better in the Magellan stories but I'm glad Bucky's competition has given me the motivation to finish this little two-part adventure. To get the most out of this story I recommend you read The Lost Expedition (1), first, though this can be read as a stand-alone adventure.

The Screaming Skull
In this medium-length Whodunnit you assume the role of a professional Detective having to solve a crime with a difference: not only do you need to identify the perpetrator of a brutal and gruesome crime but you also need to identify the victim too... In this one I've deliberately gone for a more grim and gritty "true crime" sort of thing than my usual stories so if you suffer from a delicate nervous constitution or are just a bit of a wuss then probably this story is not for you :)

The Spanish Armada
The year is 1588. King Philip II, Catholic head of a vast Spanish Empire that stretches across the Americas and much of Europe, is poised to invade little England with a vast fleet of 130 ships and 55,000 men, only the little English fleet stands in his path... In this story you play the role of Martin Bertendona, one of the ten Squadron commanders in the Fleet. With deadly challenges and difficult decisions you will do well just to survive, let alone avoid the dangers of either capture or imprisonment in these dangerous times... This is my 20th story game, a personal milestone, but one of my shortest yet coming in at around 40 pages. It is not my entry for the 2019 competition, I am still working on that, just a little story I threw together when I had a few days off work combining my twin loves of history and people having unpleasant experiences at sea :D I hope you enjoy it.

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The Weekly Review – Edition 50 FEATURING Notable News! Announcement! Who’s Who: Saika, fergie14233, Miccy2000, Killa_Robot, Leora, Morgan_R and Chanbot / Ford! NOTABLE NEWS In Newbie Central Washed Potatoes joins the site! In the Lounge Mizal launches her brilliant Monthly Newsletter! In the Creative Corner Aesthetic Lama considers Art! In the Writing Workshop Wannabe Human asks if anyone wants to take an Eldritch Deity on a date! In the Stories Section Thomas La Homme publishes a great new story, Aphrodite’s Orphan! ANNOUNCEMENT This is the final edition of the Weekly Review. After 50 editions I think I have said more than enough here on the forums so I am going to take some time off to concentrate on reading and writing. If you are interested in seeing earlier versions of the Weekly Review StrykerL made a Lists Article in the Help and Info Section with links to the first 36 editions. I would strongly advocate members publishing their own newsletters, monthly newsletters seem a good idea, as suggested by Ford and Mizal to allow more time for both writing and gathering news; in fact the latter has recently produced a very good one. I think newsletters are an excellent way to share what's best about the site and contribute new things. Finally, it just remains for me to say thank you to everyone who took the time to read the Weekly Review over the years and gave feedback. You are all awesome. WHO’S WHO: SAIKA, FERGIE14233, MICCY2000, KILLA_ROBOT, LEORA, MORGAN_R AND CHANBOT / FORD 46: Saika Joined: 2017 Last Active: 2019 Top Stories: Various Notable For: Another site member who has come and gone Saika wrote two pretty good stories, did a little posting on the forums (in 2017) and took the time to read and rate most of the stories on the site (something anyone can do if they are willing to put in a few weeks of intensive reading). 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Great Article :)

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The Weekly Review – Edition 49 FEATURING Notable News! Featured Article: Writing Advice from the Best! Who’s Who: NinjaPitka, Urnam0, Anubis, Chris113022 and Orange! NOTABLE NEWS In Newbie Central jb9656, Stefilia, JustHere and Scout join the site! In the Lounge EndMaster reminds us there are some things worse than Coronavirus! In the Creative Corner MadHattersDaughter’s drawings (and Tim36D’s poem) are really worth checking out! In the Writing Workshop JustHere gets off to a promising start with his first CYOA! In the Stories Section NinjaPitka has written a great new story, Unbroken. FEATURED ARTICLE: Writing Advice from the Best! Over the years I have been lucky enough to receive some really good writing advice from interviews with some truly outstanding authors. Here, in the Review’s penultimate edition, I have to put together a collection of wise words from 25 different people on how to improve as a writer: “My advice to writers is to have more confidence in your work. There are tons of writers on this site that follow things up with ‘this is my first story, cut me some slack!’ or ‘please don’t judge my story!’. If you are too afraid to get constructive criticism on your story then you probably shouldn’t be writing stories in general.” – Appdude27 “Write constantly and take any criticism as a chance to improve. A lot of times you see the first story of an author, then you read the most recent and you can see a huge improvement. Everyone grows as a writer: it takes time and effort.” - Applegirl “Always make sure to flesh out your characters. To me, a story with a very basic plot and really interesting characters is preferable to a story with a really creative, intelligent plot but characters that are paper thin and only exist to move the story along” – Avery Moore / Briar Rose “For the love of all that is good if you like scripting then use the advanced editor and do not create a variable name in your story with on-page script.” - AzBaz “When writing out some of the choice paths in your game it can get overwhelming due to choices adding upon choices. How do you keep track of it all? I deal with that by notating in the Title of the Pages >>>>> with every page that needs finishing. I write one path all the way to the end and note any unfinished paths with >>>>> and then go back and work them through. Repeat until the entire story is done. The other piece of advice I’d give is to create your own test game to learn Scripting. Test things to see how they work then incorporate that into your real games. Start small and work up as your understanding expands. That’s why I wrote The King’s Logic Puzzle and Crab Arena: they were scripting study aids to what went into Dungeon Stompage!” – BerkaZerka “Use the Advanced Storygame Editor, do not use the Rich Text Editor. You’ll thank me later.” - BradinDvorak “Be way of distractions. If something is preventing you from completing something meaningful it is, by definition, a time-suck. Take chances. Seek feedback. Challenge yourself. One of my favourite quotes ever: ‘Your abilities will take you father than you can ever imagine. Don’t imagine then. Extend yourself!” – Bill Ingersoll “Your first story will probably suck but that’s okay. Don’t whine, cry, make excuses or bitch about it. Accept it. Learn from it. Use that knowledge to get a little better next time you write. If you can do that and have a little fun along the way then you’re having success.” – Bucky “Don’t give up. Even if you suck at writing just keep trying and eventually, you’ll get there. I’ve spent six years on this site and I’ve only become semi-competent in the last two and all because I kept trying and trying until *eventually* I got it right. Just having the willpower to keep going is all you really need, other than talent of course.” – Chris113022 “Occasionally I’ll give advice or encouragement to someone when I think I see the potential there or if someone asks me directly for advice. I prefer the one on one approach to advice.” - EndMaster “99% of authors could improve mechanistically. It doesn’t matter how great your ideas are if you can’t write competently. Please focus on your spelling and grammar.” – JJJ-thebanisher “Your first story will not be epic. Set an achievable goal, do everything (writing, ideas etc) but the editing yourself and aim for a 5 or 6. Even if the story is a flop you’ll learn enough to succeed on your next one and just finishing one will prove to yourself that you can do it. It’s a big confidence boost. For editing send out some PMs or make a thread AFTER the story is finished. Play the story through several times yourself as well. Do not publish it until at least one other person plays through it as well. Accept whatever constructive criticism you get.” – KillaRobot “Remember any good story takes time and you’ve got one hell of a community to help you.” - MinnieKing “If there was one piece of advice I wish I could get newbies here to follow it would be to write and write to their heart’s content but don’t publish unless they can honestly say their story represents their best efforts and certainly don’t publish within the first few days of joining the site.” – Mizal “Don’t think you’re going to write the next fantasy epic we’ve all been waiting for. Start small. Maintain a healthy balance of discipline and enjoyment. This isn’t homework. No one’s sending a report to your mum with your progress (although EndMaster may whisper it in her ear while your dad’s on business travel). If you find you don’t enjoy the writing process then quit. Come to terms with the fact that not everyone will like your work and that you have to sacrifice something else in order to finish a story. There’s always an opportunity cost. You just have to decide if it’s worth it.” - Ninjapitka “Write! No really, just write! It is important to try. I know many, many authors who are so invested in their stories that they will never publish them. In many cases, they will take criticism personally and don’t want to subject themselves to that. Here is a secret: someone is going to hate what you write, no matter how good it is. Don’t write total crap but do write and let other people see what you’re writing. You might be surprised how much some people will like it.” – Ogre11 “There is no rush to show off your first story. Demos and chapters are unnecessary. If it’s not complete I see no reason for it to be published. I get that people are excited about showing off the first part of their amazing new story but there’s really no need to do so. If it’s not finished don’t publish it. Simple as that, besides that, if people want opinions on their stories the Writing Workshop is a great place to post a link and ask for thoughts and criticism and you won’t have to publish it and get bad comments about not putting up demos.” – Seto “For new authors I suggest writing what you want to read. If you don’t like what you’re writing why should anybody else? Start with small goals and make bigger ones as you meet those small goals. Build yourself up achievement wise otherwise you’ll set a too big goal and not meet it then that becomes the norm. Also, learn to take criticism. I know it’s hard to hear someone criticize a story that you put your heart and soul into but you’ll be a better author for it. Take the criticism and advice, learn from it and grow as a person. Also, read lots of books.” – Simplesabley. “I find that usually passion is what makes a story good. Write when you have passion for your story, avoid forcing yourself through it when you don’t.” – SindriV “I know everyone has to start somewhere but it is annoying when new writers put out unfinished work claiming it’s the first “chapter” of an epic saga that’s definitely going to be written, then they act immune to any criticism of any kind and then just consistently keep making terrible stuff while ignoring criticism.” – Steve24833 “Start small and don’t be shy to ask for help. To quote Bruce Lee ‘I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.’ Focus on one story at a time and write it well instead of opening ten and finishing none.” - StrykerL “For anyone that is new, try your best. Set goals for yourself here and hold yourself to personal commitments for you to surpass, like a daily quota of stories to read or maybe a daily quota of anything really.” – TharaApples “Try to write for an hour a day and don’t get demoralized and abandon a project halfway through.” – TheWriterInTheDark “If you are going to write take your time – read the Featured Stories, the Help and Info Articles and make sure your story is the best it can be before you publish.” – Will11 “Work hard in your endeavours and keep going when you get stuck.” - Zaghero WHO’S WHO: NINJAPITKA, URNAM0, ANUBIS, CHRIS113022 AND ORANGE! 41: NinjaPitka Joined: 2018 Last Active: Currently Active Top Stories: The Sanguine and Blackbeard’s Cutlass (Edutainment) and Twin Arrows (Everything Else) Notable For: Like Simplesabley this is an author I have a lot of respect for both as a writer and a person: every story he has written is well worth reading and on the forums, he is a smart and welcome presence. Though relatively new this promising author is already making mark on the site with high quality stories, reviews, posts etc and if you haven’t checked out his stories, particularly his newest story Unbroken, I would definitely recommend that you do. 42: Urnam0 Joined: 2009 Last Active: Currently Active Top Stories: Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (Fan Fiction) Notable For: Urnam0 is one of the site’s older members who still pops up from time to time (though he hasn’t really been “active” since 2018). Another keen fan of the daily point feature Urnam is a pretty good author whose Carmen Sandiego story is one of the longest featured stories on the site and whose two other stories are actually pretty good and definitely worth a read. Hopefully Urnam, like many other former site members, will resume a more active role on the site in the future. 43: Anubis Joined: 2006 Last Active: 2010 Top Stories: Various Notable For: I am fairly confident that everyone reading this has never heard of this guy but as one of the first generation site members (his profile page is effectively a snapshot of the 2000’s), he wrote a few decent stories, posted prolifically in the forums, rated stories enthusiastically and, inevitably, milked the daily point feature to build up his points in a way that is no longer possible now, thereby earning his place in this little review of notable site members, past and present. 44: Chris113022 Joined: 2014 Last Active: Currently Active Top Stories: Dark Nights (Fan Fiction) and When the Music’s Over… (Fantasy) Notable For: Chris is a site member who has clearly steadily improved with time and really developed his writing skills to quite a high level. Chris is now the author of seven stories, thousands of forum posts and his reading and reviewing of existing stories on the site has clearly affected and helped improve his skills as an author. A great guy (for a Warden) it is nice to see his writing skills get better and better with every year. 45: Orange Joined: 2016 Last Active: Currently Active Top Stories: Various Notable For: Orange has been a regular (though fairly quiet these days) member of the site for the last few years, particularly on the forums where she has indulged in her taste for poetry. An author of six pretty good stories (check them out!) this member is also one of the few to read and rate practically all the stories on the site. Hopefully Orange will come back and get a bit active again (tag her in the Coronavirus Thread?) in the near future. CONCLUDING CREDITS Notable News: jb9656, Stefilia, JustHere, Scout, EndMaster, MadHattersDaughter, Tim36D and Ninjapitka. Featured Article: Appdude27, Applegirl, Avery Moore / Briar Rose, AzBaz, BerkaZerka, BradinDvorak, Bill_Ingersoll, Bucky, Chris113022, EndMaster, JJJ-thebanisher, KillaRobot, MinnieKing, Mizal, Ninjapitka, Ogre11, Seto, Simplesabley, SindriV, Steve24833, StrykerL, TharaApples, TheWriterInTheDark, Will11 and Zaghero. Who’s Who: NinjaPitka, Urnam0, Anubis, Chris113022 and Orange!

Roll of Honour - 25 March 2020 on 3/25/2020 1:04:14 AM
This is it for a while with this. I might pick this thing up again in the future or I might just leave it. If you are interested, Commendations can be checked in the Help and Info Section in About Us by clicking on the Architects, Marauder, Sages and Wardens links. There isn’t any way of measuring members’ points like the Points League but if the Moderators were interested it would be a fairly easy thing to implement. As always, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Roll of Honour - 25 March 2020 on 3/25/2020 1:03:20 AM
ROLL OF HONOUR – 25 MARCH 2020: COURT OF COMMENDATIONS The Nobles King EndMaster, Immortal Exemplar amongst the Marauders (1,488 Commendations) Prince Steve24833, Ordained Exemplar amongst the Sages (902 Commendations) Duke BerkaZerka, Lauded Exemplar amongst the Sages (844 Commendations) Marquis SindriV, Sovereign Exemplar amongst the Wardens (730 Commendations) Earl Ogre11, Pre-Eminent Exemplar amongst the Architects (696 Commendations) Viscountess Mizal, Lauded Exemplar amongst the Sages (444 Commendations) Baron Bill_Ingersoll, Esteemed amongst the Architects (411 Commendations) Count Will11, Esteemed Exemplar amongst the Architects (400 Commendations) Chamberlain Gower, Notorious Exemplar amongst the Marauders (372 Commendations) Captain Ninjapitka, Notorious amongst the Marauders (277 Commendations) The Knights Sir Crescentstar, Esteemed Exemplar amongst the Architects (222 Commendations) Sir Killa_Robot, Esteemed Exemplar amongst the Architects (215 Commendations) Sir WouldntItBeNice, Notorious amongst the Marauders (205 Commendations) Sir MinnieKing, Lauded amongst the Sages (204 Commendations) Sir Pugpup1, Infrangible Exemplar amongst the Wardens (199 Commendations) Sir Azbaz, Infrangible amongst the Wardens (185 Commendations) Lady TharaApples, Lauded amongst the Sages (184 Commendations) Sir EbonVasilis, Exemplar amongst the Architects (165 Commendations) Sir Chris113022, Infrangible amongst the Wardens (164 Commendations) Sir Simplesabley, Notorious Exemplar amongst the Marauders (164 Commendations) Honourable Mentions Apprentice AppDude27, Exemplar amongst the Sages (159 Commendations) Apprentice Solostrike, amongst the Marauders (140 Commendations) Apprentice TSMPaul, Exemplar amongst the Marauders (140 Commendations) Apprentice Avery_Moore, Exemplar amongst the Marauders (137 Commendations) Apprentice casmith, Exemplar amongst the Marauders (136 Commendations) Apprentice TheWriterInTheDark, Exemplar amongst the Marauders (128 Commendations) Apprentice Cricket, amongst the Architects (118 Commendations) Apprentice Cameleon, amongst the Architects (117 Commendations) Apprentice StrykerL, amongst the Sages (117 Commendations) Apprentice Romulus, Infrangible Exemplar amongst the Wardens (112 Commendations) Apprentice FeanorOnForge, Exemplar amongst the Marauders (111 Commendations) THE POINTS LEAGUE 0: The Gods Alexp, BerkaZerka, Chocobot, Cysid, EndMaster, Madglee and March5th00 (Infinite Points) 1: The Grandmaster of the Written Word Ogre11 (5,861 Points) 2: The Grandmaster of the Written Word JJJ-thebanisher (5,848 Points). 3: The Grandmaster of the Written Word TheNewIAP (5,223 Points) 4: The Grandmaster of the Written Word Mizal (4,935 Points). 5: The Grandmaster of the Written Word Will11 (4,659 Points) 6: The Master Scrivener TharaApples (3,986 Points) 7: The Master Scrivener Fleshnblood_78 (3,895 Points) 8: The Master Scrivener Reverencia (3,655 Points) 9: The Master Scrivener Sethaniel (3,559 Points) 10: The Master Scrivener Seto (3,387 Points) 11: The Master Scrivener Gower (3,336 Points) 12: The Master Scrivener MadHattersDaughter (3,113 Points) 13: The Master Scrivener Kumquat (3,076 Points) 14: The Master Scrivener Solostrike (3,025 Points). 15: The Expert Scrivener BradinDvorak (2,980 Points) 16: The Expert Scrivener October (2,802 Points) 17: The Expert Scrivener Steve24833 (2,783 Points) 18: The Expert Scrivener Avery_Moore (2,735 Points) 19: The Expert Scrivener Bucky (2,717 Points) 20: The Expert Scrivener Romulus (2,632 Points) 21: The Expert Scrivener WouldntItBeNice (2,595 Points) 22: The Expert Scrivener Cricket (2,500 Points) 23: The Journeyman Scrivener MinnieKing (2,224 Points) 24: The Journeyman Scrivener Tanstaafl (2,135 Points) 25: The Journeyman Scrivener simplesabley (2,010 Points) 26: The Apprentice Scrivener Mayana (1,970 Points) 28: The Apprentice Scrivener TSMPaul (1,865 Points) 29: The Apprentice Scrivener Rommel (1,840 Points) 30: The Apprentice Scrivener Havacoman (1,808 Points) 31: The Apprentice Scrivener Bill_Ingersoll (1,752 Points) 32: The Apprentice Scrivener ISentinelPenguinI (1,708 Points) 33: The Apprentice Scrivener RobustSporadic (1,674 Points) 34: The Apprentice Scrivener SindriV (1,666 Points) 35: The Apprentice Scrivener JMgSkills (1,586 Points) 36: The Apprentice Scrivener ninjapitka (1,578 Points) 37: The Apprentice Scrivener urnam0 (1,569 Points) 38: The Apprentice Scrivener Anubis (1,546 Points) 39: The Apprentice Scrivener Chris113022 (1,536 Points) 40: The Novelist Orange (1,505 Points) 41: The Novelist Saika (1,482 Points) 42: The Novelist fergie14233 (1,418 Points) 43: The Novelist Miccy2000 (1,311 Points) 44: The Novelist Killa_Robot (1,308 Points) 45: The Novelist Leora (1,244 Points) 46: The Novelist Morgan_R (1,045 Points)

Scenarios on 3/24/2020 10:22:34 PM
I laugh at the burglar because someone else seems to have taken all the stuff in my home except a book, a phone and a slice of pizza. :)

The Weekly Review - Edition 48 on 3/23/2020 9:48:16 PM
Yeah, I saw that and it is quite good :D It is a shame that not many people are reading, rating and reviewing the stories people have taken the time to write and post on here while at the same time the forums are buzzing with chat; that must definitely discourage new story contributions. Part of what I am trying to do with these last few editions of the review is identify and recognize people who have made big contributions to the site, both inside and outside of the forum :) Some of them, like you and End, are currently active so are well known but I also want to shine a brief light on the not so well known :D The Points League is also meant to be (an admittedly not terribly successful) way of encouraging people to get commendations and points which can best be earnt by contributions to the site :)

The Weekly Review - Edition 48 on 3/22/2020 9:13:56 PM
Yeah, this site has attracted some weird and wonderful people over the years :) And thanks Ogre!

The Weekly Review - Edition 48 on 3/21/2020 11:08:37 PM
Really? I remember everyone getting really excited whenever Quiller was going to write something and saying how good an author he was? And yes, the idea came from Owl Creek Bridge and also some horror shows I've been watching lately where the same thing happens :)

The Weekly Review - Edition 48 on 3/21/2020 8:03:32 PM
The Weekly Review – Edition 48 FEATURING Notable News! Featured Short Story: The Coronavirus! Who’s Who: Bill_Ingersoll, ISentinelPenguinI, RobustSporadic, SindriV and JMGSkills! NOTABLE NEWS In Newbie Central BraveHermit, Desertfox, West_0912 and ImpiriTonggali join the site while Tonyflamingo has some sort of bizarre meltdown! In the Lounge Mizal’s Outbreak Fever Thread is helping people through this tricky time! In the Creative Corner Mizal’s inspired Corona Tag leads to a lot of great writing! In the Writing Workshop Berka reports excellent progress on writing his newest story! FEATURED SHORT STORY: THE CORONAVIRUS Last week I wrote this short story for Mizal’s inspired Coronavirus Tag: it is about three pages long in Word and would take about 5 minutes to read: The Coronavirus “I am sorry, there is nothing that we can do.” The doctor shook his head and picked up the syringe. It was filled with a clear liquid. The doctor tapped it lightly to dislodge microscopic bubbles and then turned to smile at the patient bound to the bed. “It is quite effective, do not worry. It is quick and it is painless. You will not feel a thing. It is just like going to sleep.” “You can’t do this! I told you, just put me in isolation. That’s what you did with all the others who had the coronavirus wasn’t it? You just put them in quarantine for a few weeks and they recovered. I can do the same!” The doctor sighed and pushed his spectacles up his nose. “You are not the same as them. They followed the rules quietly and without a fuss. You have been criticizing the government of our country to every person you know and many people you have never even met. You have been bad-mouthing us on Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and you sent emails to every single person in your contact list claiming we are lying about the death toll. Did you not realize that we monitor all the technology in this country, that you only get the internet because of our satellites?” “But you are lying about the death tolls! You are pretending things are better than they are.” The doctor sighed. “Of course, we are. Every country is. People are scared already, why add to the panic? You saw what happened to the stock market, to the tourism and hospitality industries. If we told the truth the panic would be worse. It is nice to be truthful in theory but in the real world we have to be practical.” “But you can’t kill me for telling people the truth!” The doctor looked mildly puzzled. “Why on earth would you think that? You have the virus already. We just say your case was fatal. Actually, to tell you something that I should not, though I do not suppose that it matters, this virus has been a wonderful opportunity to silence most of our most vocal political and civilian critics in this country. Really, in the long run this is a great thing for us. Anyway, I would love to talk some more but I am afraid I have another six coronavirus cases to make fatal this morning so with no further ado…” The doctor stepped towards the patient, raised the syringe and the patient closed his eyes. ******************************************************************************************* Suddenly the patient’s arm broke free from its strap, his right hand grabbed the doctor’s crotch and twisted hard. With a silent gasp of pain the doctor dropped the syringe and doubled up clutching his groin as the patient’s second arm broke free from the straps. Moving quickly the patient jumped to the floor, snatched up the syringe, stuck it into the back of the doctor’s neck and emptied the contents into his blood system. The doctor was right: it killed instantly. Moments later, breathing deeply, the patient stared down at the body at his feet and then quickly began pulling off the doctor’s jacket and trousers. Pulling them over his own clothes he hastily did up the buttons and helped himself to the doctor’s shoes as well. Checking himself in the mirror in the bathroom he splashed water on his face and smoothed back his head to try and bring himself calm. With a deep breath he pushed open the door and stepped into the corridor. “Doctor?” A nurse was calling him from a doorway across the corridor. “Doctor, our own consultant has been stuck in an interrogation on Floor 3. Could you deal with our two patients for us?” She held up a tray on which lay two syringes. The patient stared at her and glanced left to see two armed soldiers standing either side of an exit at the end of the corridor. They were guarding the door and watching him without emotion. Swallowing the “doctor” nodded and followed the nurse into her room. Two men lay on the beds before them. One was unconscious, his face covered in sweat and his breathing laboured. The other patient, an older man, was awake and watched him nervously. Picking up a syringe the patient took a deep breath, stuck it into the first man’s arm and emptied the contents. A second later the man’s breathing stopped. Laying the empty syringe back on the nurse’s tray the patient slowly picked up the second syringe. Sweat trickled down his forehead. He approached the second man on the bed who stared back at him with fear in his eyes. The nurse came to stand next to him, her eyes alive with excitement. “You don’t have to do this,” the man on the bed said. Turning quickly the patient stuck the second syringe into the nurse’s arm and emptied the contents. He caught the woman as she fell and lay her gently on the floor. The man on the bed breathed a deep sigh of relief as the “doctor” straightened up and put a finger to his lips indicating silence. Heart thudding crazily the patient turned and walked back to the door, checking his reflection in a mirror on the way. With a final sigh he pushed it open. He walked swiftly down the corridor towards the exit. The soldiers standing either side hadn’t moved, their rifles remained held diagonally across their chests. They watched him unemotionally as he approached, stretched out a hand and turned the handle. The door swung open and a blast of cold wind from the outside ruffled his clothes. The patient stole a last glimpse at the soldiers out of the corner of his eyes but they stood as still as statues, as though they had always been standing there since the beginning of time. The patient raised a foot to step outside but as he walked forward the exit seemed to shrink away from him. He walked quicker and then began to run but the door zoomed away from him and suddenly he was hurtling back down the corridor, back through the door into his room and back into his bed. The straps rebound themselves around his wrists and the doctor rose back up off the floor to stand over him, syringe held aloft and ready. ******************************************************************************************* The patient opened his eyes. He had never left the bed. He had never escaped the room. He had never reached the exit. A mere second of imagination had passed. The doctor jabbed the syringe into the patient’s arm, injected the contents into his blood stream, straightened up, checked the time and left the room to continue his rounds. WHO’S WHO: BILL_INGERSOLL, ISENTINELPENGUINI, ROBUSTSPORADIC, SINDRIV AND JMGSKILLS! 36: Bill_Ingersoll Joined: 2019 Last Active: Currently Active Top Stories: Secret of the Grass Planet (Science Fiction) and Woban Island (Fan Fiction) Notable For: One of the site’s newer members Bill is a gifted and prolific author and one of the few known site members whose writing talent has been used in the “real world”, having authored or co-authored thirteen published books. Needless to say, he knows all the ins and outs of writing and is a particularly effective reviewer, a lively forum presence and an excellent author, particularly of horror or science-fiction stories. 37: ISentinelPenguinI Joined: 2013 Last Active: Currently Active Top Stories: Various Notable For: The Penguin is a site member that defies easy description. In the words of the Sorting Hat “There’s talent there” but his writing style is particularly unique (for a sample, see his profile page) and often hilarious. ISentinelPenguinI has been around for seven years, livening up the forums with his always-interesting posts, though oddly his writing talent has rarely expressed itself in cys form (perhaps the genre is too limiting?). Like End, a genuinely awesome character. 38: RobustSporadic Joined: 2012 Last Active: 2018 Top Stories: Various Notable For: Another of the gone-but-worth-mentioning site members who apparently was only really active for the first year after he joined. He put in quite a first year though, milking the daily point feature like a boss, rating all the stories on the site, writing an ok story game and putting in occasional forum appearances, all the while developing his English as a second language. Not bad contributions considering. 39: SindriV Joined: 2011 Last Active: Currently Active Top Stories: Homo Pefectus 7 (Science Fiction) Notable For: SindriV is another of the site’s best, though perhaps not-so-well-known authors whose Homo Perfectus series is undoubtably the best series of cys stories on this site, particularly Homo Perfectus 8 which was, for a long time, the only 8/8 rated story on the site. A fairly quiet guy Sindri’s writing ability and his skill with using the variables and item features on this site have led to his host of trophies, points, commendations and position as number one Warden by quite a long way. 40: JMGSkills Joined: 2011 Last Active: 2014 Top Stories: Notable For: Another vanished site member in his three years on the site JMG published a nine-part Star Wars series and a four-part Blackwood series. All have been unpublished as he’s moved onto other things and he is one of the few members who basically took everything with them when they left the site (Seth and Kiel are two others). Still, he did a lot of writing and reviewing when he was here and deserves a mention. CONCLUDING CREDITS Notable News: BraveHermit, Desertfox, West_0912, ImpiriTonggali and Tonyflamingo. Who’s Who: Bill_Ingersoll, ISentinelPenguinI, RobustSporadic, SindriV and JMGSkills.