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Typewriter Cat's Drawing Thread on 1/14/2023 12:37:56 PM
Thanks a lot!

Typewriter Cat's Drawing Thread on 1/14/2023 11:25:31 AM
All right, take your time. On the photo, it's good, but I'd prefer this:

Typewriter Cat's Drawing Thread on 1/14/2023 10:29:02 AM
I don't know if this is still going, but, if it is, I'd like you to draw a profile picture for me. The main idea is the face of Tom Bombadil from LOTR but with a different hair color or something of the sort.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest 2 on 1/14/2023 8:41:01 AM
Lock me in for 17. I'm new, so I don't know if I can even participate, but, whatever.

Hello everyone! on 1/14/2023 8:23:30 AM
Hi, I'm Larry Bombadil, Tom Bombadil's brother, and I'm new here. Don't really know how all of this works but I'll be trying my best at putting out interesting stuff.