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(12-25-12) Wow, it's been a while. I probably won't make another story for a long time, I'm too busy with music production! ;) Hey guys, for some reason I can't post messages on this site, so reach me at sudano16(at)! Hi, my real name is CJ and I like to make CYOA stories, obviously. I like to make in-depth stories where you have lots of choices at any given time, useless or not. Usually, in my stories, some seemingly uncouth choices may lead to uncovering an Easter Egg or important link to the story you may not find anywhere else. That's my goal, to make you want to make certain paths and use them to your advantage. I intend to make you feel like you've read a worthwhile story and have gotten something from it. Even if you feel like the story wasn't worth your dedicated time, that's okay. You can use that feeling to help me improve and make the next tale an exuberant one. I currently live in California and am 16 years of age. Hopefully this ensues that young adults can make great feats (even if they are text-based web-tales). Why don't you take a look at my stories so far?

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DELTA II: First Strike (Demo)
This is a demo of DELTA II: First Strike. You start off a scientist at DELTA HQ few days before the Kolvian crisis and must use your knowledge to make a secret super weapon to end the threat. Remember, this is not a finished product and will be taken down by 7/9/12 2:00 PST (5:00 ET). I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to give me some feedback!

DELTA: The Beginning
DELTA Operative Colbin McCallahan is dropped into his first mission in Kolvia. You must stop the terrorist threat before they take over the world. Don't be fooled by the short storyline! There are multiple storylines that branch out just by making a simple mistake.

Suburban Tales: On the Inside
You are a young man whose parents have been on vacation for a long time and is on his own inside his house. Take the reins and see where they take you. Will you be a good boy and stay home or go out with your buddies and egg someone's house? It's all up to you with 3 endings to this simple, but enticing story. (READ: Update: This is just a beta of the story, it's not finished! So if certian things don't make sense, you have been warned!) P.S. This is my first story, so tell me what type of action you want to see in later titles! :)