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Specific effect of a variable on 8/10/2021 11:39:25 AM
Better responces to what?

Specific effect of a variable on 8/10/2021 11:36:36 AM
I am confused, am I missing something?

Specific effect of a variable on 8/10/2021 11:29:34 AM
im sorry?

Specific effect of a variable on 8/10/2021 11:05:00 AM
I have uploaded images to my account I just don't know how to put them into the page on the story unless its an item picture

Specific effect of a variable on 8/10/2021 11:03:39 AM
Hi Ogre, Thank you for that information, it seems there are a few ways to do it, and some suggestions not to do it at all however, I am still learning alot of about what can and cant be done so playing around with all options is helping me.

Specific effect of a variable on 8/10/2021 9:48:34 AM
Hi Zake, Thanks for that detailed explaination when I understand scripting more I think that is going to help me alot lol. I think for the time being I will go with your first bit of advice and then look into scripting more but it does seem that would be the way to go really. I don't suppose you know how to add pictures into the story do you? not as in pictures related to items, I mean like to show what the enemy might look like when you bump into it etc.

Specific effect of a variable on 8/10/2021 7:59:26 AM
I might have just answered my own question but I guess I could have the new weapon subtract the variable points of the old weapon and add the points of the new one. Would I be right?

Specific effect of being retarded on 8/10/2021 7:44:50 AM
Hi lovely people, I am hoping what I am about to ask can be done however I am stuck but still wonder if it is possible. Can you make an item in your inventory add a value to a variable until the item is dropped? (maybe if I explain a bit better it may help.. so I am trying to add a weapon into the game which gets picked up and added into my inventory because I understand that it cant be added to an equipment page so it will need to stay in my inventory. This weapon will add 2 attack points to me characters attack and I have created a variable already, the attack is used to be made to have a higher chance of hit rate so later in the game a better weapon will be found with a better attack point rate. so the weaker weapon will be dropped and I would like the points that are added to the variable dropped off and the new weapon points to add to the variable instead). I hope this made sense