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MSc Project - Choose Your Own Adventure Story on 3/9/2022 11:55:32 AM
Made with Quest as well as hosted. Yea, I didn't realise how little use the site had until I was too far down the road in development. Once I've finally got the dissertation done I might try to recreate it with all the feedback I've had so far taken onboard. Thanks so much for agreeing to take the time to do it! The more feedback the better :)

MSc Project - Choose Your Own Adventure Story on 3/8/2022 11:39:36 AM
Hi All, I hope this is ok to post, I know it's not on your platform, so please feel free to remove if it's not ok. As part of my MSc in Science Communication and Public Engagement, I've created a Choose Your Own Adventure story. It's been made to help educate people on biobanks, whilst hopefully allowing people to have some fun on the way! I'd really appreciate you guys giving it a go and filling in the feedback form at the end. Please note: It's best played on laptops/PCs and if left alone for too long it will time out, so best completed in one sitting. Dependent on choices made it should take 25-45 minutes. http://textadventures.co.uk/games/view/yji25m1l3e_yyi4vhovigq/whats-in-a-biobank Please feel free to ask me about anything you want if you have questions. I really do appreciate any time you can give. Thanks, Rachel