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Broken Dreams: The Awakening (Chapter One)

Thank you for taking the time to check out my story. Broken Dreams is a Fantasy Adventure centered around a young man awakening to a world where magic, demons, and all manner of storybook affairs are common occurrences.

The Main character of this story is Richard Martens, usually referred to as "Rick" by those who know him. A glass-half-full kind of guy while still trying to find the bugger who drank half his soda. He is intelligent, cold-blooded, spontaneous, caring... well, he's a bit of everything, depending on what you feel like making him.

The first chapter will be about his arrival in this new world, and how he chooses to adapt to the sudden change. From there the story will be what you make of it.

Please note:

Some parts will have lots of text, as I will do my best to "Paint a Picture" with my words, to better allow you to see the world through his eyes.

Did you hear that?

Welcome to another survival game. Since this is my first game, I will try to keep the choices as simple and realistic as possible. Sudden deaths will be easy to avoid, but slow and painful deaths are easy to come by. See how far you can make it, or how far you're able to help someone else along.

Infection Vector

The World:

During the final days of the year 2014, a virus was spread around the world that would later be named Xeno-Oblitea-Malfease Biological Ethegenicide by the discovering scientist (a young lab techie with a sense of humor), more commonly referred to as the Xombie virus. The initial spread of this virus was almost instantaneous, it took over cancer cells and sped up growth patterns at alarming rates. At first, cancer patients would simply show signs of swelling, then organ failure, and eventually death. Within the first hour of death, most victims of the virus showed signs of life, movement of the limbs, vocal emissions, and even some sitting up. Needless to say, they rose, and attacked, and life fell apart. Unlike in the movies, the Xombies didn't seem to need to eat, they didn't really stumble around most of the time, and they seemed only intent on infecting as many people and animals as possible.

The Story:

We start at the initial outbreak with Daniel Baker, a college student returning home by bus to visit his parents for Christmas. It's the 23rd, and he had set plans to visit some old friends before returning home, little did he know, home would be further away than he knew.

Authors Notes:

Living in Ever After


My Little Pony: Friendship is Mastery


Remembering Sunday

Waking up on Monday is always hard, but when you can't remember what you did the previous day and find a gun in your hands, it makes you want to just sleep forever.

You wake up in your room to the sound of your alarm clock, it's 7:30am, and the first thing you notice if the heavy object in your hand. You lift it up to inspect it, only to find a gun duct-taped to your hand. What the hell happened last night?

Welcome to Guam: A Zombie Survival Role Play

Welcome to Guam. You have been living on this little tropical island in the middle of the Ocean for your entire life. The laid-back pace of life has been with you since the as long as you can remember. Your parents are loving, strict, and a little too much for you to handle on most days, but they raised you well, and you're thankful that you weren't born in a less functional family. You are the average, everyday, ordinary student, halfway through university. Living in an apartment complex with a few friends, and a few strangers. Life is easy... was easy. Life was good. Life before everything changed.