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Hello all on 6/20/2024 5:49:23 PM
One I'm currently running is Vaesen. It's a horror game based on Scandinavian folklore, very monster of the week and a lot of fun if you enjoy mystery.

Hello all on 6/16/2024 8:34:13 PM
Danganronpa is great! I played all of the main games, and now I'm just waiting for their new title Rain Code to make it to PC.

Hello all on 6/16/2024 1:32:56 AM
I think my favorite would have to be The House in Fata Morgana, then Zero Escape 999. I also recently played 1000xResist which was interesting but that one is more of a walking simulator type game.

Future CYS Game Sign Up on 6/15/2024 11:16:05 AM
Sleeping Gods and Escape the Dark Castle sound interesting.

Hello all on 6/14/2024 2:09:12 PM
Hi everyone, I'm Rowan. I stumbled across this site the other day while looking for story games to play. This place reminds me a lot of the small community forums that used to be around back in the day. I'm a big fan of visual novels and tabletop games so it's cool to find something similar. There seems to be a good vibe here. I hope to stick around and maybe even do some writing. Nice to meet you.