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Monday Night WRITING Questionnaire on 10/18/2023 3:03:41 PM
Real people do not say things that contribute to a plot in interesting or intelligent ways.

Piecing together old plots on 10/18/2023 12:10:02 PM
Has anyone else ever stumbled across old plot notes, and had the weird feeling reading them like trying to remember a dream? I'm struggling to piece together what was going to be an epic trilogy, and thanks to what I did write down there's a few vivid images that come to mind now that I'm reminded of them, but I know they're just disconnected fragments of the whole. It's very frustrating because I can ALMOST remember enough to make it all fall in place, but there's big gaps on things I know are important.

Israel-Hamas War (Again) on 10/18/2023 11:47:13 AM
They should make the UK take in the refugees. I know it's too late to point fingers when it was that long ago, but they're still the ones who did the thing that couldn't lead anywhere else but to one side killing the other.

Let Robots Do the Writing on 9/4/2022 6:43:00 PM
If you're still doing this, there should be a meteor shower that is an omen of something important, and a sword forged from the ore found inside of one.

Let Robots Do the Writing on 9/4/2022 6:39:07 PM
There was this Mormon girl in some of my classes ego made a big deal about how she couldn't drink coffee because of the caffeine.... but then she would drink Dr. Pepper. We told her that had caffeine to and she tried to play dumb and pretend like she didn't know that until we showed her what the label said. And then she just waved it off as not mattering because she'd always drank it and it was "fine". That just was so weird, like a Jewish person horking down bacon every morning while refusing to eat ham. She was pretty weird in other ways to, very snobby white attitude and wore turtle necks.

Government poll on 9/4/2022 6:23:46 PM
There's at least one mod that doesn't want things getting "too political" since a thread I made during the last election was deleted.

Government poll on 9/4/2022 6:22:19 PM
My answer is actually pretty boring so I was waiting for some funnier CYStian ones to trickle in. And thank you mizal for tirelessly policing the thread for foreign contaminants. What I would do first of all is completely remove the terms "Republican" or "Democrat" from all political discourse, they are both infantile labels that make vast numbers of lazy and retarded people not have to do any thinking. Everyone looking for votes would have to present themselves solely as themselves and the issues they cared about. Any person wishing to vote would then have to pass a basic class, the sort of thing a literate 8th grader should be able to understand, on critical thinking, checks and balances, ethics, the basic function of the legal system, human rights, and this will include a written essay portion where they have to be able to express three issues that are important to them and why, and what it means to them to be an American. The test will be available in whichever language they prefer and take disabilities into account of course, all the same rules that already exist for things like communicating medical information. This test has to be passed at one point in everyone's life but can easily be folded into school and church programs. I think by this it should be obvious that I consider the main problem too be an educational one, but I really do think it's a sign of mental illness how people are allowed to vote and create their entire delusional world views based on something they saw on social media and did not attempt to verify. People who are so intentionally stupid or just lazy have no business involving themselves in things that effect the rest of us. Furthermore, everyone physically able to would need to put in 80 hours of community service or else donate $1000 to be used for local infrastructure. Rich or poor, you have to give SOMETHING to your community to be considered a part of it. I would also reserve the right to change things again in another 25 years, once there's been time to see how this has all played out and if things have improved. If things haven't improved or have gotten worse, at that point I probably would just crown myself emporer for life and start mass executing the problem people to be honest. You all had your chance.

Government poll on 9/2/2022 8:49:41 AM
Hi CYS, just a random question for the site. If a genie appeared and told you you could alter the US election system to be run however you wanted, what changes would you make? Or if you're from somewhere else this can apply to your own country. The only thing I'm not interested in is people who don't live in the US trying to eurosplain at the thread how it should work. Remember this is just a fun thread too and if you get in a real political argument or get mad, you're retarded.

Corgi's Contest: Lords of the Land II on 2/16/2022 8:43:30 AM
It is time to break the cycle.

Rising Honor on 6/29/2021 12:08:11 AM
This all looks amazing! Makes me wish I could learn to code...