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My favorite genre of games are CYOA's. That's why i joined, babeh!

Oh snap, you found my secret! Well hidden, isn't it? Anyway, just PM me that you found my secret and i will give you something juicy! ok? OK! (Update: I won't give you something juicy. Sorry.)

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IT'S ALIVE!!!! on 12/22/2012 3:32:48 PM

Hey guys. Who  remembers me? I know some people do.  Anywhoo, i have returned onto and im now working on a new storygame. It's called "Escape The Skyscraper". i'll talk more about it later. Bye for now!


-TeamJack  wink

3J's birthday! on 4/22/2012 10:09:33 AM

THAT'S RACIST! >:( (even though i'm not jewish)

Video Uploading on 4/6/2012 9:35:58 AM

0_0 I thought you could allow videos to host on THIS site. Okay, okay. Case closed. Actually, i wasn't being irresponsible, My COUSIN'S account was the one i borrowed. Andrew didn't know that, so he got mad and hacked my ROBLOX account. So cased closed.

The Land Of Adventure on 4/5/2012 10:06:28 AM

Ok, you can still restart this, but i may make a new thread in the future for the seqyel.

Video Uploading on 3/31/2012 9:09:59 AM

Can't upload vids to youtube anymore, and vimeo costs money.

The Land Of Adventure on 3/31/2012 9:05:40 AM

He appears in the world. "I AM THE P.O! I WILL REAK HAVOC ON YOUR WOLRD!" The People scream. "BUT FIRST, I WILL EAT AT BIGGER BURGER." He destorys the burger place and eats a burger. "NOW I WILL REAK HAVOC!"

>What nao?

Video Uploading on 3/30/2012 3:14:20 PM

Think you could add uploading videos to the site to add them? It would be much more easier then hosting and embedding.

What do you think? (Also where did alexp host his videos?)

TeamJack Misadventures: COMING SOON on 3/30/2012 2:57:07 PM

EDIT OF AN EDIT: Photobucket sux. Using something else.

TeamJack Misadventures: COMING SOON on 3/30/2012 2:47:46 PM

EDIT: Holy crap, this is going to take forever. Photobucket is extremely laggy. I hope you brought a snack.

The Land Of Adventure on 3/30/2012 2:26:12 PM

..He trys out his new weapon. Oops! The weapon has an opposite effect on the demons. They go into heaven! Now the demons want to kill all the angels (Or at least kill repeatingly).

Now what?