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I'm Tempor_pass. AKA TemporDestroyer. I originally came here to create a Tempor CYOA but forgot about that, I'm still staying because it's okay and your direction isn't a steady thing that stays the same forever. (And it also improves my writing skills.)

Gender: Female (Referring to the real user behind this account)
I like drawing and I picked up writing and reading too.

Also on a more kiddy site with problems that are everywhere and denied by the primarily childish community that's on that site. At least the people who run that site seem to be a little more "mature".

For a very good storygame, I suggest you go to Eternal instead of my storygames. You can ignore this link if you want to review my storygames and pull me to a decent level instead of only reading masterpieces.

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A "quiz" full of questions without a nailed-down theme. Test your ability to pass this (and only this) alone here. (WARNING: AGE AND DIFFICULTY RATINGS INACCURATE-ISH)

If you can beat this quiz, you'll get a pr- Just kidding. You can just rate it... If you ignore the button that makes you do it instantly, which is not recommended. There is no tutorial, I wish you knew what THIS QUIZ is. Also, don't take anything seriously.

Now with that Marquee, you'll have to do the quiz yourself. It's true. If you don't know this, you'll know by losing the game.

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Debate me on 6/29/2024 2:41:16 AM
1. Yes, you spelled it correctly, but NO ONE can ignore the period that messes up the word so you're still mistaken. 2. Since you responded, number 3 of my original response is false because that is assuming you never wrote this. 3. There are so many things in here that you choose to ignore.

Debate me on 6/28/2024 3:37:57 AM
1. *shreds. 2. Just make your own argument. 3. You didn't respond to anything as you requested. What a joke.

This is among best communities on the internet on 5/20/2024 7:17:22 PM
Good opinion. At least it's not lying to us and trying to be welcoming.

So... This is a thing on 4/29/2024 8:21:54 AM
I did. AI is literally doing everything for us and if AI suddenly becomes TOO GOOD (and can replicate the "personalities" of human-made work), we'll be replaced. Which should hopefully not be the case.

FAVORITE WORDS OF CYS on 4/18/2024 7:35:53 AM
U h h y e s

FAVORITE WORDS OF CYS on 4/17/2024 9:40:35 PM
None of them are my favorite words. If I had to choose a favorite out of this list, it's the words that are not muddied-up bad words (also known as swear words).

ANOTHER SHORT STORY (The person I seek) on 4/16/2024 8:01:33 PM
This is another garbage dump

So... This is a thing on 4/15/2024 9:22:34 PM
We'll never know for sure.

So... This is a thing on 4/15/2024 9:08:34 PM
AI is just shooting everyone's jobs down. Soon the only job we'll have is "AI prompt giver" or something. We'll all be lazy in the future. The future is gonna be ruled by AI and jobs won't exist (except for giving AI prompts, that's it)

Preview of articles you write on 4/15/2024 9:00:16 PM
So you can just change the word in the link? Not everyone would be willing to do THAT. It does help, but a button will be more accessible.