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"Ten soldiers wisely led will beat a hundred without a head."



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This is a semi-short game depending on your choices. If you make good choices it may be quick.  Your goal is to survive the jungle and make it to the pod.

It is a completed game, however, I most likely will continue to expand on it and try to make it more challenging. Keep in mind, I had a month so it will get better.

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Here is my entry.

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Here is my entry. 

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Oh no....

June is Noob Threshing Month! on 6/1/2020 9:21:49 PM

Now it is done...

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I'm good to go for 127 points.

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“Coward!” A voice rings out over the sound of clashing metal. You glance back seeing a bloodied man staring at you. He wields a broadsword and screams at you again. “Stand and fight!” The last part is barely heard due to the soldier slashing his sword at another enemy. You just cannot take it anymore. It is just too much for you to handle. Bodies lay stacked one on another for as far as the eye can see. This war between nations has gone on for too long and now the old and the young dies every day. You sprint past your allies, dropping your sword as shield as you pass them. Some stare at you in disgust and others in fear. Your breathing becomes heavy and ragged until you must stop to catch your breath. Doubled over, gasping for as much air as possible.

You still can hear the sounds of war behind you and the sound of men dying. The smell of the dead is horrendous and makes you want to vomit if you think about it too much. Over it all you can hear a thumping getting closer. You turn to look back once more and see a large white horse galloping towards you. On its back sits a man in pitch black armor. He wields a massive sword in his right hand and swings it around with ease. You know you cannot outrun the horse and quickly scan the ground for a weapon. You roll a dead man over on his side and hurriedly pick up his short spear and shield. You are fumbling with the straps all the while panicking as the horse gets closer and closer. Finally, with a snap the shield is strapped to your arm, just in time for you to see the rider bring his long sword around towards your head. Instinctively you raise your arm with your shield and block his strike. The force of the rider and his horse throws you several feet away on to your back.

Gasping once again you reach for the spear by your side and use it like a cane to get back up. Dazed you see the horse has turned around and is heading for you once again. A quick glance down at your shield you see that not much of it is left from the first blow and know it is now useless to you. You shutter a little watching the horse gallop at you once more and a tear slides down your cheek, knowing this is the end for you. Less than 30 feet away you ready your spear and close your eyes. Your ears ring with the sound of hooves smashing into bones and metal as it runs over the dead. Your heart pounds your chest heavily and your sweat soaks the cloak under your light armor. You image the rider bringing his sword around again and cleaving your head off your body and you see your body hit the ground. As the last few moments pass and the horse is almost upon you, you hear something else.

“Jump aside.” It is a calm but firm voice and it sounds like it is coming from right beside you.

You let go of the spear and jump to the left. You feel the riders blade caress your neck and feel a light sting before smacking into the dead bodies beside you. What you hear next was horrifying. The squeal of the horse and the sickening sound of flesh being pierced. A metal clanking sound comes next and then a heavy thud followed by a heavy scream. You open your eyes and peer over your shoulder. The white horse is caked with blood and a spear is impaled through its chest and out its back. Underneath the dead horse lies the black armored warrior, straining to move the horse off his legs. Every few moments when he pushes the horse, he lets out a blood curdling scream. You slowly get back up on your feet and make eye contact with the trapped warrior. You see his eyes fill with fear for a moment before hatred consumes them. He stops trying to push the horse and instead reaches for his sword. You shakily watch him for a moment unable to move. You are alive, you can’t believe that.

As you are thanking the gods and anyone who would listen, the warrior grabs his long sword and holds it in the air. You watch him, curious and confused now. He yells and then lets the dark blade fall on his thighs. You take a step back in shock and horror as you realize what he did. Blood begins spewing out and over the warrior and the horse as the warrior now is free from the weight of the animal. The warrior had severed his own legs and now crawls towards you with one arm and slides the blade next to him. You stumble back and trip over a dead soldier. The warrior is quick however and gets a hold of your foot. You try kicking at his hand and face. You watch as your heel breaks his nose and destroys his left eye and yet he pulls you towards him with an impossible strength. Tears fill your eyes and the sound that is coming out of your mouth is unintelligible. The warrior lies on your chest, his stubbed legs bleeding on your stomach. You again bat at him with your arms and try shoving him off but he sits on you still as a rock and weighs a ton. In slow motion you watch as the warrior brings his sword high above his head again. With a scream of triumph, the warrior brings the blade down. It sinks into your chest and you feel it go through your back and into the ground. You cough up blood as your vision begins to darken. The warrior smiles before slumping over as well.

Two more bodies now join the millions that are scattered throughout the battlefield.

Covid20 - continuing thingy on 3/11/2020 12:10:06 AM

Get some sleep and show up bright and early for testing. Normally feeling a little sick, I would vote go in but a quick spreading respiratory disease in a nursing home seems like it would cause more problems and hurt others. You can always fix it after being tested if you tested negative. 

Year's End Contest - Choose Your Own Prompt II on 12/31/2019 2:57:45 PM

done kinda

DeadKin Year end Contest on 12/27/2019 12:31:06 AM

Well I have many death choices, and am on the fourth different type of scenario I think. I lost count which I don't know if that is a bad thing or a good thing.