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BASSCON: WASTELAND on 4/5/2017 2:23:46 PM

Anyone else going?

Class abilities on 4/27/2016 2:17:00 AM

Thanks I'll take all your opinions into account.

Class abilities on 4/26/2016 4:27:11 AM

Ive already implemented class,race and abilities into the game.

I guess you could say I am not "far" into creation, but too much energy has been put into learning how to do these things for me to look back. Besides, im enjoying myself while im on here creating things.

As for story I already have everything I need.


Class abilities on 4/26/2016 2:42:22 AM

And yes, each chapter will be a stand alone story. I would never post something that is not finished.

Class abilities on 4/26/2016 2:40:17 AM

I appreciate your wisdom. I will take this into consideration, but I'm too far into the story now to start over with the simple editor. I am however finding the advanced editor easier to use everyday.

As for the story, I know it's going to be good.

Class abilities on 4/26/2016 2:32:40 AM

Ahh thank you for the wisdom. I understand what I should do now.

Class abilities on 4/25/2016 9:23:15 AM

I also plan to release the story in chapters. That way I can get the content out to you guys faster

Class abilities on 4/25/2016 8:50:36 AM

Well I want each class to have at least 1 ability to start. What im asking is how should I go about making the ability (and tracking) for each class? If having abilities for each class does over complicate it, I could always have class creation just determine stats instead. Ideas?

As for story, I have about 6 years of content to play through. My group and I have been using this world (that we created) for Dungeons and Dragons. Everything from NPC's to towns to even random encounters have all been saved. Heck, we even did a forum game here about 2 years ago (which I've also saved lol)


Class abilities on 4/25/2016 7:03:04 AM

Hello CYS world!

Im in the middle of class creation for my story.

I want each of my classes to have a few abilities that make them different from each other.

For example, a mage should be able to cast some sort of spell right? Or a warrior have some type of finesse or special move?

Im thinking of using a class ability like an item, with a certain amount of uses, regulated by level or XP gained. Having the ability to throw fire is fun, but that ability should be limited, otherwise they wouldn't appreciate that ability as much and abuse it. (I know I would)

I wondering what other ideas you could help me with. Those that would be better than mine. Im open to all ideas!

This game is going to be EPIC!

Need a little advice on player XP & class creation on 4/1/2016 9:40:54 AM

Also, can I move the variables around the screen instead of them being in ABC order on the bottom left?

Would be nice to place the characters current HP at the top left