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Hello there. I will probably not be posting anything anytime soon, so don't expect anything from me except comments. I'm just a story enthusiast who loves the website and the works of art on here. I'm also up for a duel at any time. Also, if you get the meme on here I will love you forever.

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Hello there! on 2/26/2024 6:52:36 PM



Hello there! on 2/25/2024 6:17:38 PM

Yes, this is it! Thank you so much!

Now, time to engage in heart-wrenching nostalgia and enjoyment.

Hello there! on 2/25/2024 5:31:54 PM

Not exactly, but I do remember there being a weird thing in the story desc. warning females as it is written from a man's point of view for some reason.

I also remember dying a lot, but that isn't exactly uncommon.

Hello there! on 2/25/2024 4:44:08 PM

Thank you for the suggestion, and although this is absolutely a good read, I had something else in mind.

The story I was looking for is your classic vampire type story with a really good storyline that I fell in love with when I first joined the website (back when I was a guest lol.) You could get an entirely different story depending on which person you went with at the beginning.

I would really love to find it again, but there is a large possibility that it may not be up anymore, in which case thank you for your help :)

Hello there! on 2/16/2024 6:29:58 AM

Hi there amazing people!

I am relatively new to this whole thing.

However, I have been on the website for a while and I am trying to find a certain story. Maybe you can help or maybe you could just use a friend.