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   *Just so you know the first word in my name is "the".   I'm a fan, ahh, what the heck, a nerd when it comes to Star Wars, even though I was just a little too young to be "main-stream". I play tennis, along with other stuff,  though mostly Assassin's Creed CoD and Halo. I listen to music, mostly ska, about as much as I can.
      This site means a lot to me, although I'm hardly on it, it has a unique community and I'm amazed by the familiar names I see even after 6+ years, and some new names I hope stay around too. Despite some well...heated debates I still enjoy looking at this site and reading its stories and forums. Throughout all this my advice has always been constant---Read stories, have fun, and never, ever, run with scissors.

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Read Cantina Band --   


          P.S. You can refer to me as "mage"




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Two of the many pictures I've made/edited (on MS word):

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For some photoshop/other works look up PandionSerati on DeviantArt


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Cantina Band: The Assassins' New Tune
All it takes is one time. In Cantina Band: Dusty Death in D Minor, you played Frigin D'an of the Star  Wars galaxy. While investigating the suspicous death of your brother, you stumbled upon an illegal  scheme to create an army of assassin droids. Despite your wishes to remain obscure and uninvolved, evil holds a rentless grudge. Now, you must join the fight to destroy the droids and their creators...or face the   consequences. In the last epic, you risked it all to solve the mystery of your brother's murder. This time, will you be able to stifle The Assasins' New Tune....and live to play your own symphony? *3 possible winning endings*

*Elemental Mage* A Quiz of Magic

This quiz will tell you your element of magic, your abilities and even some of your main spells. Now come on, you can do it!

V.4 Fixed Bug

Fyrian-Itia; A Classic CYOA Story

     It is 7 years after you left Earth for cleaner world. You left Earth because your race couldn't survive with the ozone slightly depleted on Earth and the unknown chemical reactions have caused the surface to dry up, depleting crops globally. You've just came out of your space vessel onto your new home, the small planet of D.U. P10, but your team ecided to give it a better name, Fyrian-Itia named for it's dual "Fire and Ice" rings.. You'll have to adapt; your group's depending on you after all, to the surrounding beasts, diseases and climate change. So can you survive in...Fyrian-Itia; A Classic CYOA Story
/Jc's Word pictures/CYS pictures/PlanetHemera.GIF

Survival: Undead Archives

This story has three parts:

- Temporary Safety

- Survival

- Valhalla (Complete Safety)


"...In a world ruled by the dead, we are finally forced to start living"  ~  The Walking Dead


*Sorry for any typos, my brain works in two modes - type and think

Warehouse Test

A short CYS in which you'll need your wits to survive. I heard this simple story, and decided to make it as detailed as possible.

So, go ahead, see if you can outsmart th*mage*of*kings

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clear enough TO ME. We good? And I agree, pirating copyrighted stuff is wromg, but this is way too far out to ever be fully enforced, if it is, God help us all.

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Oh, sorry your post wasn't clear enough. I assumed you were talking to me. Well, we all know what you get when you assume i guess. Frankly, I'm trying to talk about censorship and copyrights on the internet, not start another flame war. Now, about ACTA (or internet censorship in general)...

ACTA on 10/7/2010 3:37:13 PM
lol, write. I know what it is, please stop assuming I have no idea what I'm talking about, I'd like to discuss something other than what everyone and their mother knows is wrong. The government needs to stop acting so dumb, some people actually aren't terrorists/criminals.

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As in leave the internet alone. Sure, copyrighted material shouldn't be free public use, but for most accounts thats up there with removing the tag that says "Do not remove" on your mattress.