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A twenty-eight-year-old with the impulse control of an eight-year-old.

I'm really too busy to be lounging around the internet in real life, but I've still got free time on my hands because I've decided to replace about three hours of sleep every day with the liberal application of industrial strength coffee. You'll see me around pretty often because when I'll probably be lurking around the site even when I should be at work.

If you've got any questions or if you're looking for help with a storygame, feel free to drop me a PM and I'll see what I can do for ya.

If you'd like me to draw you something, I'll be doing semi-frequent art giveaways, so keep an eye out for any of my random writing prompt or mini-contest threads. Or just drop me a PM, since I'm actually quite easy to sweet talk into just about anything.


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The world slowly festers as the gods have abandoned their duties. Seeds are slow to sprout. Seasons are slow to change. Each uncertain dawn rattles into being like the last few coins into a beggar's bowl. As the wheel of time grinds to a halt, mortals are faced with a terrible ultimatum - a revolt against the indifference of Heaven or a slow but inevitable slide toward extinction. When the leaders of nations meet to discuss uniting in the face of crisis, discord and betrayal sends the world spiraling into a bitter war. Hungering armies devour swaths of of food and supplies even as the harvest dwindles every year. Youths barely old enough to lift a spear lay slain on the battlefield even as fewer and fewer children are born. Humanity seems intent on consuming itself on the brink of the end of the world. But a candle burns brightest just before it goes out, and the greatest heroes are forged in the darkest eras. In the fires of purgatory, a dying prince embraces the heart of a dead god. In the frozen wastes, a desperate mother offers her child to a slumbering demiurge. Suffering is but a whetstone that hones an iron will into a blade. The gods have closed their eyes to mortal plight - strike them down while they are blind. Atair tur kemul te assal tur shalash, muod ataissi shinna Sunder heaven and shatter earth, until all the gods lay slain

Quilly Testing Grounds
This is where I test all of my scripts and graphics. Thus, many pages will be very, very broken, so turn back now, if you value your sanity. You have been warned!

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Here I Am on 12/28/2019 7:01:09 PM
Your writing remains top shelf quality in the sense that it's able to communicate a wealth of characterization, backstory, and plot with a surprisingly minimalist exchange of dialogue. I am both incredibly entertained and mildly jealous that you can just whip something like this from the void of ennui. ...also, yeah, if I had a boss like that, I'd be driven to dramatic homicide too.

2020 Resolutions on 12/28/2019 6:22:28 PM
Get back into writing, reading, and drawing! Remind myself that there's more to life than the endless cycle of paycheck-bills-paycheck-bills.

Quiller's Art Giveaway Writing Contest Feedback on 3/31/2016 3:13:45 AM
I would like to invoke plausible deniability.

Quiller's Art Giveaway Writing Contest Feedback on 3/31/2016 3:02:59 AM
Wait, you mean it wasn't obvious? You can even see Kiel's left hand on blue...>_>

Quiller's Art Giveaway Writing Contest Feedback on 3/31/2016 3:01:40 AM
Aaand, that's my cue to hide all the evidence, or I'll never hear the end of it XD

Quiller's Art Giveaway Writing Contest Feedback on 3/31/2016 2:56:31 AM
That was the original joke, yes. Then I, why not traumatize anyone foolish enough to click the schmuck bait? I'm sorry, I will regret everything and apologize in the morning when I'm no longer suffering from caffeine induced insanity.

Quiller's Art Giveaway Writing Contest Feedback on 3/31/2016 2:51:40 AM
I blame two hours of sleep and in the last twenty four hours and two cans of Red Bull in the last two hours. Luckily, I'm still sane enough to put it somewhere I can delete when I wake up tomorrow morning and regret everything.

Quiller's Art Giveaway Writing Contest Feedback on 3/31/2016 2:41:32 AM
Whoops, my hand slipped :P

Quiller's Art Giveaway Writing Contest Feedback on 3/31/2016 2:25:54 AM
...only because it's you doing asking, Kiel...and because you DO look good in black leather. XD XD XD

Stay out kiddos

Okay, now I REALLY need to get some goddamn sleep before I make more bad life decisions

Quiller's Art Giveaway Writing Contest Feedback on 3/31/2016 1:47:15 AM
You're more than welcome! I'm glad it at least came close to doing that epic description justice, and I can't wait to see how the RP develops.