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8/8/202215Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
8/8/202115Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
8/8/202015Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
12/28/20191Rate Game
12/28/20191Rate Game
8/8/201915Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
8/8/201815Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
8/8/201715Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
1/8/20172Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
12/24/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
12/6/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
11/26/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
11/21/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
11/21/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
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11/19/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
11/14/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
11/14/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
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11/13/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
11/11/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/31/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/31/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/26/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/25/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/24/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/24/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/24/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/24/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/21/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/21/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/16/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/16/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/12/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/12/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/10/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/5/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
10/2/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/20/20168Admin. Bonus - Featured comments
9/16/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/16/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/16/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/16/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/15/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/15/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/15/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/15/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/15/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/15/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/14/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/14/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/13/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/13/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/13/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/6/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
9/5/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
8/8/201615Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
8/3/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment: Lizzie and the Horrors of Hatae
8/3/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment: Dawnwood
4/25/20161Daily Point
4/24/20161Daily Point
4/23/20161Daily Point
4/22/20161Daily Point
4/21/20161Daily Point
4/16/20161Daily Point
4/10/20161Daily Point
4/9/20161Daily Point
4/8/20161Daily Point
4/7/20161Daily Point
4/5/20161Daily Point
4/4/20161Daily Point
4/3/20161Daily Point
4/2/20161Daily Point
4/1/20161Daily Point
3/31/20161Daily Point
3/30/20161Daily Point
3/29/20161Daily Point
3/29/20161Rate Game Forest of Darkness
3/29/20161Rate Game The Pictures from the Prophecy
3/29/20161Rate Game
3/29/20161Rate Game Infeno Series#2 The 4 gods
3/28/20161Rate Game Appeasement of Hitler: WWII Trail
3/28/20161Daily Point
3/27/20161Rate Game Road Trip to Alaska!
3/27/20161Rate Game My totally different day
3/27/20161Daily Point
3/27/20161Rate Game Why I left you
3/27/20161Rate Game Monster Trivia
3/27/20161Rate Game
3/27/20161Rate Game Site 59: No Escape
3/27/20161Rate Game Life as a Time Traveler
3/27/20161Rate Game Aventura Cultural
3/26/20161Rate Game
3/26/20161Rate Game Room Searching
3/26/20161Rate Game Shadow Simulator 2016
3/26/20161Rate Game Runes of Yeu
3/26/20161Daily Point
3/25/20161Daily Point
3/24/20161Daily Point
3/23/20161Daily Point
3/22/201625Admin. Bonus - Great contest! ^_^
3/22/20161Daily Point
3/21/20161Rate Game
3/21/20161Daily Point
3/20/20161Daily Point
3/19/20161Rate Game Date Sans
3/18/20161Rate Game
3/18/20161Daily Point
3/17/20161Rate Game Adventure through time
3/17/20161Rate Game Abducted
3/17/20161Rate Game The Upgrade
3/17/20161Rate Game Danger At The Mall
3/17/20161Rate Game Hercules (sci fi story)
3/17/20161Rate Game Fallout Chapter 1: The Vault
3/17/20161Rate Game Escape From Britannia Part III: War In Area 51
3/17/20161Rate Game
3/17/20161Rate Game Hostage Rescue 1- Past transgressions
3/17/20161Rate Game A World War
3/17/20161Rate Game To The Mountain Hold! Part 1
3/17/20161Rate Game Zeroes and Ones
3/17/20161Rate Game The last day in the museum
3/17/20161Rate Game Lemon Simulator 2015
3/17/20161Rate Game Haircut
3/17/20161Rate Game Adventures in the Sahel
3/17/20161Rate Game The Life Story #1: Preschool
3/17/20161Rate Game Live the Life of a Cat
3/17/20161Rate Game "I'm going out."
3/17/20161Rate Game Vacation Disaster
3/17/20161Rate Game Island Adventure
3/17/20161Rate Game Matt's Cruise
3/17/20161Rate Game Surviving the Trip Home
3/17/20161Rate Game The Only Lights in the Darkness are Flames
3/17/20161Daily Point
3/16/20161Rate Game Life as a Dog
3/16/20161Rate Game Party of the Year
3/16/20161Rate Game The Lemonade Business 2
3/16/20161Rate Game The quest for pancakes
3/16/20161Rate Game Dear Santa
3/16/20161Rate Game Drive Fast!
3/16/20161Rate Game Overthrow
3/16/20161Rate Game Mall Adventure
3/16/20161Rate Game Dog Life
3/16/20161Rate Game Summer Lasts Forever
3/16/20161Rate Game ATC (the deleted scene)
3/16/20161Rate Game DELTA: The Beginning
3/16/20161Rate Game The Zombies
3/16/20161Rate Game Play Time in a Ghost Park
3/16/20161Rate Game WarGames
3/16/20161Rate Game Stranded II
3/16/20161Rate Game The Lost Caves
3/16/20161Rate Game Life
3/16/20161Rate Game A Man to the Slaughter
3/16/20161Rate Game Pushing A Desert Army: The Castle
3/16/20161Rate Game Faithful or not?
3/16/20161Rate Game Kill Aman's Mustache
3/16/20161Daily Point
3/16/20161Rate Game IT'S HERE!!!
3/15/20161Rate Game Pushing A Desert Army
3/15/20161Rate Game Nutters
3/15/20161Rate Game The Rabbi Duff Chronicles: Shadow of the Rabbi
3/15/20161Rate Game
3/15/20161Rate Game The Sniper
3/15/20161Rate Game
3/15/20161Rate Game The Soul Adventure of Grobyc Dior Fortree
3/15/20161Rate Game Choose your own birthday adventure
3/15/20161Rate Game The Machine 2.0
3/15/20161Rate Game
3/15/20161Rate Game AI Nightmare
3/15/20161Rate Game From McDonalds to Home
3/15/20161Rate Game Trouble in paradise part one
3/15/20161Rate Game Eat.Sleep.Kill.Repeat
3/15/20161Rate Game Trouble in paradise part two
3/15/20161Daily Point
3/14/20161Rate Game Dugeon master
3/14/20161Rate Game A Magical Tale
3/14/20161Rate Game I As a Character
3/14/20161Rate Game Death Becomes You
3/14/20161Rate Game Wizard Duel at Wizard School
3/14/20161Rate Game The Seven Truth of the Seven Rainbow Path
3/14/20161Rate Game Through the Garden Gate
3/14/20161Rate Game attack of the manatees
3/14/20161Rate Game The Labyrinth of Monyx
3/14/20161Rate Game Love or Magic
3/14/20161Rate Game A Jornada...
3/14/20161Rate Game The Aeneid
3/14/20161Rate Game StoryTime!!
3/14/20161Rate Game Rise of Vollund
3/14/20161Rate Game Benta Sinco
3/14/20161Daily Point
3/12/20161Rate Game Hansel and Gretel's Great Escape
3/12/20161Rate Game Piratical Decency
3/12/20161Rate Game The Last Teenager (v2)
3/12/20161Rate Game The Dimension of Doors
3/12/20161Rate Game
3/12/20161Rate Game
3/12/20161Rate Game Internets: The Dark Abyss
3/12/20161Rate Game Cancel the Kirby cartoon!
3/12/20161Rate Game
3/12/20161Rate Game May the 28th: A New Beginning
3/12/20161Rate Game
3/12/20161Rate Game
3/12/20161Rate Game September the 14th: Part VIII: Tiff and Tuff Take Tokyo
3/12/20161Rate Game September the 14th: Part VI: Barney Lives
3/12/20161Rate Game September the 14th: Part IV
3/12/20161Rate Game September the 14th: Part V: Game Over
3/12/20161Rate Game September the 14th: Part III
3/12/20161Rate Game September the 14th Part II
3/12/20161Rate Game September the 14th Part I
3/12/20161Rate Game Magellan 2: Fight for Beliefs
3/12/20161Rate Game
3/12/20161Rate Game Die Zombie! Die! Pt II
3/12/20161Rate Game Forum Wars
3/12/20161Rate Game Coffee Break
3/12/20161Daily Point
3/12/20161Rate Game Rebel Jedi 2: The Rebel Base
3/12/20161Rate Game The White Face
3/12/20161Rate Game Would You Survive Daniel Wilson's Robopocalypse?
3/12/20161Rate Game African Safari
3/12/20161Rate Game Crown the King
3/12/20161Rate Game A magical math game
3/12/20161Rate Game Abduction Escape
3/11/20161Rate Game Survive the Sphinx
3/11/20161Rate Game Test Your Knowledge: The Fellowship of the Ring
3/11/20161Rate Game The Time Machine Episode 2: The Dino World
3/11/20161Rate Game Horror Movie Quiz
3/11/20161Rate Game Escape The Room!
3/11/20161Rate Game
3/11/20161Daily Point
3/11/20161Rate Game Which The Walking Dead character are you?
3/10/20161Daily Point
3/10/20161Rate Game Cannibals Roam
3/10/20161Rate Game
3/10/20161Rate Game Math and Poetry - The Great Adventure
3/9/20161Rate Game Surviving The Black Plague
3/9/20161Rate Game Funny random awesomeness
3/9/20161Rate Game the mansion escape
3/9/20161Rate Game The Orb of Detroit
3/9/20161Rate Game Horus
3/9/20161Rate Game Behemoth
3/9/20161Rate Game Dragon Rider - Lost Memory
3/9/20161Rate Game Psychedelic
3/9/20161Rate Game A Web of Dreams
3/9/20161Rate Game
3/9/20161Rate Game The Lurking Forest
3/9/20161Rate Game What if
3/9/20161Rate Game I Am A Dragon
3/9/20161Rate Game Wolf Adventures
3/9/20161Rate Game Homo Perfectus 5
3/9/20161Rate Game Escape! #1 The Office
3/9/20161Rate Game Stories of Adventure; Heads or Tales?
3/9/20161Rate Game A Jail Cell
3/9/20161Daily Point
3/9/20161Rate Game Homo Perfectus 4
3/9/20161Rate Game Homo Perfectus 3
3/8/20161Rate Game CHOOSING TH NIGHT 1 chapter
3/8/20161Rate Game The Chinatown Murderer
3/8/20161Rate Game The Temptation of Ice
3/8/20161Rate Game The Worst Storygame Ever
3/8/20161Daily Point
3/7/20161Daily Point
3/6/20161Daily Point
3/5/20161Rate Game Phoenician Trade Game
3/5/20161Rate Game 1912
3/5/20161Rate Game The Troubles
3/5/20161Rate Game
3/5/20161Rate Game Dangerous Decision Dan
3/5/20161Rate Game
3/5/20161Daily Point
3/4/20161Rate Game The story of Shadow the hedgehog as a wolf
3/4/20161Rate Game First Adventure!
3/4/20161Rate Game What Game is Right for You? The UPDATED, MUCH LONGER VERSION!
3/4/20161Rate Game Words you probably don't Know
3/4/20161Rate Game Little Bighorn Trivia
3/4/20161Rate Game Quiz: How Succesfull will you be
3/4/20161Rate Game Atomic Quiz
3/4/20161Rate Game
3/4/20161Rate Game Wolves
3/4/20161Rate Game
3/4/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured Comment
3/4/20161Rate Game One Man Hide And Seek(Hitori Kakurenbo).
3/4/20161Rate Game SPIDER-MAN:Rise of carnage Part III New Goblin strikes back.
3/4/20161Rate Game SPIDER-MAN:Rise of carnage part II
3/4/20161Rate Game SPIDER-MAN:Rise of Carnage part 1
3/4/20161Daily Point
3/3/20161Rate Game Spider Quiz 2
3/3/20161Rate Game Mario Party Quiz!
3/3/20161Rate Game Test Your Knowledge: The Hobbit
3/3/20161Rate Game The Revised Conneth Quiz
3/3/20161Rate Game Mad Max Quiz
3/3/20161Rate Game The legend of zelda: Orcania of time quiz
3/3/20161Rate Game How Much do You Know About xkcd?
3/3/20161Rate Game How well do you know your friend?
3/3/20161Rate Game A Long Walk Home
3/3/20161Rate Game The Hunt For Cake: A Short Story About Cake
3/3/20161Rate Game Greek Mythology Quiz
3/3/20161Rate Game Betrayer
3/3/20161Rate Game What I want to Be!
3/3/20161Rate Game Z-DAY Survival Quiz
3/3/20161Rate Game Puff Ball Madness (from DestielCon 2015)
3/3/20161Daily Point
3/3/20161Rate Game Don't click on this game! (Do it. Do it.)
3/2/20161Rate Game
3/2/20161Rate Game Princess Pretty - The Captain of the Queen's Guard -
3/2/20161Rate Game Dawnwood
3/2/20161Rate Game Highschool Lockdown
3/2/20161Rate Game Under The Bridge
3/2/20161Rate Game Castle Conundrum
3/2/20161Rate Game Alien Abduction
3/2/20161Rate Game Extinction of the Neanderthals
3/2/20161Rate Game Full moon's night
3/2/20161Daily Point
3/1/20161Daily Point
2/29/20161Rate Game Empathy
2/29/20161Rate Game The Ancient Cookie (After-Contest)
2/29/20161Rate Game The Poem
2/29/20161Rate Game
2/29/20161Rate Game Magellan 1: Race into the Great Unknown
2/29/20161Rate Game The Awesume
2/29/20161Rate Game So You Wanna Be a College Student?
2/29/20161Rate Game Tower of Doom
2/29/20161Rate Game The Dream Thief
2/29/20161Rate Game Adventures of a Cute Cat: A Poem
2/29/20161Daily Point
2/29/20161Rate Game Paint Wars
2/29/20161Rate Game A sympathy in choice
2/29/20161Rate Game 17 Years
2/29/20161Rate Game Evento de Valentine's Day
2/29/20161Rate Game The Path of Death
2/28/20161Rate Game The Curse of Norgurune
2/28/20161Daily Point
2/28/20161Rate Game The Carnival, Ginny, and I
2/27/20161Rate Game This Fate
2/27/20161Rate Game 7 Years' War
2/27/20161Rate Game A Cat Day
2/27/20161Rate Game The Witch Diaries
2/27/20161Rate Game
2/27/20161Rate Game Control Your: Pack
2/27/20161Rate Game Riddle of the Sasquatch
2/27/20161Rate Game An OLP Adventure
2/27/20161Rate Game Last Scream Before You Die
2/27/20161Rate Game The Elf Princess
2/27/20161Rate Game Second World #1
2/27/20161Rate Game Return to Vinia
2/27/20161Rate Game
2/27/20161Rate Game A Hero is Born..
2/27/20161Daily Point
2/26/20161Daily Point
2/26/20161Rate Game De Milite Inprudenti
2/26/20161Rate Game Where the HELL am I???? : Chatper Four
2/26/20161Rate Game Where the HELL am I???? : Chapter Two
2/26/20161Rate Game Where the HELL am I???? : Chapter One
2/26/20161Rate Game The Chronicles of Narnia Quiz
8/8/201515Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
3/31/20151Daily Point
3/28/20151Daily Point
3/27/20151Daily Point
3/26/20151Daily Point
3/25/20151Daily Point
3/24/20151Daily Point
3/23/20151Daily Point
3/22/20151Daily Point
3/21/20151Daily Point
3/20/20151Rate Game Warriors: Choose Your Destiny: Oceansong's Journey
3/20/20151Daily Point
3/20/20151Rate Game Grandfather's Typewriter
3/19/20151Rate Game The Other World
3/19/20151Daily Point
3/18/20151Daily Point
3/17/20151Daily Point
3/16/20151Daily Point
3/15/20151Daily Point
3/12/20151Daily Point
12/17/20142Admin. Bonus - Feature Comment- Atramentous
12/17/20142Admin. Bonus - Feature Comment- The War of the Woods
11/29/20141Daily Point
11/27/20141Daily Point
11/22/20141Daily Point
11/18/20141Daily Point
11/16/20141Daily Point
11/15/20141Daily Point
11/13/20141Daily Point
11/12/20141Daily Point
11/11/20141Daily Point
11/10/20141Daily Point
11/8/20141Daily Point
11/7/20141Daily Point
11/6/20141Daily Point
11/5/20141Daily Point
11/4/20141Rate Game Jack's Adventure
11/4/20141Rate Game Julia
11/4/20141Rate Game knockout
11/4/20141Rate Game One Winter Morning...
11/4/20141Rate Game
11/4/20141Rate Game Shopping at Wal-Mart!
11/4/20141Rate Game Ebola Outbreak!
11/4/20141Rate Game Lost in the Woods
11/4/20141Daily Point
11/3/20141Daily Point
11/2/20141Daily Point
11/1/20141Daily Point
10/31/20141Daily Point
10/30/20141Rate Game What if you died but didn't really die
10/30/20141Rate Game The Underworld of Lichens
10/30/20141Rate Game Short-cut
10/30/20141Rate Game Finnely's adventure
10/30/20141Rate Game They came from le moon
10/30/20141Rate Game Mystery Spot
10/30/20141Rate Game Becoming a Princess
10/30/20141Rate Game A Picnic Lunch
10/30/20141Rate Game Martha Answers The Phone
10/30/20141Rate Game School Simulation
10/30/20141Daily Point
10/29/20141Rate Game Big Foot
10/29/20141Rate Game Where to go?
10/29/20141Rate Game
10/29/20141Rate Game Ghost Town
10/29/20141Rate Game A Day in the Life (and death) of you.
10/29/20141Daily Point
10/28/20141Daily Point
10/27/20141Rate Game
10/27/20141Rate Game
10/27/20141Rate Game How Horror-Like of You, I Guess
10/27/20141Daily Point
10/26/20141Daily Point
10/26/20141Rate Game Escape The School Part 2
10/26/20141Rate Game Aloe's Disappearance
10/26/20141Rate Game Miccy2000's CSI: Australia
10/25/20141Rate Game Last Life~Warrior Cats
10/25/20141Rate Game Princess Pretty - The Festival of Hearts -
10/25/20141Rate Game
10/25/20141Rate Game Sweetie, It's Time to Die
10/25/20141Daily Point
10/24/20141Daily Point
10/23/20141Rate Game World Wars: Beach Landings
10/22/20141Rate Game
10/22/20141Rate Game
10/22/20141Rate Game Spooky Scary Story
10/22/20141Rate Game Running Program...
10/22/20141Rate Game The Wave Of Dumb
10/22/20141Rate Game The Animal
10/22/20141Rate Game Link's Escape
10/22/20141Rate Game
10/22/20141Rate Game The Murder Mystery
10/22/20141Rate Game Helping Leena
10/22/20141Rate Game Dog Captivity
10/22/20141Rate Game Trapped!
10/22/20141Rate Game
10/22/20141Rate Game Dragon's story
10/22/20141Rate Game 5 Floors
10/22/20141Daily Point
10/21/20141Daily Point
10/20/20141Daily Point
10/19/20141Daily Point
10/18/20141Daily Point
10/17/20141Rate Game In School Suspension
10/17/20141Rate Game
10/17/20141Rate Game
10/17/20141Rate Game Quinn
10/17/20141Daily Point
10/16/20141Daily Point
10/15/20141Daily Point
10/14/20141Rate Game Locked Out (The Movie)
10/14/20141Rate Game Locked Out (The Movie) Episode Three
10/14/20141Rate Game Evolve (1.2)
10/14/20141Rate Game TRAPPED!!!
10/14/20141Rate Game The Things that you should know but probably don't Quiz
10/14/20141Rate Game Pon-Pon & Zen-Zen
10/14/20141Rate Game How Well Do You Know Jim Carrey?
10/14/20141Rate Game
10/14/20141Rate Game School Problems
10/14/20141Rate Game A Mutt's Purpose
10/14/20141Daily Point
10/13/20141Daily Point
10/12/20141Rate Game ****
10/12/20141Rate Game
10/12/20141Rate Game The Joy
10/12/20141Daily Point
10/11/20141Daily Point
10/10/20141Daily Point
10/9/20141Rate Game An Escape From The Top
10/9/20141Rate Game Archangel
10/9/20141Daily Point
10/8/20141Daily Point
10/7/20141Rate Game Simon's Day
10/7/20141Rate Game Forgotten Rose
10/7/20141Rate Game Find a Date Before it's too Late
10/7/20141Rate Game Highschool
10/7/20141Rate Game The Regrets of a Teenage Romantic
10/7/20141Rate Game
10/7/20141Rate Game Marterd no Harem VI-2
10/7/20141Rate Game Rose
10/7/20141Rate Game A stranger's love
10/7/20141Rate Game High School Romance
10/7/20141Rate Game maranda
10/7/20141Rate Game Cheating?
10/7/20141Rate Game Boys at School - For GIRLS
10/7/20141Rate Game A Light within a Darkness
10/7/20141Rate Game Love's journey through the woods Part 1
10/7/20141Rate Game College Romance
10/7/20141Rate Game Hey Mom
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