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Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago

This week's topic: Anything at all. 

It's already the eight week of these prompts, believe it or not. I therefore thought it would be a nice idea to let you decide what you want to write about. Show me what you've been dying to write a poem about, but never had the opportunity to. No rules, no guidelines, write something you want to write.


This week's optional requirement: Write a poem in free verse. 

In the past few weeks, we've focused focused pretty much on different technicalities of writing poetry: metre, rhyme, general form, etc. This week, we're stepping away from the more classical forms of poetry, with their strict requirements of form, and focus on free verse. 

Briefly said, free verse is poetry without restrictions. Basic elements of classical poetry like rhyme and metre are not necessary if you want to write free verse, nor are any real guidelines. Instead, free verse allows the poet to write a poem that they themselves think sounds good. 

While this sounds easy, in practice it might be difficult to write a poem that appeals to more readers besides yourself, of becomes a random, meaningless mess of words. Generally speaking, an even greater emphasis on the choice for certain words and phrases, to ensure a certain structure or quality, is thereby placed on free verse than with 'classical' poetry.

Instead of monotonous lists of words, poets that write free verse generally try to elucidate a certain rhythm by choosing certain words. This doesn't mean that they adhere to metre, like in the poems for previous weeks, nor do their rhythms have to be consisted throughout the poem; but they do make sure that every word they put on paper sounds good in its proper place.

Authors like Whitman furthermore ensure a certain form of structure and rhythm throughout their poetry through the use of punctuation, besides their choice of words. Stops and pauses can for example be suggested through line-breaks and commas. 

And that's already all for this week. As free verse, as the title implies, focuses on a poet's freedom to write what they want to write, all you have to remember for this week is: 

Free verse: Poetry without any strict guidelines, as long as it sounds good. 

Have fun writing!

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago

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Here's the updated point list, please correct me if anything's wrong. I apologise for the late post, but I've been a bit busy (again) lately. 

Orange:         13
Crescentstar:    8
Bannerlord:        6
Leoscales7:        6
Mayana:            5
Drew8521:        3
Kwism1127:        2
Palepaper:    2
StrykerL:    2
TheBlackDragon04: 2
Bbshark:        1
BerkaZerka:        1
Betaband:        1
Lancelot:        1

As always, giving feedback is encouraged, but please don't reply to the entries directly if they're not edit-locked, so people can still change them if they want to.

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago

I walked a pale brick road through corrupted Oz.
I met the kind hearted devil who whispered thoughts I would never speak of.

I met a girl in the mirror who’s eyes were as dark as mine.

But it was just a dream.

And that night as I lay awake my mind flashed back to the thorn covered gardens.

Pears dripping with venomous juices, the smell was never enough.

So I force myself to leave the garden.

Depart from the chaos of the dream.

Gummy bears infest the forest.

Memories of childhood dissected and lay to rot.

I leave the forest empty handed.
Forever running, scared to turn and fight because I might drown.

Piece after piece of the puzzle brutally raped.

It was only the fault of my own.

Acid drips from my skin.

And for all my wisdom I fail to emerge stronger.

The girl in the mirror draws me closer and she wants me to leave.

Solitude is her fortress, she knows as well as I that I am no longer the knight I once was.

The cowardly lion who could have done this to you.

The pale brick road is my destiny.

Don’t let me go to sleep.

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago
Dark descends from rafters old, its taloned claws grasp to enfold;
Reaching, drawing life within, another soul yields to the cold.

Yet still it hungers, yearns to feed, its blackened heart in pain bereaved;
Searching road and darkened fen, to lift its harrowed twisted need.

Until the light of dawn has broke, to drive from hence its mantled cloak;
Then peace and warmth fill the land, and death departs as mottled smoke.

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago

Obituary for Democracy

She took the poor and huddled masses
And carried those too weak to walk.
Beloved wife
Devoted mother
Our shining light within the dark. 

She raised us up and gave us voices
And listened to our every thought.
Our hopes and dreams
Our fears and sorrows
Equally valued, every one.

But little voices grew up quickly.
Ran off
And rebelled
Heard her cries of care and caution.

Mother dearest was ignored. 

Then others came, and we all listened
To hatred
Delusions grand
Poor old mom we soon forgot.

We like to think she suffered little
Just slowly dimmed towards the end.
Glowing softly
Euthanised by mass consent.

Coffee and cake will be served at four.

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago
The sting at the end was delicious

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago

Yes, because America was once such a more kind country without hatred or prejudice that looked after everyone.

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago

The Desk Lamp

The desk lamp shines faintly
As I study for a test
"You better get an 'A'" 
She calls from the doorway
Night after night, day after day
The lamp keeps shining 
Endlessly lighting up the desk
Threats of abandonment ring in my ears
As I study, study, study, study, study
And the lamp keeps shining
I keep going, pushing my limits
"You better get an 'A'"
But I didn't
I got a 'B'
I may as well die on my way home
There's nothing there but the light 
"I took you in, fed you, clothed you,"
"The least you could do is study,"
The lamp keeps shining 
"You better get an 'A'"
Are B's so horrible?
"Yes. You better get an 'A'"
The lamp shines brighter than ever
"You better get an 'A'"
The brightness burns my eyes
"You better get an 'A'"
Is there more to life than this?
Who knows?
For now, the lamp shines on

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago
Yay freeform. Finally I can enter one of these.

Wonders Beneath

There is a world apart from the hive and the strife,
The bitter, the bland, humdrum every day life.

When the sea is calm and the moon strikes, just right.
The depths are infused with an ethereal light.

Spotlit columns of water, clearer than air,
Encircle, reveal, pearly castles down there.

Storm-sunken treasures, spiral towers enhance,
Out from their chambers, glide the seafolk to dance.

Flowing hair, graceful fins, riotous colors blend,
Lovers twine ‘neath the corals, bliss without end.

Drums are beat, and what’s this? Porpoises leap!
Bring forth the carriage of the Queen of the Deep.

Rainbow shell drawn by six dolphins ivory,
Princely merman twirls in, to greet her lively.

By seven diamond sea stars, her brow is graced,
Over seven vast seas, her daughters emplaced.

All through the night, I watched such wonders unfold,
Till the moon went to sleep, and up the sun scrolled.

I was left, quite alone, at the dawn’s first ray,
The ocean rolled over, packed its secrets away.

Languishing in lifeboat, I awaited the worst.
Doctors claimed later it was all only thirst.

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago

I suck at poetry
Why the heck am I here
I haven't been around all week
And can't come up with rhymes right now
Apparently I'm a bitch too
Someone called me that recently
I'm high on whipped cream
I don't think Steve accepted my invitation
To binge on the canned cream with me
Chips give you constipation.
I haven't done much with my entry
I'm an utter failure
That's even my name for Kahoot games
Don't give me points for this dumb poem.
It doesn't deserve it, and I doubt you would've anyway.

We don't need 'em anyway

6 years ago

Felt like writing some satire for no known reason, would appreciate feedback (before these prompts I'd given up on poetry years ago)

We don't need 'em anyway

The music types, them writer types,
Them with the wrinkled skin and beady eyes,
Hidin' behind books, whadda they know?
We don't need 'em anyway

The press types, the news hounds,
The annoying yappers and their lipstick,
It's all fake, you don't say
We don't need 'em anyway

The courts, the police,
They only hide the truth
We can handle it ourselves, thank you!
We don't need 'em anyway

The farmers,
Who cares about them,
We got enough food for ten,
We don't need 'em anyway

What's a teacher for?
We turned out fine,
We don't care we cain't rhyme,
We don't need 'em anyway

Them white coats are liars
Ah know ah can eat higher!
And vaccines, you even know the harm they do?
We don't need 'em anyway

And worst of all them noisy commies,
Them tree huggers, them evil bullies,
Free healthcare, women's rights,
We don't need 'em, anyday

And don't you dare touch my guns,
Without 'em life ain't fun
And ah know ah'm safe, with my new tanks and planes
And a wall you can't ignore!

And if you disagree,
Well then,
We don't need you anymore.

Poetry Prompts - Week 8

6 years ago

The last time we saw each other
Was the place where we first met
But you left me here alone.

I wonder who you're playing when I'm not with you.
Are you right beside her singing to her too?

You left me here alone.

I can hear the songs you used to play to me.
I can hear your voice so lovely,
But it's filled with lies and deadly.
You left me in the dust of your past.

The words you wrote are underneath my pillow.
I dream of them spoken by you.
But you left me here alone.

I wonder where you're dancing when I'm not with you.
Is it a slow dance with her too?

You left me here alone.

I can see the words you had wrote before.
Now you're gone; what were they for?
But it's filled with lies and fatal.
You left me in the dust of your past.

When I wake up in the morning,
It's chilly, and I'm in pain.
I'm on your blocked list like the others.
I didn't realize this could hurt.

You left me here alone.