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Greek Labyrinth

A CYS where you learn about Greek Mythology while trying to survive in the maze. Please base your ratings off of what you learned instead of the writing.

Scores range from -50 to 300.


*35 pages

*115 links

*A riddle

*5 Items (they can all be used at least once)

*5 Unique item defaults

*3 Monsters

*Lots of learning

Island Attack: Escape

Second island attack. Now an escape. I noticed that there wasn't much cool technology in the last game, there is more this time. A few things about the game. Health is the most important variable. If you run out of health you die. Also there are awards you can get and at the end of the game you can turn them in for points. If you want to use an item then you have to press the use item button. I won't give you links to make it easy for you. Also there is a hidden ending that you can get that will give you a code to a sort of sequel (hint of you want to get the secret ending you have to get an item by stealing his keys. Lastly if you played Island Attack One then this game will be easier because you will know not to do certain stuff. Now you can play.

Island Attack: Raid

Sci Fi, Serious, Distant Planet Adventure

Under The Bridge

My entry for the 2016 Riddle Storygame Contest.

Honorable Mention: Riddles & Puzzles 2016


You are a prince living a life of luxury. Despite all your servants and concubines you still feel alone. Your only real friend is your dog, Homer. One day Homer chases a hare into a small cave. Upon entering the cave you realize it's much bigger than it's entrance would indicate. Can you save your dog from the living nightmare that is Hades?

The Shtetl

A curse comes upon your village that kills your daughter. This is only the start of your troubles.

A horror CYOA taking place in a Yiddish village.

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Master of None on 4/9/2021 1:43:14 AM

Of course he's German lmao. 

Cats! They MUST be stacked! on 3/23/2021 2:28:57 AM

Do we even have any hard sci-fi games?

Any "Out there" shooters? on 3/16/2021 6:24:46 AM

Heavy Bullets

Watch the Mars rover landing on 2/18/2021 2:33:27 PM

You know I'm a dengist at heart. It is pretty much universally agreed over here that Deng was by far the best leader of the CCP.

Coins has complex beliefs about the death penalty on 2/18/2021 2:25:36 PM

Sinophobia and antisemitism are a special kind of racism because Chinese people and Jews are generally more successful than white people which undermines white supremacist ideals. Most racism is "these people are culturally inferior to us", but the same argument cannot be made for cultures that are systematically superior (at least in a capitalist country). We will never be seen as equals, we will never have our successes seen as honest or as the result of our culture. We will always be seen as cheaters and liars. Israel will always be seen as an imperialist state despite being in the Jews' indigenous homeland and China will always be seen as a dystopian hellhole, despite their many successes and general popularity among the Chinese public. Obviously both China and Israel have many issues that can be criticized, but racists on the right and the left will always simply criticize their existence as it threatens the idea of racism only being a result of cultural inferiority. 

Sorry Mizal, you can dock me points if you want, but as a Jew living in China using US media this is what I have noticed. 

Coins has complex beliefs about the death penalty on 2/18/2021 2:14:52 PM

Plenty of people deserve to die. If the death penalty was economically efficient I would be 100% for it. The issue is that the death penalty in the united states costs more than life in prison. 

Jokes! on 2/7/2021 4:34:29 AM

Why do Jewish women like circumcised penises?

They like anything that's 20% off.  

being old as shit on 2/1/2021 6:57:09 AM

Crazy times.

Thought Aman and Tans would stick around but they just moved to BHB.

Didn't think coins would stick around but here we are. 

WARLORD LARPER for POTUS on 1/14/2021 9:20:20 AM

Great point mizal. Coincidentally you may be surprised to find a few extra thousand dollars in your stocking next Hanuk... Christmas. 


Is this fagfic? on 1/14/2021 9:13:50 AM

If this is what bullying does to someone I support it. For our entertainment.