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Greek Labyrinth

A CYS where you learn about Greek Mythology while trying to survive in the maze. Please base your ratings off of what you learned instead of the writing.

Scores range from -50 to 300.


*35 pages

*115 links

*A riddle

*5 Items (they can all be used at least once)

*5 Unique item defaults

*3 Monsters

*Lots of learning

Island Attack: Escape

Second island attack. Now an escape. I noticed that there wasn't much cool technology in the last game, there is more this time. A few things about the game. Health is the most important variable. If you run out of health you die. Also there are awards you can get and at the end of the game you can turn them in for points. If you want to use an item then you have to press the use item button. I won't give you links to make it easy for you. Also there is a hidden ending that you can get that will give you a code to a sort of sequel (hint of you want to get the secret ending you have to get an item by stealing his keys. Lastly if you played Island Attack One then this game will be easier because you will know not to do certain stuff. Now you can play.

Island Attack: Raid

Sci Fi, Serious, Distant Planet Adventure


A dramatized story about soviet composer Dmitri Shostakovich for the Manifest Destiny Contest..

Under The Bridge

My entry for the 2016 Riddle Storygame Contest.

Honorable Mention: Riddles & Puzzles 2016

Journey To Neo-Jerusalem

For EndMaster's Manifest Destiny Contest.

Dedicated to Chairwoman Mizal, Benevolent Dictator of this fair website.

Journey to Youdu

A young child ventures into the underworld to save the soul of his dog.

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EndMaster's Myth and Religion Contest on 9/1/2022 3:35:21 AM

I already started a horror game based on Yiddish folklore but I am getting nowhere with it. Guess I will start another folklore based game. 

Resident China simp, please report in on 5/3/2022 4:48:52 AM

Are you referring to Israel or China?

Resident China simp, please report in on 4/26/2022 4:10:41 AM

For residents of Shanghai specifically the Covid pandemic is the first time since the Dengist reforms that they haven't seen their lives become better. 

Resident China simp, please report in on 4/26/2022 4:08:41 AM

1400 years later and rock throwing is still the main form of Jihad. 

Resident China simp, please report in on 4/25/2022 7:20:52 AM

Currently in Israel simping for the Zionist Project.

Things are incredibly fucked in Shanghai right now. Many of my friends are still in Shanghai, they haven't been able to leave their apartments for more than three weeks. Haven't heard much about China's response to the pandemic in other cities but Shanghai is looking pretty dystopian right now and the citizens are incredibly unhappy with the government. 

Interesting Comments 7 on 2/17/2022 11:28:11 AM

I thought to cool thing to do was to make it in the future but everyone is pretending it is the past and then an orchestra starts playing nirvana.

Interesting Comments 7 on 2/14/2022 7:38:55 AM


"Short, but good. Could use some copy editing. The use of the word 'bro' in dialogue early on took me out of the story a bit."


I am no longer writing dialogue in English. Only in the original language.

Cutenimegurl is tying to get the site banned on 12/14/2021 1:07:14 AM

His dad is the CEO of the internet.

End Master’s Culture Clash Contest on 12/11/2021 10:06:46 AM

My finals are over in two days, I probably won't write another historical story but I have a 13 hour flight to grind out something really good. 

Unicode on 12/3/2021 5:11:40 AM

I do use the extension.