betaband's Experience Points

betaband has a total of 792 Experience Points. Following is recent point activity.
5/6/202215Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
9/11/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
9/10/2021100Admin. Bonus - Achievement Unlocked: Productive Citizen
9/6/202110Publish Game Shostakovich
5/6/202115Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
2/14/20213Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
10/12/20205Win Duel RPS
10/12/2020-5Lose Duel RPS
10/12/2020-5Duel Escrow RPS
10/12/2020-5Lose Duel RPS
9/22/20201Rate Game Sabbatical Report Presentation
8/9/20201Rate Game Run a nations economy
7/30/20201Rate Game Holocaust Survival
7/26/20201Rate Game Waiting for the (Trump) Train
5/6/20201Rate Game Down the Rabbithole
5/6/202015Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
3/23/20201Rate Game When The Music's Over
5/6/201915Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
5/6/201815Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
5/4/2018-3Duel Escrow Toggle
8/19/20171Rate Game Don't Get Date Raped!
8/13/20174Win Duel Toggle
8/13/2017-2Duel Escrow Toggle
7/3/20178Win Duel Toggle
7/3/2017-125Admin. Penalty - Contest Bet
7/3/2017-4Duel Escrow Toggle
5/6/201715Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
5/1/20171Admin. Bonus - Deletion suggestion
4/30/201710Publish Game
4/21/20171Rate Game August Adventure
3/30/2017-2Admin. Penalty - Additional CHAOS! Bet (I want to make it a multiple of 5)
3/24/20171Rate Game Weirdos from Another Planet 4: They want___(insert your name here)___burgers!!
3/15/2017-573Admin. Penalty - Contest Bet
2/16/20173Admin. Bonus - Daily Commendation
2/7/20171Rate Game Cantina Band: The Assassins' New Tune
1/22/20171Rate Game 1984: Cog In The Machine
1/21/20175Win Duel RPS
1/20/20175Duel Refund RPS
1/16/20171Duel Refund Toggle
1/16/20172Win Duel Toggle
1/16/2017-3Duel Escrow Toggle
1/16/2017-5Duel Escrow RPS
1/16/2017-1Duel Escrow Toggle
1/16/20171Rate Game Neko Encounter
1/16/20171Rate Game Extra Life
1/14/201710Win Duel Toggle
1/14/2017-5Duel Escrow Toggle
1/14/20171Daily Point
1/13/20171Daily Point
1/11/20171Daily Point
1/11/20175Duel Refund RPS
1/11/20175Duel Refund Toggle
1/10/20171Daily Point
1/9/20171Daily Point
1/8/20171Admin. Bonus - Story suggestion
1/8/20171Daily Point
1/8/20171Rate Game Insanity Castle
1/8/20171Rate Game Mission X-17
1/8/20171Rate Game Under The Bridge
1/7/20171Rate Game Are You Chicken?
1/7/20171Rate Game Short Story Of Dragnes The Dragon
1/7/2017-5Duel Escrow RPS
1/7/2017-5Duel Escrow Toggle
1/7/20171Daily Point
1/5/20171Daily Point
1/2/20171Daily Point
12/24/20161Rate Game The Invasion of CYOA
12/24/20161Daily Point
12/22/20161Daily Point
12/17/20162Admin. Bonus - Featured comment
12/11/20161Daily Point
12/10/20165Duel Refund RPS
12/10/2016-5Duel Escrow RPS
12/10/20161Daily Point
12/7/20161Rate Game The Miserable Life of a High Schooler
12/7/20161Rate Game Awakening of the Tower (Roguelike RPG)
12/7/20161Daily Point
12/6/20162Duel Refund Toggle
12/2/2016-2Duel Escrow Toggle
12/2/20161Daily Point
11/21/20161Daily Point
11/13/20164Win Duel Toggle
11/13/2016-2Duel Escrow Toggle
11/13/20161Daily Point
11/12/20161Admin. Bonus - Story suggestion
11/12/20161Rate Game Addition
11/11/20161Daily Point
10/30/20161Daily Point
10/29/2016-3Lose Duel RPS
10/29/20161Daily Point
10/28/20161Daily Point
10/27/20162Win Duel Toggle
10/27/2016-1Duel Escrow Toggle
10/17/201610Win Duel RPS
10/17/2016-5Duel Escrow RPS
10/10/20161Daily Point
10/9/20161Daily Point
10/8/20161Daily Point
10/5/20161Daily Point
9/30/20161Daily Point
9/29/2016-5Duel Escrow RPS
9/29/2016-5Duel Escrow RPS
9/29/2016-5Duel Escrow RPS
9/29/20161Daily Point
9/26/20161Daily Point
9/23/20161Daily Point
9/22/20161Daily Point
9/19/20161Daily Point
9/18/20161Daily Point
9/13/20161Daily Point
9/12/20161Daily Point
9/11/20161Daily Point
9/9/20161Daily Point
9/9/20161Rate Game Surviving the forest
9/8/20161Daily Point
9/7/20161Daily Point
9/1/20161Daily Point
8/19/20161Daily Point
8/18/20161Daily Point
8/17/20161Daily Point
8/15/20161Daily Point
8/13/20161Daily Point
8/12/20161Daily Point
8/11/20161Daily Point
8/6/20161Daily Point
8/3/20161Daily Point
7/31/20161Daily Point
7/27/20161Daily Point
7/26/20161Rate Game Byte
6/30/20161Daily Point
6/29/20161Daily Point
6/23/20161Daily Point
6/21/20161Daily Point
6/20/20161Daily Point
6/19/20161Daily Point
6/18/20161Daily Point
6/17/20161Daily Point
6/16/20161Daily Point
6/15/20161Daily Point
6/15/2016-4Duel Escrow RPS
6/15/20163Win Duel RPS
6/14/20161Daily Point
6/11/20161Daily Point
6/10/20161Daily Point
6/9/20161Daily Point
6/8/20161Daily Point
6/7/20161Daily Point
6/6/20161Daily Point
6/5/20161Rate Game My 10th Grade Odyssey
6/5/20161Daily Point
5/26/20161Daily Point
5/22/20161Daily Point
5/20/20161Daily Point
5/14/20161Daily Point
5/12/20161Daily Point
5/9/20164Duel Refund RPS
5/8/20161Rate Game Se7en Cats
5/8/20161Daily Point
5/6/20161Daily Point
5/6/201615Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
5/5/2016-4Duel Escrow RPS
5/2/20161Rate Game
5/2/20161Daily Point
4/28/20161Daily Point
4/26/20161Rate Game World War 2
4/26/20161Daily Point
4/25/20161Daily Point
4/24/20161Rate Game Marvel Universe: Fallen
4/24/20161Rate Game Chains
4/24/20161Rate Game
4/24/20161Daily Point
4/23/20168Win Duel RPS
4/23/2016-4Duel Escrow RPS
4/23/20161Daily Point
4/20/20161Daily Point
4/16/20161Daily Point
4/15/20161Daily Point
4/14/20161Daily Point
4/13/201610Win Duel Toggle
4/13/2016-5Duel Escrow Toggle
4/13/20161Daily Point
4/12/20161Daily Point
4/11/20161Daily Point
4/9/20161Daily Point
4/8/20161Daily Point
4/7/20161Daily Point
4/4/20161Daily Point
4/3/20161Daily Point
3/31/20161Daily Point
3/21/20161Daily Point
3/20/20161Daily Point
3/17/20161Daily Point
3/16/20161Daily Point
3/15/20161Daily Point
3/14/20161Daily Point
3/12/20161Rate Game Which The Walking Dead character are you?
3/12/20161Daily Point
3/11/20161Daily Point
3/10/20161Daily Point
3/9/20161Daily Point
3/8/20161Daily Point
3/7/20161Rate Game First Adventure!
3/7/20161Daily Point
3/7/20161Admin. Bonus - Comment Find
3/6/20161Daily Point
3/5/20161Daily Point
3/4/20161Daily Point
3/3/20161Rate Game The Awesume
3/3/20161Rate Game Tower of Doom
3/3/20161Rate Game The Ancient Cookie (After-Contest)
3/3/20161Daily Point
3/2/20161Daily Point
2/29/201610Publish Game Under The Bridge
2/28/20161Daily Point
2/27/20161Daily Point
2/24/20161Daily Point
2/7/20161Daily Point
2/6/20161Rate Game
2/6/20161Daily Point
1/29/20161Daily Point
1/28/20161Daily Point
1/21/20161Daily Point
1/20/20161Daily Point
1/19/20161Daily Point
1/18/20161Daily Point
1/18/2016-10Admin. Penalty - insulting links
1/17/20161Daily Point
1/16/20161Rate Game
1/15/20161Daily Point
1/9/20161Daily Point
1/6/20161Daily Point
1/5/20161Daily Point
12/24/20151Daily Point
12/23/20151Daily Point
12/21/20151Daily Point
12/20/20151Daily Point
12/19/20151Daily Point
12/18/20151Win Duel Toggle
12/18/20151Daily Point
12/17/20151Daily Point
12/15/20151Daily Point
12/14/20151Daily Point
12/13/20151Daily Point
12/10/20151Daily Point
12/8/20151Daily Point
12/6/20151Rate Game Choose Your Own
12/6/20151Daily Point
12/2/20151Daily Point
11/29/20151Daily Point
11/28/20151Daily Point
11/24/20151Daily Point
11/23/20151Daily Point
11/11/20151Daily Point
11/9/20151Daily Point
11/5/20151Daily Point
11/3/20151Daily Point
10/21/20151Daily Point
10/19/20152Admin. Bonus - Week 3 Writing
10/17/20151Daily Point
10/17/20155Duel Refund RPS
10/15/20151Daily Point
10/13/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
10/13/20151Daily Point
10/12/20151Daily Point
10/11/20151Daily Point
10/10/20151Rate Game Suzy's Strange Saga
10/8/20151Daily Point
10/7/20151Daily Point
10/6/20151Daily Point
10/6/20153Admin. Bonus - Week 1 Writing
10/5/20151Daily Point
10/4/20151Daily Point
10/3/20151Daily Point
10/1/20151Daily Point
9/30/20151Daily Point
9/29/20151Daily Point
9/27/20151Rate Game The Fox and The Fawn
9/27/20151Daily Point
9/26/20151Daily Point
9/25/20151Daily Point
9/23/20151Rate Game
9/22/20151Daily Point
9/21/20151Daily Point
9/18/20151Rate Game
9/17/20151Daily Point
9/16/20151Daily Point
9/12/20151Rate Game
9/12/20151Daily Point
9/10/20151Daily Point
9/8/20151Daily Point
9/7/20151Daily Point
9/6/20151Daily Point
9/5/20151Daily Point
9/4/20151Daily Point
9/2/20151Rate Game A UFO at School
9/1/20151Daily Point
8/31/20151Rate Game
8/31/20151Daily Point
8/30/20151Rate Game I Am A Dragon
8/30/20151Daily Point
8/29/20151Daily Point
8/28/20151Daily Point
8/27/20151Daily Point
8/26/20151Daily Point
8/25/20151Daily Point
8/24/20151Daily Point
8/23/20151Daily Point
8/22/20151Daily Point
8/21/20151Daily Point
8/19/20151Daily Point
8/17/20151Daily Point
8/16/20151Daily Point
8/15/20151Daily Point
8/14/20151Rate Game Friend Zone
8/14/20151Daily Point
8/13/20151Daily Point
8/12/20151Rate Game Randomly Walk II, The epic sequel.
8/12/20151Daily Point
8/11/20151Rate Game Detective
8/11/20151Rate Game Divergent Games
8/11/20151Rate Game A Titanic Experience
8/11/20151Rate Game What's your summer swag?
8/11/20151Daily Point
8/10/20151Daily Point
8/9/20151Rate Game Highschool
8/9/20151Rate Game Just follow the dragon
8/9/20151Daily Point
8/8/20151Rate Game Eating the Bagel
8/8/20151Daily Point
8/7/20151Rate Game HIGHWAYS to HELL
8/7/20151Daily Point
8/6/201510Win Duel RPS
8/6/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
8/6/20151Daily Point
8/3/201510Win Duel RPS
8/3/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
8/3/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
8/3/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
8/3/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
8/3/201510Win Duel RPS
8/3/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
8/3/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
8/3/2015-3Duel Escrow RPS
8/3/20151Rate Game Escape the Room
8/3/20151Rate Game
8/3/20151Rate Game Betrayer
8/3/20151Rate Game Dad's Birthday Adventure
8/3/20151Daily Point
8/2/20151Rate Game A Cup of Tea
8/2/20151Daily Point
7/30/20151Rate Game Escape the Snow Cave
7/26/20151Daily Point
7/25/20151Daily Point
7/8/20151Daily Point
7/6/20151Daily Point
6/28/20151Daily Point
6/26/201510Win Duel RPS
6/26/20151Daily Point
6/26/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/24/20151Daily Point
6/23/201510Win Duel RPS
6/23/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/23/20151Daily Point
6/21/20151Admin. Bonus - Forum Category Move
6/6/20151Daily Point
6/3/20151Rate Game A Day In The Life of A Slice of Bread
6/3/20151Daily Point
6/2/201510Win Duel RPS
6/2/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/2/201510Win Duel RPS
6/2/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/2/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/2/20151Daily Point
6/1/20151Rate Game The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost (Original)
6/1/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/1/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/1/201510Win Duel RPS
6/1/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/1/20155Duel Refund RPS
6/1/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/1/201510Win Duel RPS
6/1/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/1/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/1/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
6/1/20151Daily Point
6/1/20151Rate Game De Milite Inprudenti
5/31/20151Daily Point
5/30/20151Rate Game Room No 666
5/30/20151Daily Point
5/29/20151Daily Point
5/28/20151Rate Game Minutes To Midnight
5/28/20151Rate Game
5/28/20151Rate Game attack of the manatees
5/28/20151Rate Game Haggis Dinner
5/28/20151Rate Game The FRED Quiz
5/28/20151Rate Game Out Alive
5/28/201510Win Duel RPS
5/28/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
5/28/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
5/28/201510Win Duel RPS
5/28/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
5/28/20151Daily Point
5/27/201510Win Duel RPS
5/27/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
5/27/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
5/27/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
5/27/20151Rate Game What I want to Be!
5/27/20151Rate Game
5/27/20151Daily Point
5/26/20151Daily Point
5/25/20151Rate Game Hunting the Ripper
5/24/20151Daily Point
5/23/20151Daily Point
5/22/20151Rate Game Z-DAY Survival Quiz
5/21/20151Daily Point
5/20/20151Daily Point
5/14/20151Daily Point
5/13/20151Daily Point
5/13/20154Duel Refund RPS
5/12/2015-2Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
5/12/20151Daily Point
5/9/2015-4Duel Escrow RPS
5/9/20151Rate Game SPIDER-MAN:Rise of Carnage part 1
5/9/20151Rate Game The Sorcerer
5/9/20151Daily Point
5/7/20151Daily Point
5/6/201515Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
5/6/20151Rate Game Lakepointe High
5/6/20151Daily Point
5/5/20151Daily Point
5/4/20151Rate Game The Gauntlet
5/4/20151Daily Point
5/1/20151Daily Point
4/30/20151Rate Game Repression
4/28/20151Daily Point
4/28/20155Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
4/28/2015-5Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
4/28/20155Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
4/26/20154Win Duel RPS
4/26/2015-2Duel Escrow RPS
4/25/20151Daily Point
4/23/20151Daily Point
4/20/20151Daily Point
4/18/20151Daily Point
4/16/20151Win Duel Toggle
4/16/20151Win Duel Toggle
4/16/20155Win Duel Toggle
4/15/20151Admin. Bonus - recommendation
4/12/20151Daily Point
4/9/20156Admin. Bonus - recommendations
4/9/20151Rate Game Welcome to College...
4/9/20151Rate Game The Random Adventure
4/9/20151Daily Point
4/8/20151Rate Game
4/6/20151Daily Point
4/5/20151Rate Game Poll - Small Animals Or Big Animals?
4/5/20151Daily Point
4/5/20151Rate Game Testing This and That ****
4/5/20155Duel Refund RPS
4/4/20151Daily Point
4/2/20151Rate Game The Corn Maze
4/2/2015-1Lose Duel Rock Paper Scissors
4/2/20151Daily Point
4/1/20151Rate Game
4/1/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
3/31/20151Rate Game Cross a Canyon
3/26/20151Daily Point
3/26/20152Admin. Bonus - recommendations
3/24/20151Rate Game Temple
3/22/20151Rate Game
3/21/20151Rate Game Back to the '90s
3/21/20151Admin. Bonus - recommendation
3/20/20151Rate Game
3/20/20151Rate Game
3/20/20151Daily Point
3/19/20151Daily Point
3/14/20151Rate Game
3/13/20151Rate Game The agency who wished they could (build a great website)
3/13/20151Daily Point
3/12/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
3/12/20151Daily Point
3/10/20151Daily Point
3/9/20151Rate Game How to Get the Girl
3/9/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
3/9/2015-5Duel Escrow Toggle
3/9/2015-5Duel Escrow Toggle
3/9/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
3/9/201510Win Duel RPS
3/9/2015-5Duel Escrow RPS
3/9/20151Daily Point
3/9/20151Rate Game
3/9/20151Rate Game Solar System Quiz
3/6/20151Daily Point
3/5/20151Rate Game USA State Capitals - With Zombies!
3/3/20153Admin. Bonus - Recommendations
3/1/20151Daily Point
2/25/20151Daily Point
2/25/20151Rate Game Survive at all costs
2/22/20151Rate Game
2/22/20151Rate Game
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