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4 months ago
This is the first real thing I ever wrote. It is the worst thing ever. If you want to read something good, go away. If you want to spend your time wisely, go read necromancer. If you want to laugh at the worst writing ever, you have come to the right place.

I was in six grade when I wrote this. It is long with a little over 3k words. It took about a week. The grammar would be a lot worse if I hadn't written this in Microsoft word, as anyone who read shark attack can attest. This would latter be adapted into love then death, a slightly less worse disgrace, but still a disgrace. It was also in 70 size font so there is also that.

I also wrote it in text walls, so again if you wish to not suffer go away.


Long ago there was a time when I found out what love was and lost it. I was enraged at the world, at life, and most of all death. Death is natural it is human yet I did not understand why death had to happen. I thought about what happened after death. Was there an afterlife? If there was a God then why did he put us on Earth in the first place? I was too blind to look for the answer standing right in front of me.
Back then I took care of myself. I lived with my grandma so at first, she tried to help me, but I did not want her help. I hated her, I yelled at her, but she tried to help. She even took me to see a therapist, but after the first visit, we got into a fight. I screamed at her and said she knew nothing about loss even though I knew that everyone she had ever loved (except for me) were dead. That struck a nerve, she walked to her room where cried silently into her pillow. Her tears brought me joy. It was like she could feel a small portion of my pain.
This story begins my freshman year of high school. I had already been expelled 3 times before that, and I was starting my freshman year at a new school. I was a bully and had no friends. That was ok, I thought friends were overrated anyway. So I guess you want to know why I was so messed up. Here goes, but don't pity me.

I was seven years old. , It was a dark lonely night I knew that something bad would happen yet I keep it to myself. I was watching SpongeBob before bedtime when I fell asleep on the couch. I heard footsteps; I thought it was part of my dream so I keep dreaming. When I woke up to my mom's voice, she whispered: " we have to hide." "Wha?" I wasn't fully awake yet so I was having trouble understanding. "There is a bad man in the house." She said, "come on." She moved the dresser to revile the hole I left in the wall a few months earlier. She told me to stay quiet and call 911. I did as she said but before the cops got there I heard my father's voice "please take what you like but don't hurt my family." Then I heard a gun go off. I cried silently to myself "no no I lost my father this has to be a nightmare." My thoughts were interrupted by my mother's scream then a gun went off. "No no way not mother too no." I wept when I heard sirens the cops came upstairs and arrested the man. The cops said, "you can come out now." "I can't," I said in between sobs "I'm behind the bookshelf the cops moved the bookshelf I was saved! But now I realize that I wish he would have found me so I could have joined them. Well now let's move on to the first day of school.
So on my way to school that day I took out my m3p player and played rage ageist the machine. When I got to school I was invited into the principal's office he said that took a look at my record and said that if a cause any trouble I would be expelled. So naturally, I ignored his warring I mean why I would care. So I went and pick on a kid then a girl came along and yelled
"What if I say no girly what would you do?"
"I would send this video of you bullying him on the school Facebook page."
"Why you little"
"Come any closer and I will hit the post button."
"Ok fine you win this time"
"Good also I was given the job of keeping an eye on you so stay on your best behavior."
"This is not over"
"Oh, it better be or else."
So I countered my day stuffed some kids in lockers, gave wedgies you know the usual when she came back
"What are you doing here?" I said
"Giving you your last warning if you continue to bully people I will tell the principle and have you expelled."
"He should know already"
"He doesn't I told the kids not to tell him and I will take care of it."
"Because I believe that everyone deserves a second chance and if the principle found out you would be expelled immediately so stop, got it."
"Fine I …"
I was cut off by the alarm "this is not a drill" it said.
"There is an earthquake that will happen in 60 seconds please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion thank you."
Everyone was screaming and running but Emma (that girl) stayed behind to help
"Let's go" I tugged on her arm
"No, I have to get everyone out safely"
Just then the ground shacked and the ceiling started to fall "NO"
I yelled and I lunged at her getting both of us out safely.
"You-you" she stammered
"No time lets run" so we made it out safely.
"You saved me"
"Ya ya don't tell anybody"
"I won't"
"Also we are not friends I only saved you because I was right there."
"Ok, but we will be out of school a few days so at sunset meet me at the mall parking lot."
What if I say no?"
Her voice turned bitter "then I will tell him you were bullying kids ok?"
"Fine but if I do this I am off the hook deal."
"Deal of course if you do something bad again you will be on the hook again ok"
"Ok see ya"
"See ya go to the mall tonight don't forget" Misfortune
Chapter two
It all comes
So I went to the mall that night and she told me to follow her.
"Where are we going?" I said
"You will see."
So she led me to an overhang and we went and watched the sunset.
"What happened in your past to make you this way?"
"What are you talking about?"
"Don't play dumb with me"
"Fine my parents died when I was seven ok I don't like to talk about it"
"Ok but tell me this how did they die?"
"A robber killed them"
"Then how did you live"
"I hid"
"You hid?"
"Yes I hid and I heard my parents get killed, and I did nothing to stop him I just sat there and heard them scream."
Tears started to form
"It should have been me I wish he would have found me that way I could have joined them."
A tear rolled down my cheek
"It's ok to cry I won't tell anyone"
"Thank you"
"but you can't live the rest of your life in fear of letting people in only because you are afraid to lose them, death is natural and you must accept that and you must know I will be your friend, always ok."
"Ok so let's change the subject," I said
"Ok, what do you want to talk about?"
"How about your life"
"How about this we take turns asking each other a question and we have to answer honestly"
"Ok I will start who do you live with?"
"My dad, my mom tried to attack me when she was drunk and went to jail for two years and after she got out she was not allowed to see me."
"That's how you knew so much about my situation"
"Well it's my turn and I want to know who you live with?" "My grandma, but I have never been nice to hear"
"I'm sure she will forgive you if you apologize when you get home"
"You don't understand" I start to cry again
"I have been so cruel to her it is unforgivable I have yelled at her and said she knows nothing of loss even when I am the only person left that she loves"
" it's ok we have both had rough lives I have yelled at my dad saying that his new girlfriend will never replace mom but he forgives me that is what parents and grandparents jobs are to forgive even when they have been deeply hurt they will put their feelings aside and forgive you."
"Thank you and I believe it is my turn"
"Ok, what question do you have in mind?"
"What is your favorite color?"
"Blue, yours?"
"Red and what is your favorite sport?"
"Soccer, yours?"
"Ok next question." She said
"Do you game?"
"Yes, you?"
"Of course"
"So what kind of games do you like?" I said
"Shooting lets me relive my anger, you?"
"Wow same here"
"It is getting kind of dark we need to head home ok," I said
"Ok meet me here tomorrow at sunset ok?"
"Ok see ya"

On the walk home I tried to work out what I was going to say to my grandma but by the time I got to the door I was lost. When I came in she was in her sitting chair reading.
"Grandma," I said
"Yes," she said bitterly
"I'm sorry"
"What?" she seemed lost for words?
"I'm sorry I yelled at you and I'm sorry for ever hurting you" I started to cry
"Well I never thought I would live to see the day that you lived up to your past"
I cried some more I could not stop
"Come here."
"I know you will never forgive me but…" she cut me off
"Well hold it right there who said I would never forgive you?"
"But" I sobbed
"But nothing I love you and will always love you."
"Thank you, "
"No thank you for coming to your senses after 7 years anyway what made you come to your senses?"
"I met a girl who made me realize that I can't let my fear of death stop me from loving people."
"Good for you"
"Yea, she has a similar situation to me."
"What is her situation?"
"Her mom attacked her when she was little and her dad had to stop her her mom went to jail and after her mom got out she was never allowed to see her mom again."
"That's awful"
"I know. "
"Do you like this girl?"
"A little bit."
"Well good and goodnight I am going to bed."
"Ok goodnight"

When I woke up I realized that I did not have to go to school so I spent my day playing games, watching movies, and talking with my grandma. Then at sunset, I told her I got to go meet Emma.
She said "ok have fun"
"I will"
On the way to the overhang, I thought of what to talk about. But as always as soon as I got there I forgot all about my thoughts and just winged it.
"Hey," I said
"Hey so did you make up with your grandma"
"Yes and thank you so much I would have never have done it without you."
"It was my pleaser to help someone like me."
"So did you tell your dad about me?"
"Yes did you tell your grandma?"
"Yes, I did."
"Ok, so what did you do today?"
"Spent some time with my grandma, you?"
"I did some volunteer work at the homeless shelter would you like to join me next time?"
"Yes, I would like that very much."
"Ok I am going tomorrow meet me there at 10:00 am ok?"
"Ok, but we still have some daylight left let's talk before we go."
"Ok, but what do you want to talk about."
"How about we play rock, paper, and scissors."
"Rock paper scissors soot"
I had paper she had rock
"I win," I said
"Let's do fifty rounds and see who wins the most on this paper"
"I'm in"
We did fifty rounds at the end she won 27 and I won 23
"We'll see you tomorrow at 10 ok"
"Ok bye."

So when I woke up that morning I was ready to go I had done everything I needed to by nine and was at the shelter at 9:30. Emma was already there
"Wow, you're early."
"So are you"
"So we are going to take care of two old people today."
"Are we working together?"
"Yes, we are working together."
"Ok then let's go!"
So we went to take care of them and the woman we were taking care of said: "hey you two."
"Do you two want to play rummy?"
"Heck yea!" I said
"Let's do it," Emma said.
So we played rummy and the women came first the man came second I came third, and Emma came last
"I never caught your names," I said
"Jasmine," the women said
"Dylan," the man said.
"Ok let's play another game," I said
"Ok let's play some good old Texas Holdem." The old man said
"Huh," I and Emma said at the same time
"Poker." The old man said frustrated
"Ok let's do it," I said
"And I and Emma can get our nails done." the old women said
"Yay let's do it," said Emma.
So after we got done with poker he won and even taught me a few tricks.
"Wow your good"
"Well sunny I have been doing this a long time"
"Hey boys when we were doing our nail we decided that we should watch a movie called Gone with the Wind"
"Ok I'm down"
I said so we sat down and watched Gone with the Wind it was a great classic I love the part when ------------------------------------------------ after that movie we looked at the time and realized we had to go.
"Well we have to go see you next time we come by bye"
"Bye," they both said.
"So that was fun," I said
"Thanks for inviting me"
"No problem some days they sleep all day so I needed the help"
"Ok well it's getting dark I have to head home"

When I got home I told grandma all about my day.
"That sounded fun"
"It was"
"We will have to play rummy sometime"
"Ok let's do it"
"No grandma is too tired tonight maybe after school tomorrow ok?"
When I woke up the next morning I went to school and Emma told me on Friday that we would meet on the overhang. So for the rest of the week I waited until Friday and then when I got to the overhang she was not there I waited and waited until long after dark when I went home I didn't talk to my grandma I just went to bed. That weekend I checked in at the homeless shelter and she had not been there since last time I was there! Then when school came around she was nowhere to be found! I heard nothing from her until Friday when one of her friends got a text message from her telling her to tell me her address I waited all day to go to her house and then when I got there her dad told me "she is sick so go away and leave us alone." I left her house very sad and disappointed. That Sunday I volunteered without her and Dylan told me something must be up and if she can she will send word for me. I took his advice and waited until I heard from her and that Wednesday I got my answer her friend got texted again telling her to tell me to this Friday after school sneak in through her window

Friday night I went to her window and she unlocked it. I climbed in.
"Where the heck have you been?"I hissed.
"Keep your voice down" she frantically said back "I will explain everything just give me time."
"Fine, how have you been?"
"Good you"
"How have you been holding up with us me?"
"It's been a nightmare you know you are my only friend right?"
"Yes I do but you should start making new friends."
"What are you talking about I will always be your friend those were your words"
"That was before…"
"Before what" I yelled
"What is so bad that we cannot be friends?"
"I HAVE CANCER" she screamed


"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE" I heard her father's voice
"Oh no," she said
"I told you not to contact anyone"
"Well I thought you wanted me to be happy for the limited time I have left"
"I do honey but…"
"No you don't if you did you would let me hang out with my friends!"
"Fine the reason I did not want you seeing your friends as I thought they would hate you because you have cancer"
"Good, then I won't stop that it looks like I misjudged you. You are a true friend thank you for standing by my daughter."
"You're welcome and the pleasers all mine I owe her she saved from my pit of darkness"
"How would you like to do some fun stuff with us?"
"Sure I would love that sir"
"Ok, we will be at your house at 10 deal?"

So that morning after calling in sick at school they picked me up at 10 and we went to the park and got ice cream we did fun stuff like this until one day...
"I'm sorry David but they put her in the hospital, "
"What Emma's in the hospital?"
"Yes I'm sorry her cancer is getting worse and we don't have the money to buy medicine to slow it down her time will come soon and she will be gone"
"We can't David there is nothing we can do"
"I am her friend and it seems as if I care more about her than you do"
Then I stormed out of his house and went home my hands felt numb she is in the hospital I thought what can I do. That next morning after school I went to the hospital to see if she was doing any better I did this every day until one day the doctor said "she only has about an hour left say your goodbyes I'm sorry there is nothing I can do. Her family came in and tried to get me out but Emma told them to stay after they said their goodbyes I went last and talk to her until suddenly she started to fall asleep her last words were " I love you remember that" then the machine started to beep and I started to walk home

When I got home I saw my grandma lying on the couch with a note that said
My grandson, I love you it seems my time is up please stay strong for me love grandma
"NO NO NO NO NO" I yelled

I am leaving this story behind as a reminder to the world that I existed and that I died of my own choosing and I am happy to be free at last. I am coming for you mom, dad, Emma, and grandma you will see me very soon

The End


4 months ago
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